Newbie on first day of quit

Hey all,

First day of quitting today. After 20+ a day for the past 20 years.

Been thinking about it for a while; the stupid cough, the smelly clothes, having to excuse myself so I can step outside, and the sheer expense... All a bit stupid really, but then I've always known it's a bit stupid! The final straw was today when having the second of my lunch time cigs and realised that I didn't even enjoy the first one, and still automatically lit the bloody thing even though I've got a sore throat and a cough...

Never usually join forums / online communities so this is potentially the last you'll hear from me, but I will lurk!



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  • Hi Absinthe welcome to the forum and congratulations on your decision to quit.  Best thing you will ever do for your health.  Are you using any quit aids or going cold turkey?  

  • Thanks!

    Where I live vaping is illegal and you need a paid for doctors prescription for NRT as insurance won't pay but (perversely) charge a higher premium!

    The aim is to get off the stuff anyway, so may as well bite the bullet!

  • Oh, I tell a lie - it can be bought at the pharmacy (never used to be though). Still, cold turkey anyway.

  • Great stuff get the nicotine withdrawal over and done with then you just have the mental battle to deal with.  Read up on withdrawal symptoms so you know what to expect over the next few days. Good luck. 

  • Good for you Absinthe, thats the attitude and mindset to have...

  • Huge welcome Absinthe  and congratulations on Day 1!  Well Done!

    I too quit cold turkey nearly 8 months ago and never looked back.   It has been a roller coaster of journey but all worth the blood, sweat and tears!   

    I would suggest reading the pinned post across the way at the top as some helpful tips there, keep yourself as busy as possible for the next few weeks, drink plenty of water, bit of exercise daily and most of all educate yourself on what is happening both mentally and physically when we quit.  Post as often as you need to, even if just to let off steam.....

    Wishing you success and strength and look forward to reading your progress.    :)

  • Thanks Roisin!

  • Absinthe, welcome. Well done for taking this step. It is quite a journey and the first few weeks are the hardest but each day you get through will be a huge achievement which you must hang on to. Good luck and keep posting!

  • Thanks for the welcome, Fordy!

  • Welcome to the forum Absinthe and good luck with the quit. I can identify with what you're saying - I always used to have two cigarettes at lunchtime and often didn't even want the 2nd one. I just smoked it because...that's how many I had at lunchtime! Daft.

    Are you in Singapore? The company I work for has a facility in Tuas so I know a few people there and have heard of the ban on ecigs.

  • Thanks Nozmo!

    Yes I'm in Singapore; don;t get out to Tuas much though. Oil & Gas? Shipping?

  • Marine Coatings...antifouling paints for ships,oil rigs etc...

    Yeah, it's pretty industrial around there so not surprised you don't go there too often!

    How is it going today with your quit?

  • Hi Absinthe :) Welcome along and congratulations on making the decision to quit! I too used to smoke mindlessly, lighting up one after another because that was 'what I did', regardless of whether it was wanted or not, so you're not alone there. It's a powerful addiction, but you can absolutely beat it, one day at a time. It's amazing how much it helps, just knowing that you're not alone in what you're doing and there is a wealth of support available here. Hope to read more about how you're getting on :)

  • Thanks for the welcome

  • Hi Absinthe...Welcome and yes it is going to be a ruff ride..It is very important to know what you are up against...Nicotine is rated the same as heroin, thus a very potent drug which has taken over our life's, therefore the out of thought  lighting up another cigarette..

    Do not lurk around but post often, we are all "Junkies" here and understand how you are feeling...Some of us have been there and others are there with you...Strongs !!

  • Thanks Hercu. I'm kinda looking forward to the rough moments they wouldn't be there if I wasn't winning! 

  • Welcome and congratulations on your quit....

  • Thanks Lucy!

  • Hello and a huge welcome from me,  I so hope that you utilise this most wonderful forum, the power, enthusiasm, and certainly the most magical people with lots of tips advice etc, fo me at least, it's saved me from many a moment of giving in to the nasty drug.

    Such a wonderful choice you have made, and may I say your body will thank you over and over, and as I've said prior, if you can quit one day, then you can indeed quit on the second day..

    You've already physiologically, made the decision to quit, by your post, now in my book that's a least half the battle, so a huge well done on your decision.

    Just to add, you along with many many others you can quit, you can.

    Looking forward to your updates, and wishing you a great start to your quit date.

  • Thanks Tracey.

  • Hi and welcome. Not much I can add to all the other posts but congratulations on the best decision you will ever make

  • Thanks Jeannie!

  • Absinthe, CONGRATS!!! We are all here for you! 

  • Lurk on my friend - there is a lot of support here to help you kick the habit --

  • How are you keeping USNx ?   We're nearly at our 8 months!

    Are you finding the time going slow since our 6 months milestone, for me, it is anyway, maybe its because I'm almost at the penthouse?

  • Hey -  8 months!!! I work nights so I miss a lot of the happenings during the day.  But I'm doing great - crave a little bit but I'm winning the battles.  

  • Morning Absinthe , how is Day 2 going for you?

  • Celebrating the little successes this Friday evening! Managed coffee, got through a morning of email, an afternoon of idiots, and an evening of wine and only wanted to kill everyone ;-)

    In all seriousness, I think I've had a good day. A few moments where I've needed to have a deep breath and regroup (especially walking through a cloud of smoke just outside the pub), but on the whole I think I've done well.

    Have a good day ahead  - mine's nearly done so I'm going to go to bed soon.

  • Good for you Absinthe, all those feelings you are having are perfectly normal, well done on getting through those major triggers!

    Day 3 tomorrow and the nicotine will be out of system and hopefully the rage too! :)

  • Well done and welcome to our little form 😊Now you have made the first step and day one. It's not easy but we are all here to help if need or just sometimes we just want to vent so type away and get if off your chest 😊😊it helps believe me to just let it out 

  • I was exactly the same. I was 40+ a day for 30 years. I realised I only really enjoyed a few of the 40+. I too have just joined and a bit of a lurker as well. I've found its a good forum as I can relate to a lot of the posts and get advice from replies without anyone even knowing. Good luck and stay strong 😁

  • I like to look through the posts, they do help. I find that when things are not good such as feeling bad and craving more, then I post on here. The very fact of writing makes me stop craving and knowing that most quitters go through hard times helps a lot too. That (we are not alone) feeling helps immensely.

    Good grief, I'm writing utter garbage but it helps anyway.

  • Almost at your 2 week milestone JohninHull , well done! Post away as often as you need to, that is here for.

    Keep up the great work! :)

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