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Does anyone have any tips on dealing with feeling anxious on a everyday occurrence?

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I’ve been struggling to deal with my anxiety and been really anxious a lot lately,I struggle with eating when feeling like this as my appetite goes and it’s getting worse the last few months,I have three children and need advice or tips on how I can maybe slow the feeling down when around the kids. 😔

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Download the headspace app! Do a guided meditation each morning. You could also find ones on YouTube too

Thanks I will try that 👍

Great! Let me know how it goes

Will do

Do you get anxious about anything in particular? Or you just feel the feeling coming on and can't stop it?

Both....particular things and coming on and can’t stop it. If that makes sense

Yes that makes absolute sense. When the anxious feelings come on, the most important thing to do is to ACCEPT them. That is, say to yourself that there is nothing you can do about them and try as best as you can (I know it is difficult) to carry on. If you do this, the anxious feelings will dissipate.

Hi ive been the same for the last 3 weeks. Loss of appetite, some days i force myself to eat small portions (soup for dinner etc) but yesterday i couldn't face anything. My anxiety and panic attacks come for no reason quiet often and out of the blue which is tough. I have two children obviously at home due to covid and my husband is a key worker so i have to function for them. I have an appointment with a counsellor tomorrow so im hoping that may help. My main anxiety issues are based on my health. Ive become very obsessive with every ache. Ive also lost around 7lb in 3 weeks which instantly concerned me, but im not eating anything much so the logical part of brain is telling me thats why im losing weight.Its a real struggle so i totally understand how your feeling.

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