Just about had enough

Yesterday I had to have my beautiful dog put to sleep. He was nearly 17 and the best dog you could hope for. He knew when I was at my worst and would come over and put his head and paws on my lap. He seemed to know more how I feel than my own husband and children. I know it was the kindest thing to do as he had become unable to walk and was just messing himself but he was so faithful.

On top of this I had my mother-in-law die the other month and a family friend I had known all my life.

Im also having one of the worst relapses Ive had for ages ....my back is so painful I cant stand for a minute before I have to sit down. The dr has just prescribed more diazapam which makes me feel like a zombie..and says she will refer me to the pain clinic...I have been going there since January and all they try to do is make me do more and more exercise...they dont seem interested in whether you are suffering or not. I try to explain to them...but as another person that goes there said 'they never experiience the pain we feel and think oh theyll be better after exercise'.

Im sorry for the rant

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  • I can sympathise totally my faithful and last dog I couldn't bear to get another .. Died at the age of 17 on the day of my grandfathers funeral... I was crying for both but felt guilty for crying for my dog when I was at the funeral....

    I have a pain clinic with two departments one is exercise and pain management , the other gives injections in spasming muscles ... I have three monthly injections in my neck and shoulders as they spasm and knot constantly... Does your pain clinic offer anything like this....

    Never apologise for the rant its what we are here for

    VG x

  • Rant away, it is allowed. I am so sorry for all your losses. Pets are as much family as the human ones.

    Gentle hugs


  • So sorry to hear about your dog, our pets give us unconditional love. You have a lot to cope with at the moment so don't be hard on yourself. Sending you healing thoughts.x

  • So sorry about your dig but he couldnt ask abd to keep him going would gace been soley to stop you being sad u gave him love and dignity the loss and grief you are going through is normal you have lost a very close lifetime friend. But dont grieve too long life goes on when you are teady think of adopting a rescue dog it stops them from being put down for no reason itherbtn rejection. Hugs

  • I am sorry to hear of your sadness. The thing is though is that I am not surprised that you are having a bad flare up, anyone would going through all that. Stress is a huge trigger. They say exercise helps but I have never found it to help me. You need to have some time to yourself, even if you go and sit and have a coffee somwhere. It is what I do, head for Maccys and chill for an hour. I wish you well with appointments and such xxxxx

  • Im sorry to hear about your beloved dog and all the sad losses you have had to deal with lately, we are all here to listen support and try to help each other through the everyday stresses of life so dont apologise for your post. I pray that you find some relief for your fibro pain and find a clinic which offers more practical help to suit your needs.

    You did the right thing for your faithful old friend and allowed him to go with dignity, perhaps in time you might even be able to think of getting another pet. Wishing you well take care of yourself

    Dixie. X

  • It's awful to lose a pet and dogs seem always to know how bad you feel. Mine does exactly what yours did and I get more sympathy from her than anyone else. It's only right to grieve for your dog as you would any human member of the family. We had two funerals before Christmas and one after, one family member and two close friends. Afterwards I had the most enormous flare, followed by flu which took me ages to shake off and even now my pain levels seem higher than normal. Try to do some relaxation, deep breathing can often work wonders for pain levels and make as much time for yourself as you can. Sending gentle fibro hugs to you xx

  • So sorry to hear about the loss of your faithful friend and companion. I was in bits when I had to do the same thing for my king charles. It is heartbreaking and it does take time to come to terms with it. I know that with all that's going on the stress factors always trigger everything else and makes it so much worse. Sending you a gentle hug and good luck with your appointments. Take care.

    Tannels x

  • thinking of you i dont know what i would do without my dogs they keep me going .I hope you feel a little better just take your time and belive me your not on your own take care x

  • Thanks everyone for your kind comments.. I do still have a dog in my life...my daughters collie who is only 2 , so hopefully will be around for a while. I probably wont get my self another dog as due to not being able to walk far I think it would be unfair on them.

  • So sorry about the loss of your dear friend 😔 Your friend is right - they've never experienced our pain so they have no idea 😣 I've lost count of the times someone has said you just need to exercise more, get those muscles moving. Really?!!! You think I wouldn't LOVE to have the CHOICE as to whether i went for a run, let alone a walk! 😡

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