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Getting sicker and sicker everyday


Thought I’d write a quick update of everything that’s going on with me

I feel so depressed I feel like I’m getting worse every single day. I’ve been going though this for 4 months now

So quick recap of what’s going on: I’ve got inflamed red tonsils with pus on the left side (my GP said they are a little swollen but not rlly bad they mostly look red. She also said they look very sore but I don’t feel any pain at all) I’ve also got swelling on both sides of my neck and at the front directly in the middle leading in a straight line from under my jaw to the bottom of my neck. There feels like a big hard ball lump under my jaw in the middle (it feels quite big like maybe golf ball sized) and those are all my main symptoms but I’ve had a few on and off symptoms along the way like: fatigue, muscle pain and weekness, joint pain and weekness, a rash that look like little red acne looking bumps that don’t rlly pop but they itch and they appear on my thighs, chest and arms (mostly upper arms but appear on the bottoms of my arms too occasionally), thin hair that’s falling out more frequently, faster heartbeat and high heart rate (that could be just from anxiety idk but it’s gotten worse recently), inside of cheeks are swollen inside my mouth, tightness on outside of face over cheeks, I haven’t quite got a fever but my GP said that it’s almost a fever and my cheeks look quite red and feel warm, my eyes hurt each time I cry (like they literally sting it’s so painful sometimes I feel like I need to cry and let out my emotions cause of my depression and anxiety but I feel like I can’t cry anymore bc of the pain), swelling behind knees, blocked ears.

And symptoms that have just started today: my tongue feels like it’s touching the uvula (little dangly thing at the back of throat) and my tongue has little red dots on them now. Also my tongue is looking kinda discoloured like idk it’s got a weird coating on top of it now.

I’ve already been on 3 courses of antibiotics. I just finished my third course about 2 and a half weeks ago the antibiotics work about halfway through the packet and my symptoms feel a lot better for a few weeks after i finish the dosage but then it slowly starts to come back again. I’ve only started feeling worse again in the last 2 days. Like it’s so strange last week I was starting to feel ok and I could do things like leave the house but now I’m getting the symptoms again and I feel so weak.

These are all the tests I’ve had done: I’ve already had a blood test which checked my blood cell counts and iron levels and stuff. And my red blood cells are fine but my white cells are slightly high which means I have an infection in my body and I was also told that I’m slightly anaemic.

Then I had a swab of the throat done to check for strep bacteria and a breath test to check for helicobacter bacteria in the gut. Both came back negative.

Had another blood test which checked basically everything like: cells, hormones, thyroid, kidneys, blood sugar levels and a few other things. The results were explained to me over the phone but I didn’t understand that much. so a friend who’s good with medical stuff narrowed it down for me so here’s a quick version of it: red blood cells fine, white are slightly high I think my friend said 0.4 above 11, MCHC is low which means I’m anaemic, CRP is quite highly which could mean I have an inflammation, fasting glucose is fine, thyroid is fine, GGT is slightly raised, testosterone levels were high (GP reckons it’s because I just went off the pill I got checked for pcos and I don’t have it), Epstein barr virus tests were negative, prolactin within normal range, I’m insulin resistant.

Ok so that’s all of those results it’s a lot I know

I’ve been checked for wisdom teeth I don’t have any coming in yet and my teeth looked fine

I had a ultrasound done of my thyroid and ovaries (they did ovaries bc my testosterone was high so they thought I had pcos) and my thyroid is normal size and my ovaries were fine too.

And my most recent test was a CT scan done of the head and neck. My lymph nodes are fine (which was very surprising to me I thought that’s what was causing the swelling) and my salivary glands were fine with no blockages or stones or anything.

I also went to a ENT (she’s the one who referred me for the CT scan) and she said she suggests just getting my tonsils removed. Which I’m not exactly sure about since we don’t know for sure if it’s tonsillitis since I have no strep bacteria in my mouth.

I’m going to get another blood test tomorrow to check my cell count again since I’ve stopped the antibiotics. But I already know that it’s going to say that I still have the infection in my system since I can feel it coming back the last 2 days. If it is still there I’m going back to the ent to get my sinuses checked (idk if they checked it on the CT scan or not since they didn’t mention anything about the sinuses and if it’s not that then I’m going to ask them if it could be a mild allergy since I’ve noticed it gets worse after I have dairy. But after I suggest those to my GP idk what else to test for since I’ve run out of ideas on what it could be. I’ll probably just have to get my tonsils out in that case and it could all be for nothing if it doesn’t improve it.

Idk what to do anymore I feel like this has ruined my life and it’s made me so depressed I’m only 17 and all this has made me feel so unhealthy and because I haven’t been moving around much cause I’m sick I’ve put on so much weight especially in the stomach area and that’s made my depression even worse. I wanted to go back to school next year but I’m worried I won’t be able to if I’m still like this.

I’m so scared I’m worried because it’s been in my body for 4 months that it’s just going to get worse and worse and slowly start to destroy my body.

Has anyone been through anything with similar symptoms and share your experience it might help me get peace of mind.

Thanks if you read it all and I appreciate your replies!

