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Hey! I'm Emily and I'm 24. Since suffering with Pelvic inflammatory disease in November 2014 which I collapsed and was rushed to hospital I've had the worst pain that will not go away.

In January 2015 I spent the month in hospital with bad abdo pain that spread down my legs and up my back into my shoulders. I was having morphine injections, tramadol IV, liquid morphine, naproxen and paracetamol IV daily for more or less 4/5 weeks in hospital. With the end result having a laparoscopy to them finding 'pockets of infection' from the past PID which wasn't detected on bloods or in my urine. I couldn't walk or really do anything for the whole month. A week or so after the laparoscopy I felt slight relief and protested I wanted to get off IV meda and try to go home. With determination I went home 2 weeks later, yay!

Since then I've pretty much suffered a uti or suspected uti every month and have been on every anti biotic under the sun monthly. With another 4 hospital admissions since then it bring some me to now where I've just come out of my first hospital admission of the year. The pain has now got so bad I cannot exercise anymore and I'm having to miss time off work. I feel I've come to a dead end as no pain killers are working anymore and everytime I go to my gp there's no sign of infection. I'm so fed up and it's really starting to get me down as I'm so young and shouldn't be bed ridden constantly! Please someone share their experiences with me and the outcome as I'm starting to loose faith I'll ever be pain free. I found out before Christmas I have an appointment with a pain specialist in march, is this something people have been to before and have had a good experience? Please help :(

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Also I'd like to add I've never had an sti either or any infection of that kind!



Is the pain burning, constant, throbbing, sharp, ache? Describe it to me. I had a vaginal hysterectomy in 1996. 4weekspost-op I developed pain of my left side of my lower left pelvic area. The gynecology doctor found an abscess in my left vaginal cuff area. The abscess damaged/irritated my pudendal nerve. , I'VE HAD 35 medical procedures. Surgery, neurostimulators, nerve blocks, cryosurgery, radio frequency, & intrathecal pump for narcotic medications.. I discovered stem cell therapy 4years ago. It was the only therapy that relieved my pain. But it only last 6 months. This past Wednesday, I received the advanced stemcell paste. This paste was injected into my damaged pudendal nerve. The paste will expand to 4cm at the injection site. It will stay at that site for 2years healing & combating inflammation.The stem cells were harvested by lipo-suction. Right now I only feel pressure, tingling, & mild spasms. No burning pelvic pain. You can email me for information of my doctor. The pain clinic will do nerve blocks to determine which nerve is causing your pain. There are some patients who receive pain relief with the nerve blocks. So I advise you to wait & see the results of the nerve blocks. Then to see what are your options for treatment/therapy. I believe in the power of prayer. My Lord has been there with me deep into my Valley of despair. I'll keep posting about my recovery. Please keep me updated about your condition. Take care.



Hi. Hope you're doing well on your stem cell regime.

Please can you share update and how one can get the contact of your providers.




How are doing. I am believing that you are getting some respite from the horrors of pelvic problems. Did you get a feed back from kesykat regarding a provider of stem cells paste option.



Hi. Hope you doing better on the stem cells therapy.

Ps can you advise update. I am very excited to key into this option.



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