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Day 3 of Champix

sHuggles1 Year Smoke Free

Hi there,

So im on my third day of champix, still smoking at the moment,

although i dont seem to want to smoke as many as i usually do,

due to the nausea feelings.

i was just wondering on what day of using champix did you guys stop smoking?!

Also what can i expect from this first week of taking these,

apart from feeling tired and sick

Shuggles :)

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Welcome to our community sHuggles and congratulations on making the best decision of your life to stop smoking. I stopped cold turkey over 2 and a half years ago so have no experience with taking champix but we have several members here who have successfully stopped by using champix with some over their 1 and 2 year milestones. From reading other members who used it, I think they stopped smoking on Day 12 but varies from each individual taking them.

Below is a link to some helpful posts worth a read if not already done so and includes a post on nausea with champix and the side effects, nausea and vivid dreams seems to be the most common ones. I am sure others will be along shortly to give you more and better advice.

Keep us posted on how you are getting on :)

Rachy741Valued Contributor

Hi shuggles,

For me the first two weeks on champix were mostly about the nausea... Definitely take them after you eat, it does help! I found the nausea meant I didn't feel well enough to smoke but could still manage around ten a day for the first while. I stopped smoking on day 13, a day earlier than I had planned but I just felt ready. This varies person to person but set a date for yourself.. Around 10-14 days in and try and stick to it. Also remember that while champix is great its not a miracle cure, you have to want it too. The sick feeling does ease up once your body has a chance to get used to the drug and is gone once you stop smoking, so do stick it out if you can!

Apart from nausea, I had some really weird and vivid dreams, not frightening or anything just bizarre! If you get these and they bother you, you can always take your evening tablet a little earlier.

While waiting for my quit date I did start to change my smoking habits a bit... I didn't allow myself to smoke after eating, or first thing in the morning etc. It might be just in my head but I think it made the actual quit easier because I had already broken those habits a little.

Best of luck with it, looking forward to your day one smoke free post! 😀🚭

sHuggles1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Rachy741

Hey Rach,

Thank you for your reply!

im so glad to have found this website!!

Day 4 and the sickness is passing, apart from when i try and smoke a cigarette.

And yes the dreams are so bizarre!

im not a stranger to vivid dreams so its not too bad,

im just not used to having them every night!

strange because i keep dreaming about my primary school!!

I have begun to make changes to my normal routine in preparation for the quit day!

i really dont think i will make it to 12 days without quitting.

IM already finding it difficult to smoke half a cigarette at the moment.

I can see why these tablets appeal to people. At the same time, i have been so tired the past 2 days, felt unwell and drained. i have literally slept as much as possible.

Fingers crossed i shall be posting about my first day next week.

Thank you rach


HercuValued Contributor

sHuggles...Welcome and that is the Champix working (Making you to smoke less)..

Roisin and Rachy explained it very well...

Champix mimics nicotine and your brain except it as such..Part of the nausea because the perception is now like a overdose ...But it is one of the baddest side effects of Champix.. maybe a few dreams...

It is a good plan to set a quit day 10 days from now and then stop even if you still have cravings..Champix do not make you stop,,,You must stop,,,

I stopped at day 12 from 60 per day to 3 on day 11 and 0 on day 12...You can do it...

Your body is undergoing a huge clean up to get rid off all those unwanted chemicals you pumped into it whilst smoking...It is taking a lot of energy hence the tired and sick feeling and you will need to supplement with extra vitamins and exercise... your turn now to help your body and brain ....

Stay strong

sHuggles1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

Hey there Hercu,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes i cannot get through half a cigarette now, and im only on day 4.

Headaches, sickness, vivid dreams, and also i felt so drained yesterday, i slept as much as i could.

But day 4 and the sickness is passing quicker. I have been eating after taking the tablet but im going to try eating first so the tablet has something to sink in to! and milk, milk helped with the sickness too.

I think i'll be making my first smoke free day early next week, the sooner the better right?!

Shuggles x

HercuValued Contributor in reply to sHuggles

sHuggles...The sooner is not always the better....You must be ready....But if you can stop and don't want a cigarette any more, good for you...then stop...!

You seemed to have sorted out the timing of when to take the pill...good..usually after eating is better...not to early morning and not to late at night..

The drained and tired feeling is normal to quitting...that is why it is recommended to take additional vitamins..!

You must also try and find something that makes you "Happy" (Not alcohol)...Exercise, a nice occupying hobby...walking a pet...woodwork...arts and crafts...baking..etc..etc...

It is a fact that our brains excepted nicotine as the only thing that makes us relaxed and kinda happy...nicotine took over the Dopamine releasing and reception functions and once again I recommend herbal supplements just to get that dopamine flowing again without a cigarette..

You are doing extremely well...!!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to sHuggles

Hey sHuggles - good to read you are plodding along nicely, below is the pinned post I was talking about in my previous reply on the tips for nausea with champix if you have not already read it:

Looking forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon :)

Hi ,I was prescribed Champix after trying patches without success the Champix made me depressed and I was immediately taken off them. Your doctor has an obligation to inform you that there is a risk of depression. That said While taking them I never felt like a cigarette and was off cigarettes , so they worked for me. I would suggest that you Google Champix for the full story as there it many court cases in America were people have been affected by Champic

sHuggles1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Dannyboy55

Hi Danny Boy,

Thank you for your reply. I did some research before taking these. I have seen the documentaries online and some people do have some severe side effects from these bad boys!!

Day 4 and i can see why people rave about them. i cannot finish half a cigarette without the headache and sickness feelings. 12 weeks is a long time to take tablets, but if they work its worth it. I'll be sure to keep an eye on an changes in my body. I ave told my family about these so they can too keep an eye on myself.

So did you stop taking champix and stop smoking DannyBoy?

Shuggles x

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Dannyboy55

Welcome Dannyboy55 to our community, are you now smoke free? Perhaps create a new introductory post sharing your story :)

taurean72 Years Smoke Free

Hi sHuggles and welcome.

I quit March 1st last year using champix. I found by Day 7 of champix I had no desire at all to smoke, so I stopped. Morning nausea persisted so I just reduced my dose to one 1mg tablet taken after supper in the evening. Dreams were vivid but nothing scary, so just rolled with them.

You're doing great, keep going!

Samspeed21 Year Smoke Free

Hi sHuggles, i took champix and if it wasnt for champix i would still be smoking, my wilpower wasnt very good. But champix worked for me.Yes you must keep smoking untill it kicks in my day was 19 th day but everyone and i mean everyone are different.People kept telling me well ex smokers that it had to be day 14 well that came and went and i started to panic ut i just went with the flow and on the Monday 19th i woke up and didnt want a smoke and that was my day and i havent looked back 14 months ago.I did struggle with the sickness but i just kept going i really wanted to stop smoking as i had been so sick. So you can do it,I have learnt that i control the smokes not them controlling me and boy am i so proud of myself. So you can do it and you will. So have fun and also the money i have saved. Take care .

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Samspeed2

Good to hear from you Samspeed2 and that you are going strong, well done!

bbossert19 Months Smoke Free

I am week 3 and quit April 4

I definitely have moments of nausea

But just try and get through it

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