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Day 12, smoke free on Champix

I just thought I would pop this on here as when I was researching 'give up smoking with Champix' this site came up and I found lots of info.

I started my Champix on Oct 2nd 2017 (my Stoptober) the first week I carried on smoking as usual, felt a little sick after taking the tablets but other than that I felt great, I slept SO well. Over the next couple of weeks, I gradually stopped (almost) I had little desire to smoke, and felt so good.

Monday 23rd I stopped altogether, its been very hard sometimes, I've just come back from a group holiday (a yearly boozy, fun short break) to Porto, my friends that smoke were very good and I managed not to have any smokes (tempted sometimes but I didn't 😁) Cravings are quite strong occasionally but pass quickly, but, I'm not sleeping well at all 😴 I have read that nicotine withdrawal does this so it may not be the Champix.

In the last week; the feeling of being great/powerful/strong have unfortunately faded away, I feel tired a lot of the time, I feel sicky after taking the tablets (I take them with food and water) and I have a horrible metal taste in my mouth and on my lips 😩

But .... I haven't smoked, it's worth the pain! this site helps me a LOT, I come on here and read the posts, it really helps me - thank you to everyone on here 😍😘

So .... 12 days since my quit day, zero nicotine, 360 ciggies not smoked, £126 saved (that's a conservative estimate!) I use the no smoking app, it's interesting tracking my health progress.

Champix is a great way to help stop smoking but you still need some will power and expect some side effects - it will be worth it, no more smoking for me, I just wish I was one if those 'one year' quitters already!!

Thanks again,

Hev 😁

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Well done! I'm on Champix also. I've not smoked for nearly 2 months now. Still get the occasional craving, but no where near as bad without Champix. Just have to take it 1 day at a time.


Good to hear from you markjoes - over 50 days now, well done!!

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Welcome Hev-66 and congratulations on 12 days smoke free, we'll done!

You seem to be in a great positive mindset which will stand to you, the tiredness and the lack of enthusiasm is perfectly normal at this stage, make sure if you can, get lots of early nights, eat fruit and vegetables and loads of water, bit of exercise every day will help too. Things should improve in a few weeks, if not, maybe call into your local health food shop for vitamin and herbal supplements. You are doing great, stay close to us.

Below is a link to some pinned posts if not already read, definitely worth a read:

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Hev..well done...Yes nailed it by acknowledging the fact that Champix is not the Magic pill that makes you stop smoking...You must stop...and is a nasty pill but please do no stop to take it and complete the whole perscription...Stay strong !!!

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Thank you,

Yes, I will stay on the course until the end of 3 months, it is worth it, strangely enough (after posting the first message) I have slept so well the last few nights, I feel so much better now.

Onwards and Upwards, 14 days smoke free today, I'm so HAPPY



Congrats on 2 weeks Hev123 , well done, keep the guard up at all times though as Mr Nico can strike when least expected :)


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