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Horrible healing /circumcision


I genuinely feel like my surgeon is lying to me telling me this looks normal after 14 days...

Its so depressing... I had a broken frenulum after having rough sex. I know that I'm a grower and this has happened to other people but I've never seen anything like this?

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Yep!! Yours look exactly like mine's with that front swelling. Think far out to the month of December, and things (should( be normal by then. If you think only 6-8 weeks, that may not be enough time out and you may be dissapointed..


Mine is almost fully healed tho day 9 i have almost no swelling urs isnt looking alright i think

What you see is lymphatic fluid that is the cause of that swelling. It can take several months before it's gone. You can speed up the process by wearing your penis upwards in tight underwear.

KBo3 in reply to timmyboy20

Thanks man. Just focusing on keeping it clean and yeah I keep it up as much as I can. Stitches are healing well but this swelling is brutal.


The finishing is not right. But you can wait and see. If you have any pain during intercourse you may have to go for a re-surgery ,or else the odd shape may give interesting sensations to the vagina. You have to wait and see

Obviously I'm aware it's not supposed to be at a right angle... Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mr Expert.

Yes his comments are usually somewhat off the wall

KBo3 in reply to Middleagedbloke

Who's mate?

Middleagedbloke in reply to KBo3


Normal give it time. After 20 weeks check with doc.

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