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head bald and woke up to no eyebrows!

my last few patches of head hair i removed as looked ridiculous (and i dont now???)

woke this morning with sore eyes, rubbed them as you do and thought, id got couple eyelashes in then, washed face looked in mirror to find my eyebrows have gone!!!

i really dont look like me any more!!

had to drop dads bday presents round, stopped at petrol station first,had scarf on my head but still self conscious, by the time i got back in car i wanted to scream!!!

never had so many people been soooo nice but sympatheticly nice to me in such short space of time!!

now i go there alot as its a tesco garage and easier to get milk etc ratherv than go supermarket and normally hobling round with my stick i get scowled at shoved out way, you get picture!!

now all whats changed is my hair loss so why the f are people treating me so different? i tell you why because (i hate to admit this) i LOOK ILL

im no worse than yesterday,prob/hope no worse than tomorow, PEOPLE TREAT YOU DIFFERENTLY WHEN THEY SEE YOUR ILLNESS!!!

we all know this and its sooo wrong!!! if i went back in tomorow with full head hair (and eyebrows lol) i guarantee i would blend back into backround, scowled at and bumped into!!!!


people need EDUCATING about hidden illnesses!!!

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Sue I bet you look beautiful with or without hair but I know what you mean about people treating you differently when they can see an illness rather than when it is hidden. Dont worry about what people think when you go out, just imagine what they look like naked!!!!!.

Take care and keep your chin up, love Angela xx


Nicely said Angela.

Sue its people ignorance for sure, and so many of us have had this happen. Lets hope this doest happen to them but they get to experience what its like (if thats possible)

Take care.xx Clare


you look as beuatiful today as you did yesterday youare still the same person beuatiful inside and out those people dont know you they are nobody to you take care and love to you , and if you wanted you could get a wig my daughter has jus got 2 off amazon a curly black one and straight one she got short hair wanted long they look reallygood jus a thought if it make you feel better if not you could start a new trend jus make sure you cover head on hot day with a beautiful bandana anyway take care lovely lady diddle x


thanku all for your comments xx



Hi nadine,

I am sorry about your hair and eyebrows, i had hairloss two years ago and its not nice and the top hasnt grew back and my hair is so thin now.

I too have had problems with people, in nov i couldnt walk properly due to tremors it was really bad and people could see it but i wasnt in alot of pain. Everyone was sympathetic and asking my friends whats up etc... But now my tremors are better, i am in more pain and and i have not got better but everyone thinks i have now as they cant see.

I totally understand hun.

Just want to send you a big gentle hug,

take care hun, kel xxxx


What a shock that must have been :-/

I have a friend who has lost all her hair to chemo. She's gone the route of buying lots of nice warm and stylish beanies, or brimmed hats with a scarf underneath too. She looks fab, as I'm sure do you too. Hold your head up and ignore the other buggas!

Sending you hugs Nadine xx What the heck, hugs to everyone! xx


I experienced hair loss and researched the best vitamins to combat the problem. Then some one told me that a product named Reloxe included all the safe vitamins etc. that stimulated hair growth. I tried it and they were right! Worked in about 3 months. Reloxe Stopped me from having to buy 10 or more different kinds of vitamins per month. LOL


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