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Hi All

I had to have another blood test done and got a phone call from the surgery on thursday. rang them back and was told that my results had come back and my b12 is low (it has decreased since the last time i had tests and found out it was low). Went to docs this morning and have been put onto tablets for 3 months went to get the prescibtion and they need to order them in. Hopefully this will help with my tiredness and pains if my levels dont increase then i will need the injection.

Got something to look forward too we are planning on going away for a week dont know where yet as long as it is sunny and warm!!!!! going to book it on monday. Cant wait!!!! :)

Take Care

Jo xx

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i have the injections every 3 months. i can tell when im due them too.

makes quite a difference when i have them, not to the fybro, but to my energy levels. can run in the family though so might be worth getting other family members getting their levels checked. me and my family have been used in a medical journal as we have so many of us with b12 deficiency on injections. ( my mum, 2 sisters and there 5 kids, my brother, my other niece and nephew ( their mum passed away last yr) my daughter and my son as well as me) and none of us have pernicious anaemia which usually goes with our very low b12


chicme one doctor told me they think there could be a link with fibro & anemia i have injections makes you how many with fibro have it xx


I was on folic acid for about two years and they took them off me again. But I think I do need my levels checking again at some point. I hope your meds help xxxxx


I have b12 injections every 3 months but looking to see if required more frequent. Also had my iron checked and it was low . Have no idea why at mo and wished i could understand why instead of always told take this and see if it works. I have had fibromyalgia for six years now. i have sporadic pins and needles in both legs, feet, arms and hands, does anyone else experience these symptons. think it maybe linked to b12, anyone else agree.


well i remember when i started with fibo i was like an old lady at 40 went black under my eye, was getting out of breath pricking all ove,r couldn't walk far, feeling like i was going to have heart attack, lost a lot weight pounding heart going dizzy i just think we have all been let down somewhere over the years it wasn't about years ago ? i think it was maybe something else that made us like this that they didn't look into proper took em 2 years to give me the fibro label .xxx


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