Pelvic Pain, PID, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Frequent Urination

Hello, I am a 23 year old female currently experiencing chronic pelvic pain. A little background, I checked into the ER for bloating and stomach pain in 2013, to find out I needed an emergency appendectomy, after this procedure I feel as though I've never really gotten well. Fast forward to 2014, and I underwent an hip arthroscopy because I believed the pain I was having was contributed to my hip and that region, another failed surgery because the pain is still there but I now believe the pain I was mistaking as hip pain is actually more in my pelvic region. In 2015, I had my first annual exam and the test came back positive for chlamyida (I have no idea how long it was there) but I got it treated and have been retested a few times since and all negative. My concern now is PID, I have been back and forth to the gyno and doctor multiple times for frequent urination and severe pelvic pain, I also have lower back pain that I thought was more contributed to my scoliosis but after doing my own research on PID, I do not believe that is the case. The pelvic pain is sharp and sudden, it gets so bad that I am unable to walk or stand. It sometimes shoots down my right leg. I was on the DEPO shot for a few years and came off about a year and a half ago, my periods were once normal again, but now theyre quite irregular. Either coming late, or some months not at all. Intercourse is also very uncomfortable for me, it's a deep pain. I urinate up to 30-40 times a day sometimes, some days are worse than others. I've had a cystoscopy, found nothing. I have also ended up in the ER on several occasions for pelvic pain and have been told I had ovarian cysts and that they may have ruptured. Last time, there was fluid in my pelvic area but they sent me on my way. Also forgot to include that I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and BV about three months ago, was given meds and once rechecked, it was gone.. but I still notice an odor and change in vaginal discharge, have been tested and cleared of all other STD's.. Does this still sound like it could be PID? I also noticed a trend of a low grade fever almost everytime I go to the doctor. I should also note that my partner and I have been having unprotected sex and were quite discouraged that I have not gotten pregnant. All along I was thinking maybe it was because of how long I was on the DEPO, but now I'm not so sure. :( I am very concerned, as I would love to be able to have children. :( This is quite depressing and is really putting a hold on my life. I miss a lot of work and was even discouraged enough to withdraw from my college courses due to the pain and frequent urination. I just had another really bad bought of sharp, stabbing pain in my pelvic area and am thinking about going to the ER or making an appointment with my doctor. any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I would suggest that you go back to your gp or sexual health clinic and ask about PID, they will be able to either put your mind at rest or treat you. Maybe seeing a gynaecologist would be good with all the symptoms you have had. Take care.

  • I actually went to my doctor yesterday and they think it could be endometriosis.. they referred me to a gyno and I'm just waiting on the call now, thank you!

  • Hi reading your story was like a mirror image of my own. I struggled with similar symptoms for two years....severe abdominal pain spreading to back and thighs, frequent urination. I was always passed by as just urine infection or later on ovarian cysts. It was only luck that I saw a doctor who challenged the sheer number of treatment I'd received for urine infection and suggested it could be endemetriosis and referred me to a gynaecologist. Long story short turned out I'd actually had recurrent PID and now my fallopian tubes are so damaged that I've been advised for selective sterilisation and that even IVF might not be possible. A total smack in the face. 😭 So all I would say is please please don't leave it or accept the GP brushing you aside. Demand to get tested for PID and to have exploratory surgery if neccessary.

  • I'm so sorry Jenn, that's exactly what I'm afraid of. :( I left my previous gyno because I felt as if she was brushing me off so hopefully this new one will do more. Thanks so much for your input, I appreciate it so much! Will keep posting updates as I find out more.

  • How did they find you had PID

  • Sounds to me like Endometriosis. Which usually can't be detected until a laparoscopy is performed. I suffered a long time due to no one being able to pinpoint the cause. Until I had my first laparoscopy & had stage 4 Endo & almost had to have a hysterectomy right then.. I hope they can find the issue, and you will get relief!


  • Did you by chance ever experience any flu like symptoms with endometriosis? I have had a low grade fever 99.1-99.3 for the last two days, I'm nauseous with stomach pain and also a lingering headache.. I think I'm due for my period soon because my boobs are quite sore and tender. I've heard that some women experience this with endo, prior to their period but I wasn't sure.

  • Sounds exactly like what I have been dealing with started with BV and I had reaccuring BV the last couple years I started to notice really strong leg pain, knee and hip pain, constantly peeing and feeling nauseous, strong pelvic pain, painful sex. they convinced me I had endometriosis I had the surgery and it did nothing but made everything worse. They now tell me I have cyst also, I know something is seriously wrong and these doctors won't take me seriously. I have been dealing with this for years and no doctor I have found will help. They tried telling me my hip and knee pain was not caused from my pelvic pain but I know it is I never experienced these things until my pelvic pain started. DO NOT GIVE UP AND KEEP SEARCHING FOR HELP. I hope you the best.

  • I ended up in the ER a few days ago in SEVERE pain again, they did a regular ultrasound and a vaginal one, the vaginal ultrasound is always uncomfortable for me but this time, I was writhing in pain. I actually cried but the only thing they could tell me was that a cyst had ruptured (this is the second time within a couple months that I've had this happen) and they mentioned they seen another one, so they rushed my referral through and I'm now waiting for my appointment to be scheduled. It just sucks so much when you know something is wrong and it seems like it's falling on deaf ears. :( but thank you, all the best to you guys as well!

  • That's the only thing they can tell me too is I have a cyst. They keep telling me I'm fine and need to stop going doctor to doctor to get help but you know your body! It's so depressing and frustrating not having any doctors willing to have a opened mine and constantly tell you your fine.

  • Hey there! My gyno finally ended up doing a laparascopy and I was diagnosed w/ stage 3 endometriosis. I'm happy but sad at the same time, it's a relief to know what's wrong but sucks to have endo. :( my advice to you would be to keep pushing, I was in pain for years before I was able to get a diagnosis. I know it can be frustrating, trust me! But just keep pushing, and if you feel a laparoscopy is something you may need, talk about it w/ your gyno or doctor. they usually like to go through a few other steps and trials before doing one but don't give up! as you said, you know when there's something wrong with your body! good luck love! <3

  • I have had some of these symptoms. So sorry for your pain. You have to be a detective to figure it all out. Look up transabdominal kegals and find a chiropractor/Art doctor. This may help with the bladder. I have had some sharp pains over the years and I attribute them to ovarian cysts bursting. I too have pelvic fluid. It's possible stress can compound your issues because you don't know who to turn to and every doctor is specialized. These kegals are tricky so better to get the right instruction. It's hard to visualize all the muscles in the pelvis and which ones to isolate and work on.

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