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Heal My PTSD
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Keeping my file open

The last visit I had with my therapist was great, I had to decide whether to keep my file open or not. I decided to keep it open as I am facing an eventual hip replacement. Also I found it does not take much to tip me over the edge, When the pain in my leg gets so bad my depression and anxiety gets so bad I fall of the rails. I don't want to it just happens, whether it is the pain I've had in my life over the years that affects the pain in my leg and sends it back to my brain. It gets a bit scary almost like a trigger going off in my brain. I felt good that I felt as though I had it altogether but knowing it can happen is scary. Since I have been sick with chronic pain in my leg and can not get around as much as I used too I've lost friends, I figured "Oh!well they are not worth it," But I was at a very vulnerable stage in my life when I made those friends. So I thought stick to the ones I trust and I will be okay.

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