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hi all, I'm having a gastroscopy and colonoscopy on Friday, not sure what they are looking for (had a letter to report to GP after giving blood donation saying iron levels low) not looking forward to it I have transport available -- should I take the option of sedation?

7 Replies
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I've had had endoscopy as I had varices (bleeding) in the oesophagus and lost blood, not trying to alarm you or anything. They spray your throat to slightly numb (tastes like over ripe bananas). You can have sedation as well. My best advice is to concentrate on taking long deep breaths, it helps take your mind off it. Procedure doesn't take long, doesn't hurt, just feels a bit odd. I watched mine on the monitor, strange seeing you insides. Human Biology fascinates me but for everyone to watch. Good Luck :-)

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Yes, take the sedation evedy little helps. I've had both procedures and it's nothing to worry about. The laxative prep for the colonoscopy is the worst part. Good luck.

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I have had 3 colonoscopies in the past 5 years. I have had a small amount of sedation each time. It’s not an unpleasant experience. Like Grayjay says, the bowel prep is more of an issue. But after the shock of the first time I experienced it, subsequent preps were less scary. Bottom line: don’t worry.

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Lewis, Not sure which country you are in. Anyway if you are having both procedures at the same day, you will likely be sedated. You can also ask to be sedated. Usually neither procedure will hurt you. I've had three colonoscopies, two endoscopies, a cystoscopy and the latter was worst as I was awake, and it was unpleasant. There could be several reasons for low iron levels.

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a big thank you to you all for the replies, very encouraging and has given me a peace of mind. this is such a great site. I wish you all well and good health. Bless ya

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I certainly had sedation for colonoscopy and I was pleased I did. It helps identify a number of conditions including cancer.

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I would recommend the extra sedation, you still aware what going on but you just more relaxed.

Good luck.

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