Champix day 7.

Hey everyone! I'm new to the site..

After smoking for 50 years I find myself on day 7 of Champix with my quit day in sight. The Champix has been great for me, no side effects at all (except for getting the best weeks sleep ever and developing a tremendous appetite)! I have found that Champix very subtly changes your mind set, so subtle its almost natural! You just find that you're less interested in smoking and have to remind yourself to habitually smoke. As the days go on I have found that most of the time I can't be bothered and the smoking has decreased to the point that I feel if I didn't make myself have that first cigarette of the day, it wouldn't be much of a problem to stop. The reality of course may be somewhat different... We'll see on quit day!

After reading so many horror stories about Champix and being initially very concerned about taking it, I thought I'd share my own personal experience with you. It may not be for everyone, but if you are thinking of taking it I'd definitely say give it a go.

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  • Hello and welcome!

    Well done on your decision to quit. It is great to hear that you are getting on so well with Champix.

    When your quit day arrives, post as often as you need to especially if you feel the need for support.

    Keep going. You can do it!! ☺☺☺

  • Thank you! I'll probably be on here a lot in a few days lol

  • Thanks for the support :) I will keep on line! Quit day still tbc but will be over next few days.. Maybe even tomorrow. I really wasn't too bothered about lighting up this morning.. May see how it goes... :)

  • Welcome strazzavi - we look forward to seeing you here in Day 1 very soon :)

  • Welcome strazzavi - and well done on your decision to quit.

    I too am taking Champix (week 5/6) and have decided to reduce the dose to 1 x 1mg daily this week and every other day next week to not take one at all.

    Be prepared for a bit of nausea and maybe anxiety in the first few days (you may not do but I thought it would be better to let you know) but this does ease off in the 2nd or 3rd week.

    I have put a few posts on here about my 'Champix journey' after I read a few horror stories about these tablets too - have a look at my posts if you don't mind reading what I have prattled on about lol :D

    I really do think it's your determination to succeed and quit for good that is changing your mindset, as opposed to the Champix, which is a good thing! Sure, the Champix help with the cravings but it is your strength and willpower that is stronger!!

    When is your quit date?

    I look forward to following your Champix journey too!!

    Mel :D

  • Hi Mel.. I've had a read through some of your posts and see you had a harder time on the Champix than me, you mention nausea and anxiety. Well done in persevering through these and hitting your month smoke free!

    I haven't experienced either of these side effects thankfully. The worse thing for me has been fatigue. I am sleeping far more and far better than my norm, but am exhausted and sleepy all day.. Like I'm sedated. I'm very calm too. The only other things I've noticed are an increased appetite and decreased interest in smoking.

    Quit day tbc but imminent. My Doctor advised having a few days on the 1mg tabs to increase chances of quitting. His view is if you stop too soon you're more likely to re-offend lol, I'm inclined to agree, although as I said previously, the desire to smoke becomes less every day. I may even have a trial run tomorrow (day 9)!

    For me it's the Champix that has altered my thinking not my commitment, although I'd like to say otherwise... I started the course feeling I had to quit, for all the right reasons but not really wanting to. Sadly I have played little part in the decreased desire, although I will do in the future when I finally QUIT!

    It just goes to show how this drug affects different people in different way uh? We've had pretty much opposite experiences, but hopefully with the same end result and not too bad along the way!

    Keep it up Mel. You should be very proud.


  • Hi strazzavi, how are you doing? I'm on day 22 of champix, 17 days smoke free now after 48 years as a die-hard smoker and multiple failed attempts that never lasted more than a few days. You can do this!

  • Hi taurean7.

    I love to hear other peoples success stories. Very inspiring, well done!

