Last night I made bows out of this wonderful silver ribbon it is the sort with wires in the outer edges so the stand out proud and beautiful

they are sitting on the table like a pile of shinny silver kisses - so pretty- what are they for well I was going to give them to the church xmas fair but then I made a hand tie and put them in a vase- so pretty and sparkling. Enough to make us all smile :)

Oh I had a fibro moment I achieved throwing away my new packet of medcin How? well it was easy I sorted out all the different ones put them away, had a bad day yesterday went for top up pain killers and there were none

yup I had thrown them away. OH has just brought bags from the bin and we have searched in all the muck untill we found them Hurra I would not survive a month or a week without them. These are the immediate release morphine capsulse which I use as top up break through pain releif.

So this morning OH was a a star :)

What a grubby little dwarf I am xgins

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  • Glad your OH was there to get the bags out of the bin, did he actually sift through them or like my OH did he bring them in like a. Mighty hunter returned from battle and then just collapse with a cup of tea while you sorted through. Or did he quietly sort through your pretty shinny bows and make them spell the word idiot behind your back as you sifted through. ;) if he actually helped then you do realise every time you ask him to do a job for the rest of the weekend, he will bring this up...... I have to make a confession.... As I have moulded insoles I have to try on trainers to find any that are comfy to wear with said don't wear dresses or skirts anymore. Went into town bought two new pairs of jeans took them into the bedroom took old jeans off hangers next to new jeans , hung up old jeans again and threw new ones in the bin and the dustbin men came before I realised

    PS you have a tea bag on your head

    VG x

  • You are lucky. Due to the fibro I can no longer wear Jeans as they are too heavy for my knees to manage.

  • Hmmm I could also use one of those bows for my back end of the cow tail ... I have removed glitter from my hooves and replaced with two Christmas stockings though the garter belt keeps slipping so the stockings end up round my ankles and my washing up gloves udders have deflated with all the wait.....

    Tuts at the lack of organisation and sits back... Owww I sat on my udders......

    VG x

  • Jeans take the biscuit VG I bet you were very grumpy.. I do not have a tea bag on my head but it was a near thing with the cold salmon skins. OH held the bags while I dived in so I am in a precarious position as to what happens next this week end. Mind you OH only manages to do things before 10 am after that I think the wicked queen covers him in an invisibility cloak and he goes back to sleep till supper time. Which he does try to cook and then falls lack luster asleep once more.

    Lesson in udder keeping 1. always ensure correct inflation udderwise problems with milk bottle delivery.

    2. Ensure your udders are polished and hanging at the regulation length of three fingers below the belt.

    3.When walking on stage the correct movemen of the legs or gait is front together- right together- left together (do ensure you have not been hobbled before commencing monuver)

    Next rehersal is for cinderella they could not aquire a pumpkin stage coach so it was necessary to borrow the cow!


  • I have been asked to play the part of an ugly sister are you up for laugh we can have great fun ear bashing poor little cinders. and as for prince charming (purses lips) ooh he is dashing ( no good for us we couldn't keep up.


  • Cinderella ..Flings her udders over her shoulder... Ugly sisters now that's more like it I can be your sister .. I will be perfect as there is no way any dainty glass slipper will fit on these feet... And I can borrow OHs long wig ....... Short explanation brad Pitt interveiw with a vampire, I was watching it recently drooling over the young brad Pitt with that lovely long hair a few nights later my OH comes prancing into the bedroom in long dark wig ...... I was speechless and let's leave it there......

    We can't use live mice to turn into footmen as my snake will just eat them.... So roll up roll up anyone wanting to volunteer to play a part please sign in.

    VG x

  • can I please be Dame Trot?

    I've got the hump, bright red cheeks and a house full of junk.


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