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Help please


Anyone had anaesthetic injections in your vagina for pain as l am due to have this next month and an have a good look at things. I have had CT plus MRI scans with not much joy. The gynecologist thinks it is scar tissue from previous operations but not certain! I have been through hell & back with cornic pelvic pain for years. 🤪

Good or bad! Please 😁

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Have you been to a pelvic floor physical therapist because they can work out all the scar tissue to soften and make it less ischemic so then the blood can flow to it and you have less pain.... I have found it amazingly helpful

McGraw in reply to kalecolbe12

Thanks so much Kalecolbe ,yes have had some women's physio she told me that my pelvic floor muscles were good.

Nothing to do with scar tissue.

Only had a few sessions told me everything was ok.

Hi there, I get botox injections into pubirectalis muscles for pelvic floor dysfunction and painful spasms, you are awake for this procedure as doctor has to identify "trigger" points in muscle, procedure quite quick so can tolerate discomfort.

I also get bladder neck injections for incontinence through the urethra now this was done using local anaesthetic bad idea extremely painful!! next dosage will be done with a general. This is helped with fortnightly PT in pelvic floor. For me I get about 2/3mths of reduced intensity of pain although doesn't eradicate pain, any reduction is good for me as pain can be all consuming.

I also have adhesions on bladder, bowel, pelvis and abdomen which causes reduced abdominal movement as "internally" stuck and fused together. Had multiple ops to separate adhesions, BAD IDEA!!! Surgery causes more adhesions and never ending pain. My PT does abdominal visceral massage can be very painful but does offer short term relief.

Unfortunately it can take a long time to find what combination of meds and treatments work for you. My conditions are now long term and have to focus on condition management. I hope your procedures go well for you and you find a way of managing your pain. Good luck. 😊

brycesara in reply to Skye22

Hello, I was reading you post about adhesions. Did you have surgery prior to your first onset of adhesions that caused your adhesions? If not then what caused your adhesions? How did you find out (what test) that you had adhesions? As far as botox to the pelvic floor, I am from southwestern pa, where is your botox person and what is their title? Im having trouble finding one for my husband. He's been in terrible pain since Sept and from Sept-nov he had no identifiable cause for the pain but then around December he developed an anal fissure (probably from the rectal spasm and low blood flow to the area). He had a flex sigmoid done to confirm a fissure and small internal hemmroids (probably from spasm as well). The colorectal doc (CRS) prescribed him Diltizem 2% cream and ISDN .2% cream and prior to that he was prescribed nefedipine .3% cream, nitroglycerin .2% cream and Bethanechol .1% cream by his PcP. This has really helped relax his spchinter muscle but he still has pain & spasm in the rectum but from 2 sources, the fissure and further up the spasm he was having prior to the fissure. Botox to the spchinter muscle the CRS will do but not to the pelvic floor. Which I believe both are in spasm. He cannot walk, sit, ride in or drive vehicle, bowel movement without pain even prior to fissure. He hasn't had any surgeries that would have caused adhesions but he had a massage therapist tell him he has adhesions, but not sure if she was just trying to make money with more & more massages. He's seeing a Pelvic Floor therapist by virtual call since he cannot ride in a vehicle at all, it creates tremendous pain and spasm in his rectum, even prior to the fissure. He tried anal dialation with pediatric dilators but may be aggravating the fissure. It seemed to help at first but then made it worse recently here. Any help with the adhesions and botox thank you so much and pray for your speedy recovery and pray you will be pain free along with everyone else on this forum.

God be with, Bryce & Sara💒

Hi, I was off work for 7 months recently with chronic pelvic pain. I thought I wouldn’t be able to ever work again as the pain was so debilitating and no scans or tests were showing anything. But then I came across the Curable app and Dr Sarno and I can honestly say my life has changed and my pain is mostly gone! I went back to work 3 weeks ago :-) Please look at the app, it’s honestly amazing.

Chica1943 in reply to London80

I am also interested in name of app you used. In doing a search on App, I find many related to pain but didnt know whichto choose Thanks

London80 in reply to Chica1943

MrsEB1988 in reply to London80

Hi, may I ask who dr sarno is please? I’ve had chronic pelvic pain for 3 years

London80 in reply to MrsEB1988

Hi, he sadly passed away recently but he is a big name in the chronic pain field. He’s mentioned here:

I also bought one of his books The MindBody Prescription. I really do recommend reading this. The Curable app is based on his work. I honestly don’t think I’d be better if I hadn’t stumbled across his work and the Curable app.

I wish you all the luck in recovering from your pelvic pain.

Bless you will take a look 😁

McGraw in reply to McGraw

Please can you send me the link as l can't find it 😉xx

London80 in reply to McGraw

I had a vaginal nerve block injection for pain. The dr. Had warned me that it would feel like my heart was going to beat out my throat. So I was prepared for that. But then after that pain started exploding in my head. She had to stop the injection. The pain subsided after 10 minutes. So she tried again but the pain came right back. So only about two-thirds was injected which gave me 0 pain relief. Dr said she never had a patient have that kind of side effect.

I am having a general anaesthetic.

Thank the Lord! 😴

How are you doing now?

Kind regards Carol x

McGraw in reply to McGraw

At long last, l am having my procedure done on Thursday that is hopefully my covid test is negative! This will be my sixths operation to get pain free of pelvic pain it's been a long hard road.

Look s like l might be suffering from FB now☹️

MrsEB1988 in reply to McGraw

Hope it goes well, I’ve had 3 years of chronic pain and 11 surgeries so I can relate

McGraw in reply to MrsEB1988

I feel your pain,😮 Mrs EB1988... my test is back ok all systems go for tomorrow got to be there for 7am

can l private message you when l am back on my feet?

Bless you x

MrsEB1988 in reply to McGraw

Good luck , of course xxx

I had injections through the vagina for pain at Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester. The person who gave them was Dr Winston de Mello. He is lovely but the injections were painful and did nothing for me.

my Laprascope did not go head as the sergeon bullied me by telling me all the gorey details & the risks. l have never been treated like that l have had numerous operations in my life but never had the risk of an op like he explain to me. So l was not happy with him performing it.

I did have my steroid injection under anaesthetic that was on the 20/8 but it hasn't worked as l still get corhnic pain.

I did report him but l just had a letter saying that he was sorry for upsetting me and not carrying out the op but felt it was for my best interest!! I was hoping that l would be offered to have another one but not by the same sergeon.

Have send me back to the pain clinic which will be the third time over the years l have suffered.

Kind regards carol ☹️

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