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I just need to get this out

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I can’t write a diary, I can’t really talk to anyone and I just need to get things out just a moment, just a thought.

I feel so alone. My husband mocks me and says that I do not know what loneliness is. I don’t know what to do about my life anymore everything feels like such a mess, I no longer feel like me when this year was meant to be the year I got me back. I’m so heart broken I feel like most of me has died. It makes me feel so angry as this is not how it should be.

5 Replies

Please dont feel alone, there are lots of us here on this forum that u can chat to, vent, give off whatever it is u feel like tat that moment in time. I totally get what u say about supposed to be getting yourself back, that's what I though after last year. I am just trying to say to myself that it will be very small steps and is going to take longer for me to get my old self back but stronger. U will get there, which when people say this to me, sometimes I think....yeah right... I had a particularly low day today and gave myself a hard time, which I think we are all guilty of. But tomorrow is a new day. Any time u feel like a chat, please just come on here. U defo r not alone and sometimes r loved ones just dont understand it fully. Sending hugs. Kezza x

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Your never alone if u r here with all of us ☺


People with Mental Health problems and e ven Healthy People can stand in a busy room and still feel lonely. That is quite normal on occasions.

If your Husband cannot understand that you can be also lonely sitting in your Lounge with family member(s) can also feel sad and lonely, so in a way you are no different to many people you do not know. This can be also made worth if family members do not consider how you feel. For example children are on the Internet while husband is watching say football on the television. If this is the case and you feel you are not been considered or feeling left out of your family activities look for your own enjoyable hobbies or diversions.

A great deal of our time is spent fulfilling our own interests possibly in the same room. Sometimes because of my disability, My Wife goes and work in the garden while I do other things I enjoy. The problem when married, we can love to be together and also go out together as well. We still need to fulfill our interests, and can talk as we do that.

Consider going out together like to the Beach, Park or other activity you can all attend together. Families together, stay together.

However we are here for you to chat, however I feel you can find something that will divert your concentration to other things that are not housework.



Hi there - so your feeling alone , part of you is dead and your angry . ... not a great place to be . How far back would you have to go to be free of all these feelings ?


Good you feel angry ..really angry but at who ???

You ain’t dead if you feel anger ...anger is good as long as you let it out !!!

Go for a long walk , somewhere away from everybody and let this anger out

scream, swear let it out until you laugh, cry , swear , shout ...let it all out until you are exhausted .....

Believe me you will feel better after that cleansing then go home and every day write something down in a notepad that will make you happy ...go for a coffee , get your hair done , meet a friend anything and carry it out that week .

You will then really start to feel better in yourself .....you must start making yourself feel better and if you start to slide and you will , go your lovely walk and let it all out ....it will work after time .

Best of luck 👍

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