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Day 11 champix, day 1 smoke free

Atta13 Months Smoke Free
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Hi everyone, so I decided to give Champix a try. I have had no side effects except from some spots on my face. Was still smoking 20 cigs a day yesterday! Had my last cig at 9pm last night. Champix made me feel as though I was smoking air but I still continued to smoke my usual 20 a day.

Today has been ok, had a few craves but using deep breathing to overcome them and sucking on sweets. Almost 21 hours smoke free so far 😊 Go back to the stop smoking nurse tomorrow, can't wait to tell her I have stopped.

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Welcome Atta1 - what a great positive first post, congratulations on Day 1 - I stopped cold turkey over 2 years ago but we have many members here who successfully stopped using champix and some well over their 1 and 2 year milestones.

Deep breathing technique is excellent to help overcome cravings along with lots of water, ice cold, keeping busy and bit of exercise just to clear the head. Keep that positive attitude and mindset and read up as much as you can on addiction here and elsewhere. Below is a link to some helpful posts worth a read if not already done so:

We look forward to reading your progress, post anytime :)

Atta13 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you. I tried to give up cold turkey back in June but only managed 12 days. Really hope I stay quit this time.

I have started running recently so will concentrate on that more as another motivator to stay quit.

I just had my dinner and had a strong crave but it only lasted a couple of minutes, just walked around my front room until it went away. Thanks again.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Atta1

Good for you Atta1 :)

laura61 Year Smoke Free

I too am taking champix. 19 days fag free. You will find it so much easier quitting this way. Also you need PMA and it sounds like you have it. You are doing amazing. The first week is the hardest I would say. Im at the stage where I dont think about fags unless i come on this forum lol.

Any advice needed just shout

Atta13 Months Smoke Free in reply to laura6

19 days is amazing, still feels so far away for me.

I'm just reading as much as I can and this forum is great.

Thanks for replying.

laura61 Year Smoke Free in reply to Atta1

When you get the first week out of the way you will be fine. At first you cant stop thinking about your quit. It feels like it takes over your life. The physical withdrawals seem to last about five days. Read everything you can about the addiction. Knowledge is power.

Exsmo in reply to Atta1

Reading everything i could find helped me so much. is really good too.

Exsmo in reply to laura6

What is PMA?

Hev123Valued Contributor in reply to Exsmo

Positive Mental Attitude 😁πŸ’ͺ

laura61 Year Smoke Free in reply to Exsmo

Positive mental attitude. So treat the quit as not giving up something but gaining back control of your body and mind.

Hev123Valued Contributor

I'm on Champix, it took me three weeks to give up but when I did I found it easy for a couple of weeks then I started having stronger cravings but they go away quickly, you have to stay strong and get through it πŸ’ͺ

Whatever you do - finish the course, I'm 6 weeks stopped now and feel like I could stop taking the Champix but I've had loads of advice not to, stay on them until the end ...... smoke free - it's the best feeling 😁

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Hev123

Great to hear from you Hev123 and that you are plodding along nicely, 50 days smoke free for ya next week - 13th :O

Exsmo in reply to Hev123

Hev123 do you mind if i ask how long did you smoke? Me 35 years and am wondering if that lemgth of time is making it take longer for me to feel better. Am beginning to, just seems like am taking longer to than others.

Hev123Valued Contributor in reply to Exsmo

Aahhhhh, well, I started when I was a teenager, 16 or 17, I'm 50 now ☹️ So over 30 years 😱😱😱

Champix is a weird drug, when you stop smoking on it for the first week or so you think your not going to get any cravings, but you still do, some really strong (I've just got in from work and I could sssoooo have a ciggie now but NOPE!) but .... on the plus side I've remained leval headed (read that as I haven't killed anyone yet - especially my partner!!) which is a relief! 😜

Keep taking it, it kind of builds the longer your on it, it will get to the stage that you think you no longer need it - but you will, see it through to the end, hang on in there.

We can do this!

