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Anxiety getting worse. I don’t know if I have something else but don’t know who to ask for a proper diagnosis.

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Hi I’m Sarah. I’ve been keeping in reaching out to other people other than my parents. I was wondering how people get taken seriously for their anxiety condition...because I’ve tried getting help for four years now. My doctor just puts me on meds’ that don’t seem to be working. Ive been to talking therapy but it’s not helping. I feel like it’s got so much worse because of rejection and ghosting and bad work environment. My therapist just says to avoid people that treat me bad. But it doesn’t help because as soon as I feel like I’m being rejected I get so angry. anxious and depressed. I used to find it so easy to date men but now they just seem to ghost and play games. This has fluctuated my anxiety to a whole new level. I just feel so alone. I was severely rejected and bullied by my form at school and I think this is why rejection is the biggest trigger.

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I’m not a teenager thanks and anxiety is not something you can just get over.

Hi, I do understand and feel similar. My work environment is also rubbish. No great words of advice I'm afraid. Keep coming on.

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Hi thanks I hope things get better with you too.

Thanks :)

Hi SarahN123,

If your medication "doesn't seem to be working" after 4 years, can I suggest it's time for a medication review with your doctor.

If your doctor is not a psychiatrist, you could ask for a referral to one. Psychiatrists are often more likely to prescribe the use of a couple of medications together to get a better result for the patient.

I would like to say that it's okay to change therapists if you feel the current one isn't helping you. If you particularly get on with your current one, you might like to suggest some things that you particularly want to work on / goals to be achieved, in 6-8 week blocks. You mentioned 3 in your post - anxiety, depression and temper.

In this forum we have fans of self-help books authors, Barry McDonagh "DARE" and Claire Weekes "Self Help for Your Nerves" among others. They books are usually available from a library or bookseller on online at Amazon.

If you are keen on other self help ideas other than traditional therapy and medication, we can certainly offer more suggestions, just let us know what your interests are :)

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Good advice re: GPs. Some (maybe a lot ?) of them seem to have no idea about how to treat this (or haven't got the time to spend on it due to the pressure they are under), so referral to a consultant psychiatrist is the preferred option. The same applies to therapists/counsellors, again some are out of their depth when it comes to treating complex issues. You have to persist to get the treatment that is right for your individual circumstances. Not easy but worth it.

Hey thank you for your advise. Yeah yesterday I went back to my GP and I asked to be referred to a psychiatrist. He also said that the hospitals are losing staff in the mental health departments. I have to wait but hopefully not too long. I might stay with my therapist for now as it’s good to have someone there to talk to. Will have a look at the books you listed. Many thanks again.

I wrote the above post a while ago - please read it and I hope it helps. I too had crippling anxiety and it turned out to be an autoimmune illness. There is exciting new research showing that mental health problems, like many other illnesses, are coming from our gut. At the end of the day, we are what we eat.

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Many thanks for making me aware of this :)

Hi SarahN123, I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time at the moment. I support the advice of 'blackcat64013' to consider having a medication/therapy review with your doctor, and possibly a psychiatric referral. There's no one-size-fits-all in medication, all our bodies react differently, and sometimes it takes time to tailor them to fit the individual. If you are having CBT with your therapist, ask them if they also can offer/combine with CAT (cognitive analytic therapy) which can help with identifying past repeating unhelpful behaviour patterns:

Take care, keep posting.

Well done folks keep supporting each other, that's what we are here to do!

This is your anxiety make you believe that ! I’m sure you have people around you wich love’s you , but you can’t see this because you are focused on the people wich you think they are rejecting you . You need to exercise to build your trust in yourself , I know is hard but is the only way to help yourself . Do the thinks wich you are scared . And never forget you can’t make everyone to like you because everyone is different. Push yourself harder and you will see in the future it worth It . I do have the same problem with anxiety, but when i’m Less anxious i try to see why I was so anxious wich make me loose my control and realise after was nothing to worry actually. You need exercise. Work with yourself and Don’t just stay and think what was bad in your day because you will loose your time . Good Luck

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Hey many thanks for your advise. Yeah I’m starting to think what is triggering my anxiety and have discussed it with my therapist. Sorry to hear you also have similar problem. Yeah I try exercising but lately I stopped but will start again.

Because this is true we are focused in just what is bad in our life and we pulled away the good thinks . Write all your thoughts and analyse them , trust me really help . You will won’t need medication because you Are the medication. Is verry simple , but not easy . When you have strong anxiety, try to came in present and move on .

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