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Day 8 on champix

Day 8 on champix still smoking but noticed not as many as i was before the morning tab makes me feel a wee bit sick but nothing too major, hoping to have stopped smoking in next few days just having few problems at the moment that im struggling to cope with i used champix before and stopped for 12 days i know its not alot but thought was okay considering what ive been going through well here goes 2nd attempt with chamix and hopefully with all you lovely positive people im going to beat this disgusting habit :) thanks for reading

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Welcome barra - we look forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon where we will be here to give you all the advice needed - read up as much as you can on quitting with champix (I quit cold turkey over a year and a half ago) but Hercu here quit using champix nearly 2 years ago if you want to read his journey :)

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hi barra

not much advise on champix,

I used a e-sig.worked well for me.patches,tabs,gum etc didn't help me 😐

its great your here.keep posting

take care 😊

keep kicking 😁


Hi barra and welcome!

I quit 7 weeks ago using Champix (I quit on day 8) and reduced my dose from 2mg daily at 5 weeks to 1mg every two days then in week 6 only had 3mg all week and last week, hardly any at all. I also had a bit of nausea at first - ginger biscuits help and remember to take the tablets after food.

You can do this - positive mental attitude and deep breathing are the key.

Good luck and stay strong :D


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Thanks everyone every little bit of positivity helps al make sure i keep everyone updated :) xx

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Barra...Welcome and congratulations on your decision to quit...Yes, Champix is a funny one....The biggest thing we must understand is that Champix do not make us stop smoking...YOU must stop with the aid of Champix..

Research found; "When you smoke cigarettes, nicotine binds to receptors in your brain, which triggers the release of a feel-good chemical messenger called dopamine. Champix is believed to work by activating the same receptors in the brain and blocking nicotine from attaching and activating them. This can help you to have fewer cravings and withdrawal symptoms from smoking and reduce your enjoyment of cigarettes if you do smoke while on treatment"

So ....It is still 100% on you to stop when you feel you are ready...But if you wait it will never happen...!!!

I stopped with the aid of Champix on day 12 after a heavy smoking career of 38 years @ 60 per day...That means you can do it as well...!! Strongs !


Hi Barra, and welcome.

I stopped on Day 8 of Champix after 48 years of smoking and many failed attempts to quit (tried the gum, patches, hypnotherapy, acupunture ...cravings were my downfall).

With Champi I found I was smoking less each day and wasn't really enjoying them anymore. By day 7 I really wasn't having cravings.

I also had nausea with the morning pill, dry toast helped.

Just before week 3 I stopped taking the am pill. No further nausea and only the occasional trigger-induced desire to smoke. My plan is to reduce to 1mg every other day at 2 months.

I will be 5 weeks smoke-free tomorrow and I feel like a different person. I have much more energy, I can breathe easy, and my awful cough has gone. I'm not burning away all my spare cash on cigs either. This is my first week of retirement and I haven't felt this good in years!!

Take it one day at a time, the days will turn into weeks before you know it. Good luck with your quit, it will be sooo worth it.


hi Barra, you sound really positive about quitting!! Stay strong

you can do it!!



Just a wee update not long after this post was put up I started smoking again I was retried on champix again my quit day was 15th may 2017 and ive not relapsed to smoking again :) xx


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