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Constant bloating with pelvic pain - please help!


This is my first post here. I was hoping someone may be able to help, or have had similar symptoms before.

A year ago (september 2014) I suddenly had very bad bloating and distension. I hadn't put on any weight, I was exercising every day (it became a new hobby!) and eating healthily. I've always been very slim, and from my exercise regimen I had become very toned. Suddenly one day I looked down and realised my stomach had ballooned. I measured myself and had gained 4-5 inches. In January this year I started getting pelvic pain - to the extent that I couldn't walk some days and would have to have time off sick.

Since then, I've had a cystoscopy to test for interstitial cystitis (I don't really have any other symptoms though), and a laparoscopy to test for endometriosis (again, no other symptoms - in fact my cycle is light and sometimes pain free) - both came back clear. I've also had numerous blood tests, and the only thing they found was that I had B12 deficiency again (I had it in 2013 too). The treatment didn't affect the bloating or pain. I've also had ultrasounds over my pelvic, kidneys, entire abdomen etc and nothing. In 4 weeks I'm being sent for a colonoscopy to check for Crohns disease and other possibilities - I'm sometimes constipated, but even when I'm regular the bloating is the same so I don't believe it to be IBS (I've had the issues even when my diet was at its most bland/strict). I've only had diarrhoea once in the past 5+ years (and that was from eating foreign foods a few months ago, after this problem started).

I've been able to keep the pain under control by following a low acid and gluten free diet (I'm not sure if gluten free helps as now occasionally I eat it and all that happens is I feel a bit fuller, but it was recommended to me).

The bloating is constant - it never gives up or stops, not even for a day, or an hour. It's also the same in the morning as it is in the evening, even before I've eaten anything. It starts from the lowest part of my abdomen/pelvis and stops just under my ribcage.

Has anyone heard of this before/have any ideas of what it could be? I'm at my wits end, I'm in my early 20s and have lost all my confidence. I've started exercising again - I originally had to stop because the pain was so bad. Nothing I do seems to ease it and I'm desperate.

Thankyou for reading x

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I get bloating when my psoas muscle is tight, the pelvic floor muscles tighten and do sternum area, end result my tummy sticks out. Have a look at Restorative Exercise if medical causes have been ruled out. If it came on after you had excer cises every day, it sounds more like a muscle thing. Google Katy Bownan, she has some nice pics of abdominal pressure and how it is caused. is just an option


Thankyou - I'll have a look, I'm willing to try anything!!


I had this for years. I had all the tests going...Then I started.getting heavier periods occasionally. (I was mid 40s by then) and then one day; Wham! Pain! Pelvic pain, rectal pain, lumbar, leg, coccyx...So, more test including colonoscopy, laparoscopy and finally an MRI. They found adenomyisis and on the forums (adenomyosis advice association for one), other women with this condition experience the same horrible bloating. No gynae so far has confirmed the two are related but I'm convinced.

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I'll look it up and mention it to my GP as a possibility - I think they've pretty much ruled out any gynaecological (sp?) problems though as I have light periods (which I am appreciative of!) Thankyou for responding!


Maybe a more paleo diet would suit you. Do you feel it's digestive? I had terrible problems with bloating and inflammation for years, so went paleo. No wheat, grains, legumes, gluten and I stopped milk (lactose) and sugar as well. Not too much fruit, it's sugar after all. Read about it first though before you try, you may not feel it's right for you. A good book is It Starts with Food, by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. I live on a paleo template these days as does my daughter of 25. She's had terrible problems with bloating as well. Find out if it's in the family. These things can sometimes be hereditary. So sorry you're having such problems. I do hope it resolves itself. It's not who you are though. That's always good to remember.


I did a similar diet which got rid of the pain almost completely - the bloating never went away though. I've gradually started reintroducing foods and found high-acid food (tomato, citric fruits etc) causes pain. I haven't tried cutting out lactose yet, though I think I should try that next - it can't hurt. Thankyou - I have become a bit obsessed with this and I know it's not healthy!


hi Lostwaist.

I can totally relate to almost every aspect of your post.Scans and xrays etc come back as "normal". So no clue as to why I have this pain.pelvic pain is the worst,constant

( some days I cannot walk due to pelvic pain and the weight from my abdomen), and like yours is from ribcage to pelvis.I know mine isn't diet related and I haven't been diagnosed with IBS.Chrons and coeliac ruled out but do have hiatus hernia which could account for pain in the stomach area .Persistent bloating is not IBS as that comes and goes.

Do you ever feel "not hungry"?I never feel hungry and often suddenly realise during the day that I haven't eaten.

I hope you get some answers soon.This is horrible to have and not know why.



Hi Patricia, it's interesting to find someone with identical symptoms! I had the same problem until I went on this low-acid diet, some days I couldn't go into work as I couldn't physically walk the 15 minutes to the office! Sometimes I feel full despite not eating much, my appetite is definitely lower than it used to be, but I think it could be because of how big I feel around my stomach.

Sorry for not replying sooner, I didn't realise I had any responses until I looked at my "junk" e-mail folder!! I'll let you know if I ever get a diagnosis, trying to be optimistic and hoping I get one this year.

Colonoscopy is on the 14th Oct (not particularly looking forward to that) but I'm not convinced I have any bowel problems...


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