Champix and sleep - not friends!

Hi all,

Brand new to the site,, joined about 4 minutes ago after reading a few posts discussing that wonder-drug, Champix! This is my third time with Champix; the first time i gave up smoking for 8 months, the second time i gave up Champix after 8 days as it was doing nothing, not even any side effects(!) but this time I'm exactly 14 days in and boy oh boy is it working!!

Still have quiet urges every now and again but they're not crippling me. Yep, still have the morning nausea for about an hour, yep still have bizarre dreams at night. This time however, for the first time, when i get out of bed in the morning i feel as though I've not actually been to sleep, but I'm pretty certain that i have. Anybody else have this feeling?

I've read a few posts about people reducing their daily intake, particularly at night, and I'm seriously considering this in an attempt to have a good sleep. Has anybody else tried it? I just want to wake up in the morning without the baggy eyes. I can't concentrate at work, find myself very easily distracted and I've got two and a half months to go!

Ciggie-free for 12 days so i know it's working and i have no desire to return to smoking - the smells from my co-workers after their fag-break actually brings back the nausea!

My main reason for stopping is my health. I've got bronchitis which sucks, and although that hasn't really cleared up since stopping I'm very confident that it will.

Best wishes to all taking Champix. I know it's a long and windy road but think of the long-term benefits (just as i am trying to do!)

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  • Steve ...Welcome and yes, Champix is a very good aid and you have quite an experience with it....Very strange that the second time it did nothing....?

    Being a Champix quitter myself I had severe Morning Nausea but lived with it because I believed that Champix is the reason that I could quit after 38 years smoking non stop.

    Luckily no bad dreams and all the other ugly side effects but Insomnia definately...Reading posts of people quitting Cold Turky I took the sleeplesness as a normal side effect of quitting. I remember that tiredness and called it a state of total zombification...One of the many reasons I dont want to go through the quit ritual again...!!

    Insomnia it is a known side effect of is depression where both is also fairly normal quitting CT.

    I was diagnosed with COPD and that being the reason to quit...I am sure quitting will ease your Bronchitis and you might get rid of it completely...

    Pity we need a slap through the face to decide to quit...and never listened to the advice when someone said smoking is bad...!

    But at last we will be free and live our lives the way it should be...Healthy and smoke free!

  • Firstly well done for your not having a cigarette today or for the last 12 days; the first few weeks are definitely the hardest.

    Secondly, don't give up.

    Speak to your GP about Champix and the side effects. I have at least a dozen people at work who have all used it to help give up. Some reported no effects at all, some crazy dreams, others had headaches in the early days but we're not medically trained so can't give you proper advice.

    Remember though Nicotine was a drug too and withdrawal can cause symptoms too which will pass and then your health will definitely improve.

    Good luck,


  • Welcome SteveBangkok and congratulations on 14 days quit (can you just confirm that Day 1 was 05 July for your milestone badges?)

    I quit cold turkey over 22 months ago and tooexperienced sleep disturbance for the first month or so, would wake up wide awake at around 2:00 in the morning and that was me for the day, don't quite know how I got through my day at work but I did - this will pass, below is a pinned post links to withdrawals, recovery timescales, quitting tips, tips on nausea with taking champix but if things get worse or not improve maybe pop into your chemist, health shop for herbal supplements.

    Stay close to us and post anytime, we are here to help :)

  • Hi there i did chantix but only for 30 days about 10 days in i cut it down to half a tab a day in the morning and felt so much better good luck i know you can do it!!

  • Thanks for the encouragement, everybody. I know that this time i can beat it, 100% committed.

    For me it's not the nausea that's the issue, i knew that was coming, it's the 'zombification' that i feel, as though i haven't slept all year! I am just constantly tired, black eye bags and a fuzzy head. I actually cut last nights does down to a half but that didn't help. Possibly early days so will repeat that dose again tonight and see.

    RoisinO1 - Friday will be 14 days off the smokes. I was referring to having been on Champix exactly 14 days. SO my official quit date is the 7th.

