I have been on the pill for about 10 years for irregular periods and bad period pain. About 4yrs ago I had a laparoscopy in which they discovered I had endometriosis, I had most of it cut out. Since then, the pain and bleeding has become worse. Last year I had a second operation in which they found nothing. However the pain and bleeding is still becoming worse and worse, I have now been bleeding non stop for the last 6 months, only a little, but when I do any sort of exercise (basically any stress to my body at all) I have a huge sudden bleed which is very painful. I have tried a number of different pills, implanon and a mirena which my uterus rejected, nothing is working to stop the bleeding or the pain. Pelvic ultrasound was normal also, nobody can find anything wrong. Please does anyone have any ideas? I'm exhausted...I am 23 and have never had children.

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  • Ask for the marina its like the iud except way better . I have been on it for four years and its done wonders. Im 28 and before I was on the marina I was having trouble with the pill too I bleed heavily and I kept getting severe pain then I was told about the marina and so I went on it and I've had no problems ever since with my period of corse .and you wont fall pregnant accidently like you could on the pill or iud.

  • Have tried this already and failed unfortunately my uterus rejected it, but thanks anyway

  • Try the depot provera injection. Its 3 monthly, stops any bleeding within 6 months (takes a while for your body to adjust) and stops pain. Its easy to stop if you want children and as with any hormone treatment, its advised to wait a year before trying.

  • Have you tried it? Have heard good and bad reviews so I'm a bit iffy about it, but I guess it's different for everyone I'll give it a go thanks

  • It sounds like there is still endometriosis, it hides from what i am learning about it and it also grows back and scartissue can make the pain worse i have learned alot in the short time they have been treating me for endometriosis but look at endometriosis resolved it is a wonderful site i have changed my whole life to ease the pain and it has some but we will always be in pain, guess it is something we have to learn to live with. good luck

  • Find a compassionate DR.One should never accept living in pain.Now is not primitive like when women used Dilaudid! Judyr

  • Sounds like me until50.ask your dr. If an ablation is permanent and would prevent pregnancy when you wanted it? The pill was a happy time ,heavy flow,cramps and vomiting left until after my second child and I didn't need them.Its so horrible to suffer and embarrassingly flood! A wonderful old drug,Ponstel is back on the market? Judyr

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