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Penis is very sore! PICTURES INCLUDED!! PLZ HELP!

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Ever since my Fiance has gotten pregnant sex has resulted in me with a sore penis. I enjoy it, of course, but I end up with redness at the base of my shaft and what looks like chaffing just below the head. If I don't have am erection, it is very hard to notice the sore area. Please look at the pictures I included and let me know what you think.

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I think your pregnant fiance's lubricant has some element which causes allergy on your penis shaft. Possibly you may use some corticosteroid cream locally which will heal yours . During pregnancy no serious test can be done on your fiance, as it may create problem to the foetus. But a smear test can be done. Ask the gynaecologist .

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As for lubrication, she is in her 3rd trimester now, but since the second, when we have sex, her pussy is soaking wet, so I'm not sure that could be it. She has never quite been this wet before.

As diptasu suggests more lubrication is needed. It is also possible your fiance' has passed on thrush to you. This is very common in pregnant women. I had a similar issue some time ago and came away from the Doc's with a prescription for my wife ! Canestan cream can be bought over the counter and I was told we should both use it.

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If it were thrush, wouldn't she have symptoms too? She hasn't had any issues.

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In first trimester you shouldn't exert much, evenif you do intercourse it should be done slowly . Be careful 1st trimester and last trimester is not safe , it may endanger the foetus which may threatening towards an abortion. If you do , do it slowly only.

Wear a condom.

Not a chance!

No, my wife showed no symptoms of thrush. Just me !

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Ryanr in reply to jaglad

Thrush can be symptom free for the male or female. You can get oral treatment for both of you at a chemist or supermarket. It’s only one pill each orally so it’s worth doing. Make sure you check it’s friendly for pregnant women as I’m not sure on that.

If really wet I sometimes get same issue, drys out skin on my penis, really sore.

Make sure he's dry clean and dry after sex and hopefully it'll sort itself out

I think you need more personal lubricant.

Are you circumcised? I see no scar.

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