    I tried NRT, e-cigs etc previously, but they all made me ill worse than smoking, and I didn't want to swap one expensive habit for another! I stopped twice for 3 then 6 months but one cig and back to square one! Really good to see someone else who has stopped in the past make it work and finally quit. Means there's hope for us all lol. I've only been smoking 40 years :) nothing compared to you really happy for you! Keep it up. Think about having a fantastic holiday next year with the thousands of £££ you will have saved, and you'll be healthy enough to really enjoy it :)


  • I just realised I put smoking 50 yrs on my first post :/ I meant 40 lol.. Even I didn't start at 6yrs of age :)

  • Hi Viv,

    Take heart and trust in yourself because it's YOU that will kick this.

    I too found with champix I wasn't that interested in smoking during the initial 7 days, and I actually had a half-pack left on day8 (my quit day). My motivation to quit: my doctor telling me last month that my chest x-ray showed early sings of COPD. Yesterday both my daughter and grandaughter told me how proud they are of me, priceless!

    So on day 1 of your quit give YOURSELF the credit. If you've gone 3-6 months before you've already gone farther than I ever have, so well done you! Stay strong and take care.

  • Aww that's so nice! You should be very proud of yourself too :)

    My motivation was similar, my little Grandchildren kept saying I smelt awful and hated the smoking. I'm terrified of the big C and could no longer justify almost £9 per day to self harm.. You did the right thing to stop.

    Did you experience any withdrawal symptoms, or did the Champix continue to keep interest in smoking at bay.. My biggest fear is work and habitually smoking on breaks. I know I'll have to alter my routine but think that part will be the most difficult for me.

    Keep hanging in there. Every day is a milestone and you have achieved so much!


  • Hi Viv,

    So far champix has certainly come through for me, no cravings and the only desire to smoke has been the occasional habitual trigger, but the urge quickly passes.

    I did have nausea the first two weeks but Roisin recommended taking it with dry toast and only water which worked. Vivid, long dreams as well but less so now. I felt tired and congested but now I seem to have coughed up all the yuck it took me so long to put into my lungs. I can breath easy, my energy is back, and I feel soooo much better.

    Emotionally, I felt at a loss at first. A cigarette was my reward for working hard, it helped me think, calmed me when I was stressed, revived me when I was tired, gave me a boost in the morning, relaxed me before bed. My goto buddy on a long drive, after a meal, with a glass of wine.

    Since then I've done those things without the cigs, but I'm avoiding the alcohol for now. I had to go and buy a smoke odor neutaliser for my car as I couldn't stand the stale smoke smell in it, and yes I can smell smokers now.

    You have so much more to look forward to than you do to lose, Viv.

    Take care.

  • Thank you so much for the advice. I certainly understand your emotional journey, mine will be the same. I couldn't have described it better. Really great that you've managed to tackle all those triggers. You're one strong lady! I tackled the work trigger today, and although not on quit day yet, I decided not to have that first ciggy this morning and to see if I could cope without at work. I managed well :) and so far still haven't had a cigarette today. I suspect that will be later with a glass of wine, but who knows!

    I do feel that I've achieved something over the last couple of days :) and.. for me, even more good news.. The side effects I was experiencing, extreme fatigue and increased appetite, seem to be much better today. Hope they don't return tomorrow lol.

    Keep strong yourself taurean7, love your last sentence.. Makes so much sense,

    Take care.

  • Strazzavi...Champix is truly an amazing supplement and really help with the cravings...Especially for us long time smokers were lighting up became 2nd nature... But still they did not came up with the magic pill to overcome the emotional side of quitting.. It fairly got to me but as you have said...every person will experience it different... Stay strong and make use of this life line...!

  • Wow Hercu, a year smoke free! Well done you!

