Hi all. I took Champix some years ago & managed to stop smoking purely because of the nausea & the way it made me have a complete repulsion to nicotine. Unfortunately due to the nausea I stopped taking it during my 3rd week. I consequently fell back into my old habits. This time I've taken Champix again. I was ready for the nausea but barely had it. Neither have I had that familiar repulsive feeling to smoking. I'm now on my last day of Champix & so far I haven't smoked today. However I fear that I'll just fall back into my old ways. Hopefully not. This time I'm going to complete the 12 week course so fingers crossed. Any help much appreciated.

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  • Sparkle..Warm welcome...Yes, Champix, unfortunately is not a magic pill that make us quit...or keep us quit....The magic is with the right attitude as yours Champix is a wonderful aid...But you need to want to quit...Champix will not make you quit....!

    Yes, the nausea is bad but I learned to eat something (preferred Chocolates) before taking that morning, so to speak bitter pill.

    Yes,Please complete the 12 week course..I believe that to be the reason I could quit, 25 months ago and stay quit...!! and I never looked back and never want to smoke again...Life is to nice on this side....!!


  • That's so great! Thank you. Today I've managed my first day smoke free so far. Yesterday smoked 5 instead of 20. Today nothing. I'm on my 14th day of Champix. Really hope it works.

  • Very Nice...I dropped from 60 on day 1 to 0 on day 12,... It will work because you want it to work, Sparkle....

    Will be tough the next three days...but luckily Champix now hijacked the nicotine receptors and your brain receive it as if you are the only thing to overcome is the habit to light up...... the crave will be "fairly" suppressed by Champix...!!

    Stay strong !!

  • Welcome Sparkle11 - I have no experience with Champix but Hercu gave you excellent advice there....

    We look forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon - keep us updated :)

    Below is a pinned post with some helpful tips if not already read:

    (See link on tips for nausea with champix)

  • Thank you but I don't understand. Is there a day 1 page? I hope to make it. Today I had my first smoke free day (in 20 years!) and I say day as it's 8pm here & I'm soooo tempted. The day 1 page would be nice to join if there is one. Thank you for your support xx

  • Apologies Sparkle11 - I misunderstood your post, didn't realize today was your quit date - huge congratulations on 1 day quit, your shiny badge is on its way now - stay close to us :)

  • Welcome Sparkle.

    I had nausea with the morning champix, so after a few weeks of battling through I just cut out the morning pill and no nausea since. Few weeks later cut daily 1 mg dose down to 0.5 mg which seems to work just as well. No cravings, just the occassional nostalgic thought of how nice a cig would be with a glass of wine, after dinner....,but it's manageable and passes quickly. Quit 19 weeks yesterday and feeling more alive than I have in years. No more coughing, way more spare cash, and I don't smell like an ashtray anymore.

    Stick with the champix and focus on the benefits you'll soon see. Good luck, you can do this!!

  • Thanks so much. The problem is that now the nausea & repulsion to cigs has gone. I wish it had stayed as easier to deal with. Today I haven't smoked at all but have been so tempted. I'm also reading Alan Carr which is helping. You guys are so brave. Feel like a failure. Will update tomorrow. Yesterday a few cigs smoked. Today so far (it's 8pm) zero!

  • My daughter finally quit for good (5 years ago) on her 3rd attempt with champix. She said on each successive attempt the champix was less effective, so for her each attempt got harder.

    My regret is that I didn't followed her example 5 years ago, because by the time I quit in March I was already showing clinical signs of COPD.

    You can win this one a day at a time and tomorrow is the start of day 2. Hang in there, you can do this!

  • Thank you so so much. Really helpful advice x

  • Thanks so much. Unfortunately tonight I've smoked 2 cigs. I'll get to the smoke free board one day I hope x :(

  • We will be here and waiting for you Sparkle11 - think the best thing to do is pick a quit date and prepare and aim for this, read up as much as you here and elsewhere as knowledge is power :)

  • I suggest that you try to eat 2 boiled eggs before taking champix, it works for me against nausea. I hope that you continue your champix course and be smoke free 👏👏👏

  • Look forward to seeing you in Day 1 soon Sparkle11, wishing you strength, you can do it!!

  • Hello Sparkle 11!

    I have 2 weeks left of my 3 months script on Champix. Stopped completely on day 8 of taking the pills and made it my mission to complete the full 3 month course.

    Don't want to look at another cigarette ever again (was heavy smoker for 20+ years) - but that is while the Champix is still in my system. I am a bit scared of when it is out of my system completely - like in a month or so.... Really would hate to relapse as i am currently such a happy non smoker : )

    I will be SO GLAD to be rid of the nausea though - this has been a constant for the last 10 weeks evertytime i have taken the pill.

    May we all continue to keep up the happy and healthy days ahead !!

  • Hi JodiG. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I intend to complete my 12 week course even though it's pricey. Well done for quitting on day 8. My first time on Champix I did too & the nausea was bad. This time I barely have nausea (& I want to feel it and the repulsion to nicotine) but it hasn't happened. I'm on day 13. So far no smoking as yet today. Yesterday i smoked 2 in the evening but went all day without. Today I'm going to avoid that too. I'll keep everyone posted & hope I don't let you all down x

  • Don't think you are letting anyone down Sparkle11 - quitting nicotine addiction is the hardest thing you will ever do - I really think you should set a quit date and get yourself in the right mindset to that this is it and that you CAN and WILL do it. Keep us updated and keep reading :)

  • Today I have not smoked at all & am feeling very determined for this evening. Luckily my guy will be spending the weekend with me & he has been a non smoker for 30 years. I'll will keep you all posted. Thanks.

  • Hey JodiG

    Have you tried below with the nausea?

  • I don't have a problem with the nausea anymore & if I do feel it slightly I welcome it rather than smoking.

  • Done!!!!! Today was it :)

  • Oh boy! So the nausea can last through the whole course? I'm on day 11 of not smoking & day 18 of champix. Nausea has gotten Worse each day instead of better. Well, I will try to hang in there!

    Best wishes to y'all chugging along!😍

  • Welcome Sparkle11 - would agree to set a quit date, prepare and get in the right mindset that this is it, you can do it! Be strong and embrace the BEST decision of your life :)

  • I've done it ! 11.25 pm & no smoking.. Can't believe it. First time in 25 years.Hope I keep this up. Thank you all :)

  • Ah huge congratulations and well done Sparkle11 - keep up this mindset and positivity, you will never regret quitting, stay close to us and post any time :)

  • How is Day 2 going for you Sparkle11

  • Hi there. I did it! Day 2 a little easier. Went out for dinner & drinks last night with my chap. Told him I had that itchy feeling & urge after dinner. He replied, it'll pass & in a few minutes it did. Now having breakfast & into day 3. Hoping it's going to be like day 2 which was bearable. Thanks for asking after me :) I'll continue to post.

  • Ah well done Sparkle11 - after today the nicotine will be out of your system and then the mental battle will begin so be ready to attack and embrace it - just take hour by hour and grow to day by day soon you will be week by week and so on....

    For your updates, maybe create a new post so it will appear on the newsfeed and you get the recognition and encouragement you so deserve from other members :P

  • Good to know the nicotine will be out of my system. Hopefully the mental battle will be eased by my taking Champix and reading my Alan Carr book. Ok. I'll create a new post let's say on day 5 or 1 week. Thank you.

  • Day 4 & although I sometimes have that empty itchy feeling like ants walking over me, I take a deep breath & focus on something else. So far day 4 is like day 3. Also find myself doing some strange swallowing motion so I just drink water. Will post again soon.

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