    Thanks again everybody. We're all in this together then, only wish i could share my sleepiness :D

  • That fuzzy feeling and overwhelming tiredness is a common withdrawal that can occur doing it cold turkey or with aids, drink lots and lots of water, go out in the fresh air and just be kind to yourself for the next few weeks...I promise it will get better, continue to post anytime :)

  • PS SteveBangkok - definitely try some herbal supplements to help with the fuzzy brain and triedness...

  • Hi RoisinQ1,

    I've asked this question on another thread, but since you're an administrator perhaps you're able to shed some more light on exactly what herbal supplements are useful for someone who intends to stop smoking soon?

    Thanks heaps in advance for your response :)

  • Replied in the other thread also....

    Huge wlcome to our community Indigo71 , it is fine to mention tried and tested and the usual quitting aids, but with regards other products, it is against policy of naming supplements which may be mis - advised or cause an adverse reaction for some members and HealthUnlocked could be held liable as we are not medical professionals here, just members trying to offer advice and support and share struggles to people quitting.... with regards herbal supplements, the health shop should be able to advise on what can help with your particular concern(s) for example, can help with anxiety and moodiness, lack of energy etc... (or you can research it online). Looking forward to seeing you in day 1 very soon :)

  • Thanks again :)

  • I'm two months in now and I used inhalators because I really didn't want to lose the sensation of smoking. They've worked amazingly well. The first week I used them constantly probably using about three cartridges a day but then I found I needed to change the cartridge less and less as the days went on. I drank loads of water and ate a few red grapes or a banana whenever a strong craving or zombie blankness came over me. Seems to have worked as I haven't struggled at all with any hard cravings and nor have I had any depression. Roisin says her Mum tried the inhalators and went back to smoking after giving up on them but my daughter gave up cold turkey a year ago and now she's back smoking. I had a few days last week when I really, really wanted to smoke. I found myself rushing down the street following closely an elderly woman who was blasting out piles of smoke into the air and just sucking in the secondhand smoke like my life depended on it.. Hahaha.. I went out on my lunch hour and bought a pack of four cartridges for the inhalator instead of a packet of cigarettes, plus a punnet of red grapes, it worked but for three days I really, really needed a cigarette both mentally and physically but the thoughts of doing this all over again stopped me. Having the inhalation stops me panicking that I can never ever smoke again but like Roisin points out its not foolproof for Everyone . Good luck xxxx

  • Hey Rivermum1 - good to hear from you and glad you are still going strong, everyone's quit is unique to them alright and use aids that best suits them but anyone can relapse at any time regardless of the quitting method used for them to become 100% nicotine free at the initial stage - we have had members quit 15 years and relapse :O Nobody knows what could potentially trigger us to smoke again so we are on our guards for the rest of our lives, but it does get easier as time passes by.....

  • No problem Indigo71 - how are you getting on, have you set your quit date yet?

  • Hi Roisin,

    Thanks for asking :)

    Waiting for my Tabex to arrive. Coming from the UK to Australia so I am hopeful I might receive it next week.

    Trying to be very conscious of every cigarette I smoke though. How it makes my mouth feel - yuk! And reinforcing that I don't actually get anything out it, because I know very well that the only reason I smoke is to feed the addiction. To quieten the little nicotine monster in my head.

    The wait is good in a way, because it gives me time to do some proper investigating on supplements.

    It is also helping me to get my head in the right space and funny enough I am starting to look forward to the challenge.

  • Never heard of Tabex and had to look them up, hope they help kick start your quitting journey and that they work well with you (no adverse reactions).

    Keep up the excellent preparations you are doing and look forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon...

  • Hey Indigo71 - hows things now?

  • Hi Roisin, thanks for asking regarding my welfare again :) Very nice. Thanks heaps!

    I've received my Tabex in Oz this week.

    I understand that I am allowed to write my hopefully soon to-be stop-smoking-experience with the aid of Tabex? Since you've done research?

