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I was due physio today at 4pm as I'm in pain and unable to use my crutches as my arm is hurting so bad I couldn't go on my scooter cos it is raining and I can't afford to go there and back by I had to ring and cancel and make new physio is for my spine I had screws and rods put in in Sep and they forgot about me so after a fight to get physio after major surgery..I'm not gonna miss it unless I'm really unwell.I had to cancel one b4 and could not get through to the hospital all day finally I got through but...I had to leave msg cos no one to answer it..I tried rest of day and left 3 msgs cos no one today they said that I did not contact them I said I left 3 messages she said well if we had them we would have got back I said are you calling me a liar? No but if we had the msgs we would have she . Makes me appointment for next month...I said that's a month away what good is physio once every other month....any way she again said well th ok s is 2nd time you haven't let us know your lucky to get appointment at all...I got angry by now I want to speak to your she said ..I said your boss or I go to my morphine...she put me on hold then a man who could hardly speak English oh she and kept saying my name wrong over and over came on...I said are you in charge..of th oh s department today yes...I said well ....that's all I got to say as he would not let me speak..I had to scream shut up and listen to me stop dictating to me...I'm a patient not a criminal..I'm in pain I am being told iv not let you know twice..that's rubbish I left 3msgs last time you did not return my call..well we always answer calls I said well you don't cos I waited and waited again he starts shouting and won't let me talk I said all I want is a new appointment and I'm getting abuse..he s as I'd well two times you don't tell us..I so now I'm getting really mad ...I said no I let you know you didn't ring me back..and I said what other time? He said today..I said I'm ringing you now...he said your supposed to give 24hours...I said I have fibromyalgia and other probes I didn't know I couldn't go till now ..I asked to sleep to boss..boss not there till Monday so I rang main office can I have complaints department please w err 'll iv now left 2mags and no reply...I was shouted down argued with called a liar and left so stressed..Just cos I wanted to change appointment cos I am unwell..I bothers to contact them both times I left 3mags and rang them today b u t it's not good enough I'm so upset I'm fed up with receptionists dictating and playing God with patients who are sick yet we get threatened with prosecution if we get angry...this is a hospital is a disgrace...iv got some horror stories but this is what happens today.

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  • Morphine is mp predictive text makes me angry as well

  • Sleep boss is contact boss..anything that does not look right is predictive text sorry xx

  • Hi Littlemisshurty

    I know this is not your fault, but you need to calm down and decide what to do.

    Telephoning is probably not the best thing as tempers get frayed, and people can shout you down or hang up on you.

    If you wish to make a complaint, it's always best to send it in writing.

    Make it as clear as possible and remember to be polite, even tho' you're complaining.

    If your morphine makes it difficult for you to think and write calmly, then get someone to help you, because if your complaint is clear and logical, you are bound to get better and more speedy attention. See link below for advice about writing your complaint.

    I realise you must be very, very upset and angry, but to get this situation put right, you need to keep your cool. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance from Citizens Advice Bureau - they will help you to write your letter if you wish.

    Also, did you know that if you are receiving benefits, you are entitled to reasonable transport costs to and from your hospital?

    Best of luck, I hope you manage to find a solution to this problem.

    Moffy x

  • No I didn't know about the to and from hospital the morphine was a predictive text mistake...I'm very upset at the way they spoke to me calling a liar shouting so I couldn't speak..I had to scream over them and they still didn't whiten down largely are is receptionists....I was on once I'd never have got away with talking to someone the way they spoke to me.thanks for the link..

  • I really feel for you, i once missed my thyroid appt as i had thyroid fog my memory is shocking. And the hospital discharged me. What a joke, as thats part of the symptoms of the disease. I now suffer fibro too and take 100/150 daily of tramadol just so i can still work.

    The people your dealing with have no idea of the pain your in, and it is very frustrating i know having been on the end of it. Please try like the others have said and get a good friend or reli to help you nex time. As they won't be coming from such an emotional place.

    I wish you the best of luck, stand firm and ask for some help.

    Take care.xx

  • send a letter to the physio department complaints dept and copy it to the chief executive of the hospital trust concerned. I worked for many years in the NHS and I KNOW that any complaint is better in writing . You will be less frustrated and will be able to explain your point of view . Ask for a written reply to be forwarded to yourself within 14 days and send the letter recorded.x

  • Thanks purely I will do it 1st thing tomorrow when I'm less wound up.:)

  • yes take a deep breath step away from it for a bit ( sleep on it) and then think of how you will word it . I think you could do it in sections like 1. my problems. 2. The way i was spoken too 3. etc its easier to read and you can get your point across in bite size chunks . Spell check it so they will take you seriously ( i know that sounds a bit over zealous but believe me ive seen letters in the bin that dont read well ) You can always copy to your MP too Good luck x

  • Thanks purely I will do it 1st thing tomorrow when I'm less wound up.:)

  • Oh the mp will get a copy for sure....thank you

  • I wrote to my MP recently(email)because I wasn't getting answers and he contacted the PCT and they contacted my surgery who said that I was getting the best care they could give..i disagreed with that and wrote back to my MP.iwish you the best of luck and hope you get results.

  • you can have the patient ambulance service to take you. you have wait around to be picked up but I use it. you have to book in advance. your gp surgery or the hospital switchboard should have the number.

    write in bullet points too in each category.

    take care,


  • Thank you so much iv been missing out on so much. On not knowing this site exsisted.. Ppl so helpfull and friendly. I will cont hospital and get number iv missed a few appointment cos of snow cos can't walk in it with crutches but I'm finding crutches painfull now gos you have to use your arms to lift yourself to a point. If not raining I use my scooter but its so cold with no cover I do freeze in sitting position lol.or I have to look like I'm going on a expedition lol so ambulance be a god send. Thank you sandra xxx

  • Please excuse spelling its 3.30 am I can't sleep and I'm seeing double lol xxx


    This link may be useful, little one! Suggestd by Sandra for another member, but might help you!

    Moffy x

  • This isnt going to help what has happened but its something to remember in future… i learnt in many years ago when i was at work.

    Whoever you speak to, the first thing you do is ask their name if they dont offer it to you, then if you find during the conversation that you arent being listened to start calling them by their name, they are more inclined to stop and listen for a minute if they hear their own name. Sadly in this day and age that its all first names it doesn't work quite so well, using Mr, Mrs or Miss XYZ used to get more of a response, so if it doesnt work I just refer to them as Sir or Madam, it seems to get me heard at least.

    Theres two sides to every story and all you want is to be fairly heard.

    Does you Physio dept have a direct dial number straight through to the department. If they do and you have left a message via a main switchboard redirection o answerphone, it could be the wrong department are getting your calls.

    I feel for you, its bad enough having Fibro but the op you have had on your back shouldnt just be left. They ma be able to arrange hospital transport. Speak to your GP as often liason between the two can help sort that out. I havent tried it, but was told by a physio dept. xx (((hugs)))

  • Thank you I got mr someones name and 1st name of the woman.. Xxx

  • Oh i believe you, they dont answer the phones when they should, either due to being so busy or being understaffed. My advise would be speak to PALS. Every hospital has them, they are very good and can mediate and advocate for you and the hospital they are inpartial so they dont take sides they just resolve problems and they are a good listening ear for patients.

    xx shelley

  • Sorry, PALS stand for, Patients, Liason informaton services. xx

  • Ha sorry, just seen Moffy has provided you with the link, Im such a bull in a china shop. xx but least you have some good advise to get you sorted xx

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