Just knowing it was right

Hi all, hope this finds you well :)

I've had a bit of an epiphany today... yesterday was awful without a cigarette if I'm honest. That first drag when you're stressed, that feeling of satisfaction (imagined!) when you smoke a cigarette after a long day at work... when the kid is driving you nuts and the ex is trying the last shred of patience you have...

Today, I've bagged up the bodies of three animals, cleaned up the detritus left behind, observed a massive canine tooth extraction, listened to the banal discussions of the rich, dressed my child, given medication to him and two of our pets, cleaned up that much sh*t I've lost count and my day has just ended after starting at 6.45 am, it's 11.07 pm here... I've seen compassion, selfishness, discussed politics and fox hunting, felt wretched about so many things... during all that, I only dreamt about the drag of my cigarette patchily.

My reliance on cigarettes is slowly leaving me. That's not to say it isn't very much around, but it's power is less and less. In comparison with yesterday it has been easy not to smoke today.

I've visited this lovely place numerous times, for reminders, support, curiosity and closure. What a blessing we have here in this community...

And now, I'm going to kiss Reggie the Ferret goodnight and dream of being smoke free.. thanks to all :)

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  • Ah Jo, what a very moving post - I'm telling you this now girl, you have this in the bag, I just know it, congratulations and thank you for sharing this motivational and inspiring post especially for all our newbies and ones lurking and ready to begin the best journey of their lives :)

  • I've not adequate words to describe your inspiration @RoisinO1 (I'm still a bloomin technophobe!) your post about getting closer to your dream is a massive motivation.

    And: Everyone here is here for nothing other than honest support be it the seeking of or the offering. How often today is this true? How often can we find such selfless supporting of strangers!!! It's rare.

    I looked everywhere for a place to help me stop smoking, and for my first 19 days I found nothing to compare with here. Thank you so so much, you're the beating heart of something amazing Roisin. Thank you. X

    My boy and I have great friends, but none of them, and this is by no means a criticism, none of them have an idea of this part of my journey. It's bonkers in a way, and serendipity all ways round. I literally stumbled on this place, thank goodness!!!!

    Bless you. I was ready and this was here. No more words as the bloomin Ferret legs it about and the boy woke up and the bath drains and I think.... wow!!!!! I'm not popping outside for a cigarette to do what!!!!! To do nothing but increase my guilt, wreck my health and steal my money!!!!

    Thank you, from the heart, thank you x

  • Everything you say here is completely true for me too. Thanks!!!

  • Big smile Lula :)

  • hi jobm1

    that first cig is no satisfaction ITS guilt 😈

    I felt it straight away πŸ˜’

    I slipped at 6months big mistake πŸ˜’

    I remember my vet bagging my dog up in our front room when I had ty put to sleep.awful .

    anyway,good on you,you did well

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😁

    Tyson was my 7stone Rottweiler,my gental giant,

  • Aw lovely, it's not a nice job always but often it's a final kindness to give our animals sleep. I love Rottweilers, one of my favourite breeds. We had to move a 70kg dog de Bordeaux yesterday, it's quite a thing to do. We have a lot of outpouring of love at our place. Go steady love and thank you as always x

  • its silly I know,but I cant bear to get new dog,and its been what 2yearsπŸ˜’

    one day,maybe 😁 ive had 3 beautiful dogs in 30 years ty (Rottweiler )and Sam and beau (mongrels mother and son )

    I cant have another dog put to sleep,

    anyway,were not going down that path ha ha

    take care 😊

    just a bit curious,did the dog live in France at some point,has he just gone home,Manchester to Boudreaux,what a last ride.

  • jobm1 RoisinO1

    just to say today

    I had walked home,half a hour walk up hill.(shops,had no bus fares)

    I got to my street and saw a dead cat at side if road.

    me being so soft and thinking of cat owners I went for bag and walked all the way back down with the cat.(to vets)

    my vet will look for chip and keep it for one week.

    walked all way back up the bloody hill,

    just wanted to tell someone ha.

    take care 😊

  • jobm1 RoisinO1

    just had a call from the owners,cat was chipped

    so upset,sounded like a old couple,

    I was crying with them.

    so glad I took her.

  • Bless your heart!!!!! Oftentimes we cat owners have no idea what happens when our babies disappear... that's lovely x

  • Ps: you slipped, you didn't fall! Well done!!! ☺️

  • 2-3 hours What a mistake πŸ˜’

    you have a good day 😊

    everyone have a good day 😁

  • You too love ☺️

  • What a brilliant post. I love his one very much.