    Funnily enough tho I've now completely lost my mojo to set a quit date ...

    I know I'm delaying the inevitable, but my mind & body - my psych really - have completely lost the urge.

    I am desperately trying to get the stop-smoking mindset back, but besides keeping track of how many I actually smoke and what I think the experience gives me. While I know damn well it does not do anything; besides stopping the screaming little nicotine monster in my brain. As I have mentioned in another post on a different thread.

    It's not working, because I have completely lost the stop-smoking urge.

    If you could please send me some links to how to get into the right mindset (again) to really want to stop that would be really good.

    I truly find it so odd though. Since I was really ready to go, but since having received the meds, which are supposedly going to make my stop-smoking-journey easier, I have (subconsciously perhaps) completely stopped focussing on smoking & caring about quitting.

    I suppose I'll just have to wait for the feeling the urgency to stop smoking once-and-forever again? I do know, if the passion is not there that I will not be able to achieve much at all. So ...

    Sorry all. Having a winchy Friday night :/ Ugh

  • Hi Indigo71, thanks for the honest and heartfelt post. With regards the tabex, as it is not medically prescribed it is not permitted to discuss it on the community BUT that is not to say you cannot post, share your struggles, get advice etc... on your quitting journey as the community is here to help you to remain smoke free no matter what way you quit.

    I actually posted during the week about quitting in the moment as it passes by so quick and may take a while to come along again. I would suggest thinking back to how you felt when you first posted here about quitting and do up a list of what you enjoy about smoking and what you do not enjoy (don't think you will get a list of what you enjoy about it). Yes, you are right, you must be in the right mindset to succeed and knowledge about quitting and addiction is key too, below are some links of our pinned posts, also this site is excellent with advice (warning, it is pretty hardcore but think we need that!!)

    Post anytime with any questions or queries you have (create a new post so it will be seen in the newsfeed and get the replies and help you need)

  • Hi there. Just like you Champix really worked the first time round. Unfortunately I lapsed. I'm now on my 2nd time & 22 days in. At first it barely did anything & I really wanted that nausea & repulsive feeling. Even my morning pill taken with a mini croissant doesn't make me nauseous. However I'm persevering. I do have the weird dreams & wake a few times but I know I sleep & sure you do too. Maybe you're worrying thinking you're sleeping less. Why not do some deep breathing before bed & maybe a little glass of hot milk? Maybe a scented candle too. I find that in week 3 sleeping does get better so hang in there.

  • Hows things now SteveBangkok ?

  • A little update from me then.....

    Beginning my 5th week on Champix and 4th week smoke-free! The nausea is still there for about an hour after taking the tablet but does subside. The very peculiar dreams are still a nightly event - just the other night I was signed up to ski for the British Olympic Ski team! I do still get hugely depressed from time to time but if i get chance to sit in front of the TV with some trash blaring on the screen i soon get over it.

    Anyway, still soldiering on with it all. To be totally honest, i do still get the cravings from time to time and I don't know if i feel any better health-wise. (I'm also suffering an ankle injury from running and that's also depressing me as I can't run at the moment - and that's my biggest stress reliever!)

    To anybody considering Champix i would say to consider these 3 things;

    1. Do it - you know you want too or you wouldn't be reading this.

    2. Warn those around you, particularly your closest and your dearest, that your personality may change during the 12 weeks. You may become depressive over that period but there is very much a light at the end of that tunnel.

    3. You will most likely feel nauseous, particularly in the early days, but it is only nausea and will go away.

    Oh, and by quitting for these 4 weeks, i've saved myself roughly £200 ($360). Over 12 months that's roughly £2,600 ($3,400)! No brainer really.

    Good luck everybody

  • Just asked on another post there SteveBangkok how you are getting, perhaps create new posts with updates so our members will see in the news feed and that you get much deserved recognition and support :) (maybe copy and paste this post into a new one as you have given great advice)

    Well done, you have a good positive mindset that will stand to you, keep that up!

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