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Going Well


Sorry I've not been on, my Mum had another heart episode last Tuesday so another stressful week but I didn't smoke and I am still free. That's me on day 17 I think. I am really pleased and was going OK and last night I watched someone on TV smoking and had a total feeling of missing it. Was really weird and shocked me a bit. I had a chilled day at home yesterday and forgot to put a patch on. going to put one on today as I have promised myself I will still to the plan.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. I'm away to catch up on how everyone else is doing.


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Sorry to hear about your Mum - hope she is better now...?

I hear songs on the radio about smoking and it sets me off - the cravings do seem to be getting less intense (I am on 4th week of Champix).

You can keep putting the patches on and taking them off as often as you feel you need to - not coming off them too early will be they key.

Keep strong and good luck - we can all get through this together x

Mel :)

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Hi Mel,

She has a heart problem so when she has episodes she needs to call an ambulance and is rushed into Resuss which is scary but thats the third time now so we kinda know the drill. They have referred her to a specialist who will look at whether they can operate to solve the problem. Hoping for a quick appt - fingers crossed.

It's so weird isn't it! I've been quitting for a few months with a couple of relapse's and its the first time I've felt jealous of the person smoking on screen.

Thank you, I will stick with the patches and have put one on now I've had a shower. I am hoping to go down to the smallest this time next week but will see how this week goes.

I hope the Champix is going well for you xxx

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Sorry for the stress and your Mom's illness but a huge congrats on the consistency. !!!!!

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Your doing remarkably well, with the upset of your mum, showing such inner strength, truly fantastic. Yes a good plan of action, is a great help, in keeping motivated with our quit.

My little black book is out with your name saying, in may I say huge capital letters.


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Thanks Tracey and Hercu for the positive encouragement, I'm feeling quite chuffed with myself now :D

Just went for a 30 min walk on my lunchbreak and my breathing is so much easier, it's a great improvement. I am also sleeping a bit better too which is great.

Onwards and upwards xx


hi debsmcphee

seeing people can be hard

it wont belong before you will look and think ive escaped.I'm not a slave to nico demon anymore

You will notice people passing in cars and you can smell the will feel smug/good/happy that you have stoped 😁

hope your mam is feeling a bit better today 😂

but you did not smoke 😁 well done 😁

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


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