Still no painkillers but I know why now

I came home with no painkillers. GP is not willing to risk my ulcers for the sake of trying different pain relief. I have had pretty bad ulcers, stomach and duodenal in the past and still have now as well as so much stomach scarring. I could see what he meant and the risk of bleeding to death far outweighed the need for pain relief. So he has put me back on the Amitrips and we are starting again to see if they help, I was on them in the past. He says he will step up until 75mg stops working again. If it helps for while then fair enough. I can only take each day as it comes. Thankyou for all your support. I may not be here tomorrow as it is our daughters 22nd. Not sure how we are going to get her excited as she is very poorly right now. xxxxx

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  • Well at least you have been offered a proper explanation this time and I think it sounds fairly logical. I came off Amitriptyline when it stopped working and then started again after a couple of months when it was effective again, thank goodness! Fingers crossed it turns out to be the same for you.

    I hope that your daughter is able to enjoy her birthday. I am sure that you will find a way to make it special. All good wishes. Jane x

  • She said it will be special enough us just being here with her. She is trying to do a bit of cross stitch to take her mind off things.

    I also have been prescribed SERC to help with my balance and vertigo. Hoping that helps too

    and yes I think I would rather be in pain than bleed to death from a burst ulcer xxxxx

  • can you not have patches ? these bypass the stumoch etc ,

  • I have used Bu Trans in the past, but something happens when I use things like that. The area sweats profusely and the patch simply falls off and no one knows why. It happened with Nicotine patches too and I cannot even wear a simple plaster. I wish I could use them though hun xxxxxx

  • Hi sorry to hear no painkillers not good i too can't take them as the eat away at my stomach so i take 150mg of amitryptaline, i would be lost with out it.


  • Well I was expecting the Amitrips to knock me out for the evening having not taken them for so long. But still I winced away the small hours until my body just shut down lol xxxxx

  • I do get like that once in a while and before i know it i have stayed up nearly 36 hours i'm literly drunk with fatigue but thankfully those are few and far between PHEW!! xxx

  • I quite often do a week in just being awake. The pain stops me sleeping but most nights my body will just shut down in the end(bed at 6am and awake again at 7 for instance) but when it gets really bad it makes things happen lol. Like I get what I can only call a wide awake fit. My whole body just starts to jerk and then I just hit the deck and although I am used to it it can be pretty painful afterwards.

  • I have stomach problems & even stopped my aspirin (for angina) to see if it helped. My new Gp is no use at all. The pharmacist contacted him because she was concerned that I was still having so much trouble, even though I take lansoprazole but when he looked up my notes,he saw that I'd had a barium swallow last year. His logic? well you were ok then. That was it - end of the discussion. So I still have dreadful acid reflux & difficulty swallowing as well as regular nausea, but I was ok last year!!! The fact that I wasn't ok (the test said I was) & that these problems are getting worse doesn't seem to count for anything!

  • It does not matter if you were 'okay' last year, things can happen so fast. I suffered fro years and my P just kept saying it would be the IBS, and I had to accept that. But then he left his part of the practice and the remaining GPs took on the work load. My new GP does the camera work himself at another clinic close by so fitted me in urgently. It turned out I had stomach AND duodenal ulcers and scarring of those areas indictaing years of erupting and healing ulcers, hiatus hernia, Severe throat scarring caused by all the acid(biopsies taken as it was thought I had stomach and esophagul cancer, thankgod it wasn't) and intestinal adhesions. I have to be so careful as apparently I am at risk of both types of cancer, and I usppose it is better to be safe than sorry. If I were you I would keep going back and in the end they will do something. If not I would insist on having the camera down, a simple procedure even if a bit uncomfortable. Do not let it drop xxxxx

  • How about the Fentanyl patches? There are quite a few of us on here that use them with quite good results. If you haven't tried them it might be worth a shot. I used to have trouble with them falling off when I tried to apply them myself but found that if my hubby applies them to my back and covers it with his hot hands for the full 30 seconds it stays in place quite well. I hope they find something for you as pain relief is vital and I hate to think of you suffering. xx

  • I got hubby to try everything lol to keep the patches on. It just seems my skin reacts to the sticky stuff and puts up a huge fight until it falls of. Me and my skin lol xxxxx

  • My rheum offered me morphine patches because I have tumours and polyps in stomach and bleeding on site. My gp said no to patches so I am going to see him this morning to demand help. I am mad cos of losing my appeal and on a mission with confidence to deal with this once and for all. I cannot deal with another two yrs of fighting from my bed. I need help but they keep saying I look well even though I have been in bed for 3 yrs and eaten very little but toast and jam with a few meals thrown in. Woman on panel said I looked nice and my hair was lovely and would not listen to me saying I have given up taking care of myself or my hair yrs ago. Hair is down my back after 3 yrs of growth and I cannot afford to do anything about it. They also said I had put together one of the best appeals they had ever seen so how could i be struggling as much as i claim.

    I have another camera down stomach next wk for another biopsy because stomach, along with everything else is in agony. Maybe I imagined all my problems. Maybe I am making all this up for an extra couple of pounds every wk cos thats the impression these panel people are giving me that they think I am making it all up.

    I had a coronary angiogram because of suspected heart attack 3 times in a week. I did not want it done cos was scared on my own but went ahead with it. Fortunately they found just minor disease. the cause of that pain was brought about by forgetting to take my thyroxine for quite a while. The panel did not believe that I had a coronary angiogram because my gp had not passed on that information. The panel assumed I lied about the whole situation.

    On my way to doctor this morning to sort him out and get some pain relief patches one way or another. They going to get sick of seeing me now cos I will never stay away til I am taken seriously.

    I hope you have a wonderful day. x

  • It was a wonderful day as it was daughters birthday and being reminded of her birth certainly took my mind off the FM.

    I know how you feel about basically being called a liar. It is okay for them sitting back in comfort every evening and patting themselves on the back for yet another die hard off the sick, because that is how they see us, as being die hards.

    I wish you luck in harrassing your GP, they have no right to refuse you something the rheumy has openly offered. I know when I went to see my rheumy all those years ago I got a script there and then on the day for the hospital pharmacy. Could you do that, and then the GP has to follow up on it xxxxx

  • Sometimes you just have to make a real nusience of yourself to get any action/reaction! It beggers belief that because you put together a good appeal and look half decent to make yourself look and feel half way human, that goes against you???! How do they equate putting words on paper as being able to walk, work and God forbid play a little!! If your Rheumotologist suggested pain patches, then who is your GP to deny them to you? I have just come off the pain patches because I was alergic to them. I had the most terrible itching and develloped headaches. But I too have stomach and bowel trouble and they bypassed that. I have to say before the side effects kicked in, the patches did work for a while. So you stick to your guns louiselcross, and stage a sit in/ lie in if necessary !! Good luck anyway.XX

  • It is a sorry state of mind when you have to basically become your GPs worse nightmare in order to get any action. Cheers for the reply. They go on, if you can travel to the tribunal then you can work xxxxxx

  • And if you say you can't go I suppose they just dismiss your claim anyway?? Do feel for you all in this predicament. XX

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