Champix does not work for me

Hi there !

I realize that this forum may not be checked regularly any more but will post anyways. I was prescribed Champix and an on day 18 and still smoking ! I have been smoking for 28 years about 1/2 a pack a day. I've been on the patch several times (and was successful after 9 days and did not smoke for 4 months) I have been on Zyban which worked immediately as I quit smoking within a week. Unfortunately I was allergic to it and have to stop taking it. I am beyond frustrated with Champix and want to give up, but seeing these posts makes me want to hang in a little longer...but I fear that the desire to quit smoking will not be reduced...especially with this drug. I have also been vaping to cut back on the smoking but that just makes me want to have a cigarette even more ! I wished I had never started smoking in the 1st place...sigh

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  • Hi Notsofast sorry to hear your struggling to quit. I quit with chantix 16 months ago and found it worked quite well. Thing is though, it's not a wonder drug, you still have to put the work in.

    It only helped me by making me feel nauseous whilst smoking. Mentally I already wanted to quit - I'd read up on nicotine addiction and the lies around cigarettes - all designed to make you smoke and believe you need them to help with this, that and the other. A good site to read is - that really really helped me. The mental addiction is the bigger problem.

    I would also suggest getting rid of the vaping/ecig as that seems to be confusing the issue for you. Cutting down on cigs is not a great idea as a way to quit as you end up believing the cigarette is more precious. In effect all your doing is building up your nicotine withdrawal so by the time you have the cig the relief from ending withdrawal is immense and so you believe you need it and/or enjoy it.

    So, read up on your addiction, set a date to quit and throw out all smoking equipment, lighters, cigarettes etc. Then keep posting here for support. Plenty of people around posting daily and lots of support to be had.

    You can do this.

  • miscy Thanks so much for your reply and your words of encouragement ! Nicotine addiction and the urge to quit is getting very old and tired (as am I) hah I do get a nauseous feeling after a smoke but it goes away and it's not enough of deterrent to not pick one up and light up another when the urge strikes. I have put my vape away as it is problematic , but still feel the patch might be the way to go, only this time I will go through the steps and when I reach that one year marker , I will feel victorious ! I will continue to take the Champix for the remainder of prescription and try to use some will power instead of willfullness. Cheers :)

  • Great idea - I used the patches on one of my previous quits and they worked quite well but I was allergic to them so they had to come off before I was really ready.

    My nausea was hit and miss to start but at one point I found I felt nauseous pretty much all the time. Once I quit proper, it went away within a couple of hours so it may still go that way for you.

    Read and post on the forum, it really does help.

  • Welcome Notsofast. I am a bit confused by your post, are you on Day 18 of Champix but not yet stopped smoking? There has been a few here that used Champix as their quitting aid on here and been very successful with with it.

    Also, not sure what you me by 'I realize that this forum may not be checked regularly any more but will post anyways'? Can you provide more details so we can help in whatever way we can. :)

  • Hi RoisinO1 Yes day 19 now and still smoking . Sorry I thought this was an old thread ...but obviously is it not :) Is it possible to be resistant to Champix ? Or am I just that willful?

  • No problem Notsofast , firstly welcome again and well done on taking the first step with taking the Champix. Wishing you strength and look forward to seeing you in Day 1 soon

    Educate yourself as much as possible on what happens when we quit so you know what to expect to you put that final cigarette :)

    PS Sorry I have no experience in Champix - I quit cold turkey almost 8 months ago , roller coaster of a journey but worth all the blood, sweat and tears! Perhaps your doctor could advise.

  • RoisinO1 you are brave going cold turkey ! Thanks so much and I hope to be right there along with all of the successful posters on here....Day 1 hopefully coming soon !

  • Got a huge fright Notsofast on 17 September 2015, woke up at 3:00 in the morning coughing and couldn't get breath, was scary and made even worse as everything is in the middle of the night!

    I went downstairs, lit a cigarette, took a few drags and put it out! The rest is history! I knew if I continued it would slowly but surely kill me.

    With almost 8 months upon me, I have re-gained 46 days life from quitting.

    See you soon ;)

  • Notsofast....Yes Champix is not the magic pill that make us stop smoking... It work very different in different people.. It worked for me but only after 12 days and then took another few days to stop completely... I was a heavy smoker at 60 per day and could cut down to 20 within first week on Champix and then to 10 and then to 3 and eventually stopped....12 to 15 days from start...

    The cravings was still there, all the symptoms of cold turkey, all the emotions, the pains but I really wanted to quit and that want to quit and the phsychological ease that Champix worked for so many people made it possible.

    After 11 months I am so grateful for that day I have put out my last cigarette and never looked back since....Be strong and you can do it.. we are here for you !!!

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