Day 27 Champix :)

Hi everyone. Not spoke in a few days so thought I'd catch up! Hope you've all stayed strong and battled on!

Well... I finally did it.. I've been smoke free since the 24th March, 12 days today! Leading up to the 24th I was only smoking one or 2 cigs a day max, and although I didn't actually choose a quit day, it seemed to choose me. That day I just didn't buy more cigs when I ran out.

Since quitting I have had a very stressful time with family ups and downs, and have also had several glasses of wine. It seems I am lucky enough not to crave a cigarette with alcohol as there have been times I really needed a drink!

I have also been surprised by the fact that for the first time ever (reference previous quit attempts) I have spent my days and evenings without an emergency pack of cigs. Something I always previously had to hand just in case... I finished my last pack Friday 24th determined I was not going to spend another penny on cigarettes. I expected to find this difficult as this was me letting go of my security blanket, but no, I haven't really noticed. Maybe this is because on my two previous attempts to quit I was using NRT so was still both craving and replacing nicotine. I don't know, but it's a great feeling surviving that dependency!

My Champix side effects.. I am still sleeping well and more tired than usual during the day, this just means an early night and even more sleep :). Its not as bad as it was the first two weeks, and the constant starvation has settled down too so I'm back to eating normally! Occasionally I can feel queasy after taking the first tablet now but its so infrequent and lasts only a minute. I did have a week of stomach upsets recently too, which I'm sure was the Champix, and I think I've been a little quieter than normal. All in all nothing really to complain about.

I know I can't take the credit for starting on my quit journey. Champix has worked REALLY really well for me and I would not be here 12 days smoke free without it! I will definitely be doing the full 12 weeks at least... I don't want a relapse. This is my last chance at stopping and I MUST do it...

You have all helped me prepare too, with your great advice and support, so a big thank you!

My concern now is still to come. How did you feel when you came of Champix..? I have read you should do it gradually and that the cravings can return? Surely after 3 or more months smoke free the cravings would have gone..?

Viv xx

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  • hi strazzavi

    you can take credit for stopping You made the tablets work ๐Ÿ˜

    you did it,tablets helped ๐Ÿ˜

    you have done great and you will do excellent ๐Ÿ˜

    cant advice on experience but I'm sure others will advise.

    take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

    keep kicking ๐Ÿ˜

  • Haha! Thank you Thinlizzie (great band btw)! The only part I've played is in asking for the prescription in the first place, which I suppose IS something :)

    You're biking holiday sounds great! Lived on the back of a bike when I was (much) younger... Have the best time all of you :)

  • I'm 55 always had bike ๐Ÿ˜

    I suppose one day,lots of moons away I will hang my boots up ha ha

    but not yet ๐Ÿ˜

    take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Nah.. There's still plenty of life in those boots! :)

  • ha ha ha ๐Ÿ˜

    sure is ๐Ÿ˜

  • Welcome strazzavi and congratulations on Day 12, that is great and you appear to be in a good, positive and strong mindset which is vital in our quits - well done :)

    I quit cold turkey so don't know how it is coming off the champix but I would imagine that you will well on your way in the mental battle by then, be prepared to fight and attack at all times - keep busy, lots of water, deep breathing, little exercise and read up as much as you can on what happens when we quit - herbal supplements can help too....keep in touch with us.

  • Thanks Roisin. I will take your advice! Already drinking lots of water and I am trying to exercise more... I will be gong to buy a good multi vitamin and looking into herbal supplements. I remember when I quit before with NRT I was very tired, common I believe. The champix affected me in this way too as I was Sooo tired from day one on tabs and was still smoking normally. Not as bad now so maybe vits and supplements may help with that. I take my hat off to anyone who is strong enough to go cold turkey so well done you too :)

  • Tiredness and insomnia are common side effects from quitting even cold turkey - it starts to settle down around the 3 - 6 month mark but everyone is different. The supplements will be a help to your body repairing and healing, I took a spoonful of honey every morning to help with clearing the lungs for about 6 months, drank buckets of water in my water juicer bottle with cucumber, mint and lemon, very refreshing and great for fighting the cravings :)

    I am now over a year and a half free and never felt better, you have so much to look forward to smoke free, especially with summer coming 8-)

  • I cant wait! Oddly my chest is fine.. No cough yet or anything. Maybe have that to come... :(

  • 12 days is amazing, well done!!

    And the credit for doing so is all yours. It doesn't matter which way you chose to quit, YOU made the choice and YOU are achieving this.

    Congrats Viv, stay strong.

  • Aww... Thank you! So far so good and yes, I will do my best to stay strong. You too!


  • Viv...T/lizzy said it...You stopped with the aid of Champix....Champix did not make you stop are on control and Champix is a wonderful aid....Huge congrats and keep going.. Do not worry to much on going of the Champix ...It knocked me hard but is survivable and you will not have additional cravings..

  • Hello Hercu! How are things in Mozambique now..? Hope you're all OK!

    Thank you Hercu.. I'm not sure I like the 'knocked me hard' lol... Sounds almost as bad as quitting.. But glad no additional cravings to deal with :)

    I haven't been doing too badly up to yet cravings wise, there has been the odd moment but passed quickly and not bad.. I'm astounded at how easy Champix makes it! So glad I got the prescription :)

  • Hi strazzavi and well done on your quitting!! i gave up with champix too three months ago now and i can share my experience with you. First of all, the dose and time.

    I started champix the 22th December, gave up day 17 and have been following the dose indicated until daY 24 then I started to reduce.

    From day 25 to day 40 I Took 1 in the morning and half in the evening (always around 4-5 PM).

    From day 40 to day 50 I took ยฝ in the morning and ยฝ in the evening (always around 4-5 PM).

    From day 51 to day 59 I took just ยฝ in the morning

    Then another half day 61, that was the last one.

    I found that when i reduced the dose it was a bit harder (really just a bit!) the first day but then i settled and it was ok again. the same when i gave up day 60; after two days of really weak cravings it was ok again (really just a bit!).

    i didn't follow the dose indicated cause i noticed that the champix was giving me weird side effects like a strange sensation on the back of my head when I was laying in bed and generally insomnia and mood swing.

    Now after nearly 2 month without champix I feel that my body got rid of that medication

    if you have any other question I m here.


  • Thank you so much Chiara.. That's really useful and well done to you too! I've managed to escape most of the side effects so I'm taking 2 x 1mg per day. I'm now on day 28 and was planning on staying with this until the 12 weeks is up then reducing over a further few weeks.. unless something happens to change this.

    Did you have mood swings, insomnia etc from the start or after a few weeks..?


  • I quit using champix. When i stopped taking Champix, I reduced it in stages, rather than suddenly stopping. The cravings didn't return, and I believe that is because after 3 months your body has completely adjusted to not having nicotine in it.

    Two things to watch out for:

    1) Don't think too far ahead! (more than a couple of days ahead is too far ahead)

    2) Even though Champix is a big help, don't underestimate what you yourself are putting into your quit. You have successfully been smoke free since 24th March, with the aid of Champix. Make sure you give yourself some credit, even if it doesn't feel like you deserve it.

    Oh, and by the way: Excellent progress, you are doing really well!

  • Thank you Biggrin.. I think you're right about thinking ahead, its a bad idea.. I'm glad to see that your cravings didn't return though. and I'll reduce gradually too when the time comes. That's what was confusing me.. I too thought the cravings would disappear and that your body would readjust to life without nicotine but I've read some things that suggest otherwise. I hope I'm like you lol :)

    Day 32 of Champix and day 17 nicotine free so still a way to go yet! I will battle on... And thank you :)

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