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HELP! My penis is in pain

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Hello I’m 19, uncircumcised, virgin. Ive seen doctors about my right foreskin, extreme sensitivity, I have been checked by 2 doctors and they tell me it looks fine.

Whenever I touch the very top of my penis I experience pain, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do I’m furious. Is this normal? Have I had something like balanitis for years? Glans of my penis do cause small pain with discomfort but the tip is the worst. And it doesn’t even look natural or healthy, even thou docs say it’s fine. Have I seen retarded doctors?

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Experiencing pain whenever you touch your penis is never normal. What doctors did you see? Was it a general doc or a urologist? It could very well be balanitis so better visit a different doctor/urologist. Balantis is treatable with creams or in the worst case scenario antibiotic pills.

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NoMad98 in reply to Cipher

A general pratcise doc looked at my penis and urologist, both said it looks ok. But the reason I went to see them both was about tight foreskin. Is it possible that balanitis can be misjudged? Im confused. I did mention to urologist that glans are sensitive. Am I thinking too much and I’m fine or an urologist can actually be that unprofessional

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Cipher in reply to NoMad98

General practitioners are general practitioners for a reason and don't deal with more specific issues. If a urologist says it is ok then his opinion bears more weight. However here you say the touch is "painful" and to your doc you say "its sensitive" ... so yeah, being sensitive on the head is normal ... especially when suffering from phimosis ... experiencing "pain" when touching your head is not normal.

I cannot speak to the competence of your urologist. You might try a different one and get a second opinion. To me the tip of your penis looks like two lumps (almost like fangs lol) on your tip that I do not believe should be there.

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NoMad98 in reply to Cipher

I’ll try to see different urologist. Im pretty sure I’ve had this for years. Now I worry that maybe in case it is something like balanitis, is there a damage done. First I didn’t care, then I thought that I should not worry because I showed it to my urologist, the way my tip looks is just bizarre, I don’t watch pornos for penises but I have never seen anything like I have

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Cipher in reply to NoMad98

If it is balanitis it is unlikely to have any lasting damage. It is not even a serious issue, it can be easily treated just as long as it is treated so you should be fine.

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jimfromcalif in reply to Cipher

General practitioners are trained to know about the entire body.

I am not sure we're looking at the same picture. The tip of the penis does not look "normal" to me. And even if the head is sensitive, it never should cause pain.

Hi I was experiencing the same thing as you! It isn’t pain it’s just extremely sensitive! I was diagnosed with phimosis but when i went to a urologist he told me I was just very sensitive and recommended circumcision I did it and am recovering right now you get used to the feeling after your get circumcised

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NoMad98 in reply to anay

Do you know what’s the cause of the redness on the tip?

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anay in reply to NoMad98

Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong my tip would get red sometimes as well

It’s sounds like a yeast infection. Start treating for yeast. Your local pharmacy has over the counter creams for that. They are not gender specific.

If you haven't been retracting the foreskin for many years, it's normal to have very high sensitivity in the glans. Your only solution is to retract frequently to condition the glans to touch. When masturbating, incorporate movement of the foreskin back and forth over the glans.

Your foreskin does not look very tight. It should be possible to use manual stretching for a few months to make it retract better.

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