It was going so well...

So I quit on the 2nd of August, thanks to Champix. I was a 20 a day smoker for 20 years. Then after 40 days of being smoke-free I had the worse cravings ever, went to the shop and bought a packet of 20. I smoked eight of them and at the end of the night chucked the remaining 12 in the toilet. Today is Day 1 again :(

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  • Welcome markjoes - well done on never giving up quitting - you done 40 days so you can do it again but for every attempt at quitting and not succeeding, the most important thing you can do is learn from the attempt and what brought on the severe cravings, need to answer this so you don't do the same thing again when the curve ball arises again. Are you quitting with champix again or going cold turkey? I am almost 2 years smoke free cold turkey, it was a bumpy road, very bumpy at times but it is so worth it!

    Below is a link to some helpful pinned posts that are worth a read if not already done so. Stay close to us and post anytime, we are here to help in whatever we can...

  • Thanks RoisinO1.

    Still on the Champix. Had my meeting with the Cessation Nurse on Saturday, not due to see her again till the 30/09 (where I'll break the bad news) I find the Champix helps with the cravings generally. Why I did it? It was just general boredom, I need to keep myself occupied - especially my mind... as soon as I get it in my head it just keeps nagging away!

    Thanks for the link - will have a look. I'll come back here regularly to read how others are doing it :)

    And for anyone out there just beginning the journey - you can do it, trust me - I never thought I would be able to go a single day without smoking.. it can be done.

  • Thats good you are back on the champix, so you know that you need to keep busy at all times for the first 3 months at least as your mind rewires that you no longer smoke, you can do this and appear to be very focused and determined, keep in touch :)

  • Look at the plus side of it, 40 days is awesome and although you have nicotine back in your system im sure that the amount of recovering your body has done in that time wont be fully undone by having 8 cigs. Im only on day 2 of a pack a day habbit of 15 years, can't wait to reach that point of at least 40 days lol

  • Thanks :) Yes, I did well - will do better this time! The positive effects are good, my sleep improved, skin and hair looked better... but I am drinking lots of water, which I find helps when I get a craving. We are both on Day 2!

  • Keep up the good fight; you'll do it!

  • I will :D

  • Well done for tossing them down the loo and getting on with the fight. I never thought I would be one tomorrow saying I'm 100 days quit but I will be and believe me if I can you can. I think everyone has had many attempts I sure have but each is a learning curve. The fact you have not given up giving up is fantastic. Do not give yourself a hard time. I started going to the gym then a month in I started lifting heavy weight. My focus changed and I chew lot's of gum to the annoyance of my husband 😀. The first few weeks are hard but we'll worth getting to the other end. Take each day and each hour at a time. I spent a lot of time clock watching when a craving hit. see how I feel in an hour then I done an hour so I'll see how I feel in another hour. Remember to post here before you take yourself to the shop someone is nearly always here. The support is amazing and has helped me many times. Read through comments you may find you feel able to cope after. You can do it!!! 💪

  • Thanks Melsamoo - so good to hear from others and that they have achieved it! I've also started at the gym, to give me someone to focus on - rather than sitting and just thinking about smoking... I found previously I would just go to bed early if the cravings wouldn't go away.

  • The gym made a massive difference and gave me all the more reason to stay quit. I don't wanna undo what I've achieved now. The cravings are no where near as bad and in the first few weeks felt like there was no end in sight and people said it will get easier and it's kind of hard to believe but it really does get easier. I still get them but they don't have me climbing the walls like they did.

  • Sounds like they are more manageable. I'll be 3 months smoke free by December, something to look forward to!

  • This Christmas will be my first smoke free too 😊

  • You never fail until you quit trying :)

  • Great motto! It would have been so easy just to carry on smoking again, but I want to quit this once and for all!

  • Hey markjoes, it happens.

    However, you lost that war to the Nico demon.

    He is wanting a rematch so here's your chance! Hang in there and never give up the chance or thought of quitting. Only YOU can do it!!!

    GoodLuck and I'll be cheering for you!

  • How is Day 2 going for you markjoes

  • Really well, thank you! I find sipping water helps when a craving rears its head :)

  • Ah water was my savior, started a trend in my previous workplace with a water juicer bottle, cut up cucumber, mint and lemon and just topped with water throughout the day, very refreshing :P

  • Noooo. Poor you. This is my biggest fear. I've been on Champix now for almost 2 months. I have hardly any cravings (& if I do they last about 30 seconds). I barely think about smoking at all. Do you know what triggered the rush to buy the cigs? At least you're determined to try again so that's brilliant. Hugs 😊

  • I've just read further down. You were bored. Totally get that but the gym is a huge help. I go 4 times a week & do classes especially with music (like Zumba). I used to walk out of the gym & light up but now I have a very clean feeling inside when I leave. Wishing you luck xx

  • argghh I know - luckily I still have the clean feeling. I think if I had carried on smoking into a 2nd day it would have so easily become normal again. I won't slip up again! Need to focus on the gym to increase the gains!

  • I wouldn't stress about it. It happened & now you're back to normal. Celebrate that fact with a nice bottle of wine tonight 👍🏼

  • haha I have permission.. off to the shops!

  • Ding! 1 week :)

  • 2 weeks! :D

  • How is things with you markjoes ?

  • Hi Roisin. It's going ok thanks.. coming up to 7 weeks - having a couple of bad cravings, but sticking with it and they eventually go! My biggest test was last weekend when I was out in London drinking, everyone around me was smoking - and I didn't buckle! :D Hope all is well with you too :)

  • Ah well done markjoes - I'm grand thanks :)

    Keep us posted on your progress when you get a chance.....

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