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2 Days in on Champix

Hi everyone. I am new to the group but have found the posts most helpful. I have been a 20 plus smoker for over 20 years. Decided to kick the habit a couple of times but always relapsed. My doctor told me about champix and I am now on day 2. One tablet at night for 3 days and then one in the morning and one at night. I must admit I do feel really crap. Nausea and light headed but I am not going to let that get in my way. I am still smoking my normal 20 a day and I am not sure if I should start cutting down on my own or wether the tablets will gradually get me to smoke less? I was told to quit by day 14? Any advice 😊

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Hello Yolande-S and welcome to the forum!

I quit using an ecig so I can't help you with the Champix issue I'm afraid. Similar issues have been discussed here before though so you might get some useful threads by doing a search for champix.

Also you could try looking at some of the pinned posts on the right of the page.

Hopefully somebody who has used it or is using it will reply soon. Best of luck!


Hi and welcome Yolande-S

I started my quit on champix. After the first week I didn't feel like smoking. It started to taste even more discusting than it really was. I actually quit on day 12, 2 days before my quit date. I was in a great frame of mind and felt sure it was my time. I decided on the eve of May 28th I was DONE!! I became an ex smoker on the 29th. After another week or so I started swelling and was really uncomfortable. I talked with the pharmacy and after a few days decided I needed to quit the champix. I took a total of 3 weeks and stopped. I did not suffer with the headaches or nausea tho. A couple of my friends quit with champix and they took Gravol when it became unbearable. I honestly wish I had a bit of the nausea 😉 Maybe then I would not have put on 20lbs...☺️ It's coming off slowly and I have new hobbies now!!!

All the best in your quit:)


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Huge welcome Yolande-S and congratulations on making the best decision of your life to quit. I quit cold turkey but there are members here that quit using champix (if you click on the grey box with the word 'CHAMPIX' at the bottom of your post, all related posts will come up for you and as Nozmo advised, read the pinned posts across the way.

We look forward to seeing you in Day 1 soon


Hello and welcome to our group. Can't help with the Champix I'm afraid. However, congratulations on your decision to quit. If you need support remember that you can post on here as often as you need to.

Good luck. 😀


Congratulations on making the decision to quit.

I also have failed quit attempts and am learning a lot from the advice I get on this site. Everyone is extremely helpful and supportive.

I don't have any experience with champix as I'm quitting using patches.

Good luck with your quit


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