It doesn't get easier

Hello, I quit smoking for 5 years. And then I decided to smoke one, which lead to 2, 3 then 20 a day: Bounced back into smoking. Now I'm quitting again after a year of relapse. It took me a little over 7 months to remember the detrimental effects of smoking, how your life becomes a slave of smoking needs, the fatigue, the degrading gym performance, and the horrific coughs.

But quitting doesn't get any easier. I was able to do it once, I can do it twice. But why would anyone go through the insomnia, the fatigue and the crazy mind games after nicotine is expelled from the body? I'm living this horror again, but I am happy to have taken the decision.

To all those who quit: It is very unlikely to just enjoy one random cigarette and not go back to full time smoking. No, it will never be easy to smoke one, or enjoy random puffs. And quitting doesn't get any easier the second time you decide to quit after a relapse. So whether it's a month later, a year later, or 5 years later, don't relapse. This unnecessary puff will lead to smoking full time, then wanting to quit, then suffering equally when quitting all over again :)

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  • Hello ericmartin , sorry to hear you went back to it after such a long time. It's very easily done, done it myself after 3 monhs, 6 months and oher time periods too numerous to recall. It's scary how quick you can slip back into full time smoking.

    Good luck with the current quit, hope we can help you along the way.

    When you say it doesn't get easier I presume you mean that this quit is going to be just as hard as the first time you did it?

  • Thanks a lot mate. Yes, I'm in the actual process, 1.5 weeks in with no puff, and it doesn't get any easier. It actually feels much harder than the first time I quit. I don't know if it's related to age (I was below 30 when I quit the first time, now I'm 32 lol).

    Yes it is indeed scary but it's good to know. 4 years ago, I would've told you: "It's impossible for me to smoke again!". And here I am :)

  • I can relate to the last sentence. I remember telling my daughter that I would never start smoking again during my 6 month quit...2 weeks later I was back on them again.

    32?!! you're just a young lad...plenty of stamina!!

  • Yup.. but believe it or not, daily pack habit kicked in at 12 years old and I had my first smoke at 11 years old! How, just how? lol.

  • I didn't start until I was 28! Should have known better at that age.

  • And yeah, you never know till you just see yourself smoking again. It's strange.

  • Hello ericmartin !

    I completely relate to what you have said because I too, had just one puff which led to a full blown relapse in a matter of hours!

    Good luck with this quit. I know it doesn't get any easier bit you can do this nevertheless.

    If you need support, post on here. There are lots of us on this site and we are all at different stages and have used different methods. ☺

  • Argh, that silly puff... Yes, I will make it. The only method I have is actually to think: "It's not gonna be easy. Suffer, and zip it until you don't think of it". lol. Worked like a charm the first time. It's just accepting to hurt and going through it. Up for the challenge for a second time!

    Thanks a lot for the support :)

  • Welcome ericmartin and what a powerful and inspirational first post - thank you for sharing, I know you will succeed again to be an ex smoker for good this time - you are strong and know what you have to do, really looking forward to reading your progress and words of wisdom - I am 17 months quit and think it is so valuable to us to read that complacency no matter how long quit is just not an option :)

  • Thank you RoisinO1, really glad to be here. Yes, the cravings did stop completely after a month. 5 years of clean blood, and then just a puff and I couldn't resist the charm. I am learning so much by reading the posts here. The first time around, I quit cold turkey and didn't get any help or reading. It will be essential for me to read a lot this time around as it seems a bit harder, so I'll keep at it and share if I need to. Thanks a lot for the encouragement and hope you're feeling like a champ. Heh, it's never too easy and a quitter is always a champ! :)

  • Yeah, very true!

    I too quit cold turkey but I 100% believe I wouldn't be still quit if I didn't have knowledge and this community

  • Wow guys, I never thought I d be smoke free for 5 months but here I am. It s the first time I am posting now, but I have read a lot and these messages meant a lot. I really got sick after I stopped, it was terrible and I suffered every imaginable symptom.. Insomnia, anxiety, sudden depression, hear palpitations, fatigue etc. I am still not 100% but persevere, one day at a time and sometimes 3 minutes at a time. I still regard myself as a smoker cause my mind is not freed from it yet. I read these post to strengthen my resolve not to succumb to that "one" puff. I' ll keep at it minute by minute and I wish you would all stay strong. We need to lean on each other against this absolute monstrous killer.

    Keep at it!

  • Hello Zzl26z. First, congrats for the effort. All needs will fade away some day, and the cravings will eventually stop. The only problem is we tend to forget insomnia, anxiety, palpitations or even the negative effects of smoking. We forget, and we relapse. Don't let yourself get there. Fight each craving at a time. What helped me last time I quit, and helps me this time are the inner thoughts: This one shall pass too. Resisting a specific craving won't kill you. It will only make you stronger. Good luck :)

  • Welcome Zzl26z and congratulations on 5 months smoke free, you have a great mindset and appear to be very strong - keep going!

    Stay in touch with us on your progress :)

    PS Can you confirm your quit date for your milestone badges when you get a chance.

  • I know how you feel...I was close to five yrs quit and then one nite out with the boys did me in! I thought just one!! What a mistake that was.Two years later of smoking.On my third month now of my new quit! Going well.Lessons learned! don't ever think you can have one cig or just a simple puff

  • It's with great delight, I thank you for your post, with hindsight every thing in life is easy, but so wonderful to have you with us, this in itself shows determination, I take my rather big pink hat off to you.

    As you know, just keep going

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