    Champix is amazing yes, I will certainly miss the fantastic sleep when I stop taking it.. I wont miss the big appetite though, I'll end up dieting at the rate I'm eating now lol. It clearly worked for you and I intend to see the course through and stop alongside all you guys. Which day did you quit on Hercu, and how did you find it..? I know you mentioned emotional issues, did you suffer with stress or anxiety like Melf123..? I guess the Champix deals with the physical and maybe we can help each other with the emotional :)

    Take care, Viv

  • Viv...Yes Truly... I stopped on Day 12 after taking the morning pill...I smoked 60 per day and came down day 4 to 30, day 9 maybe 12 and day 11 about 3....The emotional side was that unexplainable feeling of loss..Total Zombification..Absolute "blah" I went into mourning...Hey after 38 years my cigarette became my best friend.. and then it was gone...!!!

    Yes, and time flies...It is already 1 year 9 months since I made the best decision of my life..I gained a lot and looking forward for the two year mark..

    The only way I overcame the emotional was to supplement with over the counter herbal supplements and got the brain going to release the so much needed Dopamine (Happy chemical) and after the brain kicked in I really started to enjoy my smoke free life..

    That is our purpose on this forum ...Stand by each other and thank you so much ...

    Stay strong...!

  • 60 a day.. My word! I really REALLY cannot believe how well you've done Hercu, I've never smoked more than 20 a day so can't imagine what it must have been like.. Are you rich or somat ? :) If not before you must be now after quittting :)

    I've been up a few hours now and not had a cig yet.. I'm trying to decide my quit day but don't want to do it too soon as I want my last cig to actually be the last. I don't want to fail again. today is day 9 Champix, day 2 blue tabs.

    What made you decide day 12..? Sorry about all the Q's lol

    Glad you found supplements that worked after stopping. You'll have to share that with the rest of us, think I'll need some too :)

  • Viv I wish !!! be rich but in my country a 20 pack is less than 1 £ and yes, I spoiled myself and bought a jet ski (From Dad to Dad) because of the money saved and as a reward.

    Well at 60 a day.. I smelled like a tobacco barn and coughed like Mount Edna erupting...!!

    I never set myself a quit date and suspected that I will quit when I am ready and it happened on the 12th day at 9 am when I did not crave that after breakfast one...and from there on I never craved a cigarette again.

    It is very important and really helped but due to the forum policy I am not allowed to name it but on the Internet search "Herbal smoking cessation supplements" and you will find 4 excellent supplements.

    I did not use one of the mentioned supplements because it looked to potent due to the fact that they use it to treat Alzheimer.

    You are doing great and be patient...It will happen !! ... Strongs !!!

  • Hahaha Hercu.. you make me smile :)

    Great you got a jet ski! I think it's important to reward yourself with the money you've saved.. Makes it all the more worthwhile. Where do you live.. Sounds like somewhere sunny and coastal..?

    Here in the UK it is now £8.50 a 20 pack, almost £3000 per year. Silly money!!!

    Anyway Hercu.. Something strange happened.. Yesterday I did not crave a cigarette and only had 3 during the whole day! Today I was at work, my biggest concern, but I didn't have a cigarette at all just to see if I could manage. I did manage and although I knew that as I haven't finally quit yet, I could smoke if I needed, I had no need. I think my quit day is fast approaching in the same way as yours did, it will just happen.

    Thanks for the advice re supplements.. I will search now to be prepared :)

  • Viv Yes, I am lucky to live in Mozambique, Sunshine and white sandy beaches one hours drive away....Althoug we are strangled by a serious drought we are coping and just keeping our heads above "water" (Dust).

    I think it is good that it happens when time is right..a forced quit will not be easy because your sub concience will always wonder if you were ready...Embrace this quit and grow into it...!!! Strongs

  • Thank you, I will be strong.. Done well again today I think, day 2 of substituting cigarettes for an apple on work breaks :)

    Mozambique Hercu, beautiful place to live! The droughts in your part of our world are very upsetting for us to see.. you are all in my prayers.. We don't appreciate how lucky we are to live in the UK and other such countries that don't suffer in this way. We are each lucky in different ways you and I. I hope you stay strong and well, and that this is over quickly :(

  • Excellent Viv..Keep going...!!

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