πŸ’ͺ😁 πŸ’ͺ

Thanks. We're the same age so that's not it. Hmmm. Aim to start a form of exercise to help with severe fatigue possible depression not sure, but am jist not feeling all the jpy of pther quitters and trying to work that out. Have been weaning off champix and began to feel a bit better so quit them yeaterday after taking .5mg daily for a week. May be too early but will give it one more day. Actually havent felt much different other than a headache-ish and slept very late today. Thanks for letting me know your smoking timeline. Very glad we both quit after that many years! Big accomplishment & one experience i never want to go through again.

Hev123Valued Contributor in reply to Exsmo

That’s great your ok after stopping Champix, I will be following your journey, I will be at that stage shortly, I think it will be best for me to wait till after Christmas, I’m having strong cravings lately ☹️

But .... we will get there 🀞😁

Exsmo in reply to Hev123

Ive had quite a few cravings lately too while weaning off. It seems like it might be better being off. I do have extra pills in case i meed them. Just had a great thought. As long as we stay quit, this year we will not have to make & break a New Year resolution to quit because we already DID Quit! Yeah us :) Stay strong Hev123 you've done amazing already. After putting the time in we have to our quits( & the suffering thst went woth it) am beginning to feel more positive we will never take another puff! Will be cautious, but honestly this is the first day i feel positive about my quit.

Hev123Valued Contributor in reply to Exsmo

Hey Exsmo,

That's great your more positive now. Well done you 😍 I'm really looking forward to NYE and not having to pretend to make stop smoking my New Years Resolution!

I keep forgetting to take the Champix pills occasionally and I wonder if that's why I'm craving more but I just know I'm not going to start again, I decided at the beginning ... I'm stepping over 'that line' the one that means I no longer smoke! It's hard sometimes but I'm not going back To that c**p 😜

Stay strong ... let's enjoy the ride 🀣 X

Yes lets😬 This sat will be 11 weeks w/out cigs so thats almost time required on champix. Just saw one who bought cigs last night after being on champix 4 months and quit smoking 6weeks(according to his badge). Am with you about not going back to cigπŸ’©. Can't imagine how disappointed he must be! Thanks for encouragement & agreed to stay strong. I dont think i cpuld go through it all again. Will pray our fellow quit member get quit quick & possibly not have to start all over.

Exsmo in reply to Exsmo

I should have said time required after quit.

Feel so bad for that man, hope he didnt quit champix too soon

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Exsmo

Oh no, who is this Exsmo - am I loosing the plot and missed this???

RoisinO1 his name is Hays44. Says he's not going to try again til after


I dont seem to be able to encourage him to continue quit now. He said after quitting chantix craving came back like first days.

Ive taken a .05mg so same doesnt happen tho i actually was feeling better! Am so sad for Hays44. May be on other page connected w this one. Perhaps you can help him better. I feel like a failure to help him

That said am fighting for my quit & cant imagine letting it go after these hard won days!

It's on under quit support. It came up with this page,on my phone, so i thought they were conmected with this site.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Exsmo

Ah I see now, Hays44 is not a member of our community 'No Smoking Day' but the 'Quit Support' community (you must have joined this community too). They are not related or connected other than to help and support people trying to stop smoking and I am only a member of this community.

Don't feel guilty or bad as it was their choice to light up again, hopefully he will get back on track very soon.

As advised to you previously, champix/chantix is not the magic pill, stopping requires a huge amount of willpower and positive mindset to remain smoke free, keep fighting your battle. I hope off the pills is continuing to go well for you....

I took a .05mg champix yesterday to prevent same from happening to me over holidays. I truly think i felt better off it, but may take one every other day just to make sure. Funny thing my eyes dried out worse again so really would rather stay off them. Thanks for responding about 2 seperate sites. Was confused why all notices werent showing up. I have no idea how i signed up for 2 sites i thought that was part2 to this oneπŸ˜³πŸ€” Nice that w some quit time under my belt am getting my mind back. Think i was not completely comscious the 2nd 4weeks of quit.

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