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Is it possible for anyone to explain to me exactly how they feel and what they are experiencing when they have a flare up, what sort of pain ect I know we are all different but I'm sure the flare ups are pretty much the same, does anyone feel so ill that they just want to hide away from every one till its all over..and is anyone going into cold clammy sweats....gentle hugs to all...Dee x

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  • Hi Dee, when I have a flare up the pain is much worse than if say I've just overdone things, and all the things that I usually do to help relieve the pain eg. Stretching don't help as much. The worst thing for me in a flare is the total exhaustion, I find this so depressing and it makes me anxious. My limbs feel really heavy and I can't do any repetitive movements without muscles spasming. Also I feel fluey and can't get warm. At these times I just go to bed with a hot water bottle. After reading some posts here it seems we all have similar symptoms at times. Hope this helps. Love kath. X x

  • Hi Dee it depends the person themselves when I have flare ups its like having bad flu and there are Times when my fibromyalgia flare up bad I just wanna cry so I try not to let it get to me hope your okay warm hugs going your way. Ros

  • Morning {{{{{Dee}}}}} :)

    I use the expression 'I feel like I've been run over by a steam roller' :o It feels a bit like the flu but it's not!! because my brain is awake :)

    My tenderness/sensitivity levels increase through the roof and going from hot to cold sweats again like the flu but I put that down to my body pushing the toxins out............... I bombard my system with anti-oxidant foods and drinks to calm it down by getting rid of nastiness that helps to cause the pain.

    Sending a huge basket of lavender healing fluffies to you Dee filled with sunshine smiles

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Sorry, forgot to mention the heavy fatigued body like it's made of lead.............. again! not the brain, maybe a bit of fog though :P

  • Hi Dee,

    I have been having a flare for 3 weeks now. I have pain throughout my whole body that is there constantly and feels like painful cramp in all my muscles. I have painful muscle spasms/ twitches, my whole body feels really heavy and I'm so exhausted that even moving an arm to pick up a cup of tea is a massive effort.

  • As said a bad flare up feels like a bad dose of flu, you just have to look after yourself and ride it out, i'ts very hard to stay strong but what's the alternative?

  • I hope you feel better soon Dee!

    Sending you lots of fluffy hugs xxx

  • Hi Cookie72

    I sincerely hope that you start to feel better soon my friend.

    For me it is flu like symptoms but the muscle pain is so much worse. My arms and legs feel like I have run a marathon and then been in the boxing ring with a world champion boxer. I also get so many headaches that it is a nightmare.

    Take care my friend

    Ken x x x x

  • I think there are probably as many different symptoms as there are sufferers but many of us do share that feeling of "having the flu" or "having been hit & run over by a truck"!!

    I always explain a flare like riding a wave... You just have to go with it and try and keep your head above water. It is the feeling of being powerless that gets me the most - in fact it seems at times the more I stress and try to "get over myself" the worse I am so the riding of the wave is something I remind myself of.

    I share your horrible symptom of the sweats - cold, clammy and vigorous ones... I can be freezing cold, shivering and have goose flesh yet be "burning" inside. I tend to use warmth (hot shower, wrapping myself in a duvet, hot water bottle) until the sweat "breaks" then wait for the cramps to set in, which they seem to with startling regularity. My pain is always worse during a flare and the little energy I have on a good day eludes me completely. I do think the sweating is one of the most unpleasant things though - have never really found a way of combating or avoiding this completely, nor the feeling of paralysis that seems to so often accompany it.

    I hope your flare passes quickly and that you are able to enjoy the spring soon. Wishing you well. xx

  • Hi Dee, yes I feel that I have to hide from everyone and everything. Mine's been going on for quite a few weeks now. The new thing I am experiencing at the moment is my eyelids are twitching; feeling like a foreign body in my eye (especially my right eye). I am just hoping it will end soon. Body feels really heavy and elbows/arms/hands are aching with being more clumsy than normal.

    Hope you are feeling ok and get through your flare soon.

    ((gentle hugs))

    Tannels xx

  • Hi i get hot and cold episodes contracting muscles shear exhaustion and balance goes wonky.pain as well.

  • Hi Dee, I can barely walk during flare up, have to drag myself out of bed to use the loo, barely eat, just drink loads take every painkiller I can. Muscles feel seized and painful to touch, cat walking across me can make me scream. I am so exhausted, I get really cold or hot, cannot control my own temperature. Feel like run ovrr by truck, everything is too much, light sound etc. Cannot possibly leave house even if i wanted, which I don't, like you say just want to hide away til its over. Hope this helps, Shazzzy

  • Thank you all my fibro friends for answering my post...I appreciate it, I feel so ill and kept thinking it could be something more, I've been bad many times in the past, but this time was a lot worse, and of course being my age 72 my mind started to work overtime, but from what I've read we are all pretty much the same, I hate the burning that I feel inside my body too.....thank you every one ....gentle hugs to all ...Dee xxx. :)

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