    It sounds to me as if you have turned a corner with regard to smoking. Addiction is not an easy thing to overcome and you are winning the battle. Excellent!!

    Oh and Reggie the Ferret sounds like a fine and furry little creature! If I was there with you, I'd kiss him too! ❀

  • Ah you lovely lady, thank you. I know it sounds a bit much but honestly this place is a big deal!

    Reggie would have kissed you back, he's a lovely poppet ❀️ and he likes the ladies 😁

  • Great post - love it!

  • From the heart... thanks lovely :)

  • Fab post:) well put πŸ‘x

  • Thank you 😁 x I love that this place exists and not just a bean counting app...

  • You have the right mind set jobm1πŸ’ͺ

  • Thanks lovely 😊 I thought I would never do it!! Look at how amazing we all are!!!

  • I can't belive in 6 weeks I would of conquered the year , time just flys and the craves come and go in seconds, so hang in there your on it :)πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  • πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ fantastic!!!!! I was reading a few of your posts today, such a great and positive journey. WELL DONE!!!!

    I'm loving being a non smoker, the cravings affect me so much less than smoking and hating myself did!

    Take care lovely... x and thanks a million

  • Thanks jobm1your a star keep smiling and keep kicking x

  • You said to me the other day that I was an inspiration, well, right back at you Mrs...!!

    You're doing amazingly well and you're so strong - you've got this, you and Reggie...

    Take care :D x

  • Bless your gorgeous heart! Thanks so much and I think congratulations all round! ❀️

  • Aw Jo, such an inspirational post!

  • Big smiles and thanks. Couldn't do this without this fantastic place. A life changing thing this is and I'm all bloomin emotional! :)

  • I hear you, Jo. I wouldn't have lasted very long in my quit without this place and the people here either.

    When I first quit I found a support site in BC, Canada. They wouldn't let me join because I live in Manitoba. How supportive is that?

    Then I stumbled onto this site, and I just started reading. I didn't even know it was in the UK. No one cares where I live, they just offer support and encouragement. I couldn't do it without you guys!!

    Hope you're day is a good one!!

  • I'm laughing but actually that's not funny is it!!

    There's such a lot of heart here, such a lot of goodness. It has made ALL the difference to my quit x

    Having a gentle day here, hope you too. I bought myself a little gift today, didn't cost much but I'm a taurean too and I'm crazy about smell. Since quitting the smells are intense! So I bought so lovely dry body oil and I'm wandering around sniffing my arm hahaha x take care and thanks a million lovely

  • I am the same with the smells jobm1 - my monthly treat was (actually still is) a LARGE Yankee candle - think they are the best smelling ones, my favourite scent is the Lime and Vanilla and Olive and Thyme ones, very aromatic (get me, learned that from my cookery course!!)

  • Gorgeous gorgeous scents! I have patchouli and orange oil. Olive and thyme.... beautiful mix, and I am crazy for citrus.. you're such a giver, cookery suits you. I love food, am particularly mad about Moroccan dishes and Mediterranean, exactly your scents I think! I had some lovely thyme and coconut wild rice the other day with ginger and lemon chicken, very lovely. Many of my girlfriends are feeders lol πŸ’›

    Isn't it the most bizarre thing that when you quit smoking, the intensity of scents are incredible! I especially lovely that my hair no longer stinks of anything but shampoo... And food, did I mention I love food hahahahahahahahahahaha!!

    Have a lovely sleep Roisin, you're a wonder x

  • I sound like a rambling nutter! Sorry :)

  • Now you've made me laugh!

    BTW Reggie the Ferret sounds adorable. When we first came here we had a farm, every single animal was really a pet and yes, we named them all.

    My daughter's baby duck (Ed the Duck) used to waddle up the driveway to greet her off the school bus. She's a Taurus too.

    Sorry, off topic!

  • I love that!!!! ED! Aw you lovely soft hearted lot, what a fab vision of you all.

    We've got Reggie Ferret, tiddler the doggie (tiny) and bafta the cat! The dog and Ferret are rescues and the cat has been with me 16 years. I adore our animals as does my boy Harry. He's a Gemini and I so don't get him sometimes hahaha x it's any topic I reckon, love a good chinwag :) x

    It sounds so nice that you followed your dream, what a fantastic thing to do x

  • Yes, it was fantastic. Life is precious and animals have a way of opening up your heart, as do good people.

    Take care and stay strong!

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