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Also can feel my heartbeat throughout my whole body and if I touch certain places where you can feel your pulse it feels a lot harder then it used to like it bangs against my skin. My heart also skips a beat every few weeks sometimes every few days. Last time I got checked at a hospital my heartbeat was irregular and kept going from 80 something to almost 130 something and it kept jumping back and forth between the 2. The doctor thinks it was anxiety but wasn’t 100% sure and I never got it checked out further. Idk if it’s caused by anxiety, my infection or something more serious. But just feeling it all the time makes me rlly uncomfortable and anxious. Even when I’m sitting still I can see my collar around my shirt and my hair banging in time to my heartbeat if that makes sense?

So....i have been sick for 4 months.

I have had left sided throat and gland pain....thought it was thyroid. Slightly elevated wbc.....

Sounds like my situation exact....

Covid negative antibodies negative but they tested me 4 months later! Antibodies could be gone!

Or stress.

I have vertigo tennitis jaw and ear pain high bp....

All stress. Even my glands are swollen. Stress.


Anxiety can do a lot. $17,000+ in 4 months!

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Tick panel? I triggered a false positive I them check it.

Lymes Babesia testing!

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is anxiety since I get it rlly bad and depression as well it’s gotten worse since this pandemic has started I’m going for another blood test today so while I’m at the doctors I’m going to ask for a prescription for anti depressants. And I’m from Australia so unfortunately they don’t test for lymes disease here bc they don’t believe it’s a real illness which is stupid. I’m so sorry you spent that much money trying to figure out what was wrong :(

It's a parasite! They don't believe in parasites?

I just have to say our symptoms are so similar. Could it have been covid?

I know it’s absolutely ridiculous if you want to get tested for it you have to do it yourself and send it to America to get tested for it. They believe in diseases from mosquitos but for some reason not ticks?

Idk I guess it could be a possibility that it’s COVID but I haven’t been tested. Maybe I should get tested for that as well

Yes...i have heard of people having a "thyroid storm/auto immune reaction" to the bodies attempt to shed the dead virus.

I'm reading this all over.

I still have neck and chest pain but....

I am going to eliminate every other possibility. I have had 3 rounds of anti biotics and steroids. I am at the head and neck CT scan point as well....

No tonsils but my tonsil beds are swollen and red and inflamed.

Its very similar to what you describe!

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I also think stress and anxiety have triggered sensory issues. I over analyze and obsess!

Yeah I obsess over my health a lot I haven’t been diagnosed but I reckon I probably have health anxiety. Like I’m scared of dying over this or that it’s something serious like cancer.

If my sinuses and allergies come back fine I’ll definitely go get tested. But I live with my mum and I’ve seen a bunch of doctors lately and none of them have gotten sick. So whatever is wrong I’m not contagious.

Tics can cause health problems in the blood. I picked up Malaria in Albania in the eighties, the condition used to re-occur at various times throughout My Life. It disappeared after about four years and to be honest nothing you mention above signposts in your health problems above. Malaria has many markers that you do not have. Tics, Pip gets them every now and then You would again pick up on this again the diagnosis generally would be checking on the White Blood Cells Your Doctor would have picked up on this from an earlier. Do you walk in long grass or country side. Generally if there is cattle or sheep in the field wear trousers or long socks to protect your legs.

There is as said before the Adams Apple in the neck can be seen and felt, This is normal it is there to assist speech.

You are having more blood tests today let us know how you get on etc. I hope you get the positive results you need.

You condition in some ways point to Anxiety, it may be an idea to ask your Doctor. You have been through the wringer with tests etc and now it may be time to consider this pathway to follow


I usually live in a Suburb of Sydney but I was visiting my grandparents in the country side at the beginning of the year and I started feeling sick about 5 or 6 days after I arrived at my grandparents place. Their backyard is full of bush and trees and long grass and they do get quite a lot of tics out there when they work on the garden but I didn’t go out in the backyard while I was there so I didn’t get a tic. my grandfather might’ve brought one inside on his clothes after he did the gardening out there but I didn’t find any tics on me the whole time I was there. I usually always wear jeans anyways. I have a feeling I might have picked something up on the 6 hour drive to my grandparents place maybe when I stopped for lunch at the gas station since the bathrooms there were quite filthy.

My results for the test I had done today should be coming in tomorrow hopefully. I’ll definitely mention the anxiety when I get the results.

Good Peachy

Let me know how you get on with your results. It all brings some memories back. We have my Wife, Sister living in Perth Western Australia and when we were visiting I noticed a large grass-hopper Cricket caused in a Web, I tried to remove it and it gave me one big kick on my index finger. It really bruised me. It was near on four/five inches long, like a Locust and it really stung.

Only had one tic in my life when I was a child, was out fishing with my Grandfather and stuck on my top of my wellies, nasty !! I was only eight years old and the place we were fishing at was up on the moors with a large flock of sheep

Strange things happen


Oh wow that sounds like it really hurt!!

I had a few tics when I was younger when I used to play outside but I’m more of an indoors person now so I haven’t gotten a tic in years.

But I’ll definitely keep you guys updated!


I triggered a tick panel for the parasite Babesia. I was prescribed an anti malarial drug.

But then they reversed their prognosis saying it wasn't "active", rather reoccurring

It would be interesting to see any panel results!

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