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Fibro getting me so down!! :-(

Hi everyone just thought I would let you know how things are....and sadly they are not good! :-(

I was to have my legs bandaged up by the Odema clinic last month but was unable to have them done due to my health in general. I had to have an ECG and Chest Xray in case the fluid in my legs went to my heart and lungs.

Then the same week I went to see the orthapedic Dr at the hospital to have more steroid injections and view my knee replacements to be done ....and guess what he said Oh no your not well enough get some things sorted and we will re think! :-(

Then had appointment with the Physiotherapy clinic who looked me over but still could not say why my right leg cannot be lifted, and also that I can only do Aqua exercises as my balance etc; and knee pain is too much for me to do impact. I cant go in the water as the chair is however out of use! Great. And from next week indef; I will be bandaged so no pool again!

My platelets are also down so have to be very careful not to hurt myself, as my blood will not clot very quickly, another reason for no surgery.

To top this all off my Dr has put me on water tablets that make me wee every 7/8 mins and taking them one day puts me back in bed exhausted two, I also had a small bowel procedure which never stopped the problem I had but made me lose pressure when I weed!

Sorry to have gone on a bit but this is so hard to deal with! It is a year now since I could drive or walk and I hardly do anything!

On top of all this I have an 87 year old mother in a home and she has now started fretting as I cant see her as often as I used to and she has got so confused she rings me every 10 mins and forgets she has spoken to me. The home do not know what to do because she has never been like this before. She was to be Whitness at my daughters wedding next month and I was giving my daughter away ( thinking I would be walking again by now ) now I cant do that because of my scooter tangling with her dress. So all in all I feel useless and more of a burden every day! ;-(

Thank you for reading this and sorry again it is so long winded but it helps to talk to someone as my daughter does not do my being ill very well!

Gentle hugs to you all ((((((((((((((((*-* ))))))))))))))))))))))

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Hi you I think you need a hug (((((((((()))))))))) \I know things seem terribly bad at the moment but there is a ray of light arround the corner. Having your legs bandaged next will make such a difference. I still cannot believe the differance to mine. I have had triple bandages for last three months and I now have LEGS I can move them easier as well so hang on you are about to turn a corner. Not feel useless you are not! and I am sure something will sort its self for your daughters wedding. :)

We wont be skipping up the garden but you will make it :) xgins


Thanks gins I am having triple bandaging and then the wraps that are like wrist supports pulled together and held by Velcro on top. as neither myself or OH can pull on stockings!

When you had yours done could you walk before and then better in bandages, I am really hoping that they work for me!

Was it very painful having to wear them day and night? And if so how long did the pain last? sorry to ask so many questions but really not come across this before. :-)

I would love to just go out in my garden but it is down a step and through my log cabin then down another two steps and at the moment I am not strong enough. :-)

My daughter and Ihad a chat and realized it was both of us worrying about me walking her down the Isle,she was worried I was not well enough. We had a chat and she said did I think Mac would mind giving her away...I said no he would be chuffed to bits and honoured! ( Mac is her step dad and she was 13 when we married and he is always there for her ) So she asked him and he is over the moon :-))

I am going on my scooter but my daughter did not want the scooter in the pictures so we are doing it up as a flower garland with fairy lights etc ( Well it is summer solstice after all ) they are getting married on june 21st x

Thanks again Gins for your support :-) x


sorry to hear you are going thru so much on top of all the pain you are in, do hope it will ease soon, .....are the bad legs down to fibro, ...gentle hugs coming your way ..Dee xx


Hi Cookie no one seems bothered about me not being able to walk,told all Dr's I have seen and they just say lets get your other problems under control. I have had it now for a year and the longer it goes on it worries me I will not be able to ever walk again! I do not have youth on my side lol

Gentle hugs to you too ((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))


Hi Rainbow no youth isnt on my side either, but do the docs put it down to fibro, only it seems so many of you on here have this trouble, the whole fibro thing is a constant worry isnt it, it makes you wonder just what will be affected next if there anything left to be affected that is, do hope you feel a little better today, do keep us in touch with how things go gentle hugs to you ..Dee xxx


Thanks Cookie I really do not know where to turn as I have so many things happening to me. My life has been stolen. I cannot wash,dress or go to the loo on my own,and now can,t be left as I fall backwards and take my stroller with me.....Very worrying times x

Rainbow hugs x x ((((((((((((((((((( ;-) )))))))))))))))))))))))


what causes the problems you have with your legs gins, thats if u dont mind me asking, is it the fibro or something else, nosey arent i, but you can tell me to mind my own buisiness if you want LOL, but I am sorry to hear the amount of pain u all are in, that have bad legs, wish you all better and gentle hugs to you all ....Dee xxx


Gentle hugs for you


Gentle hugs xxxx


Oh dear rainbowdancer you are having a tough time of it lately. I hope the bandaging starts to get on top of things for you so you can have the care and treatment you need. It can be so hard to pick your spirits up and look forward again when you feel the whole world is against you. I try to remember that the darkest hour is always just before the dawn when the blue meanies strike me. Sending healing thoughts winging their way over to you x


Hou the plans sound as if they are well under way your scooter will look good done up with garlands you will steal the show Can you put a picture on. My leg wraps were sore to begin with and not to beat about the bush they hurt when touched. But now they do not hurt at all and I can walk further I am even practising stability exercises when I do the washing up. I try standing on one foot then the other. Whata difference. I am waiting for my haddenham farrow wraps to come and then I will be able to go to bed with bare legs it has taken four months solid and eeh I want to shower.. I will let you know how it goes but try and embrace them with a smile they make one hell oops of a differance. xgins


Thanks Gins I am not able to bath or shower at the moment as I cannot stand or get over the bath into our shower,we are trying to get a bathroom sorted but no hurry now as will be bandaged for quite a while x

I will try and embrace them with a smile,but my knee's and Hips are painfull enough!!

Rainbow hugs x x x


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