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feeling so down and alone :(

im almost at my whits end i dont know how long i can take living with chronic pain every day i have me/fibro and an endless list of other problems but my main on going one is i suffer violent pains in my thighs and i wake up with them on fire every day after so many treatments and tests no answers so i did my own research and i have been told i have endometreosis and that could be causeing the pain in my thighs at present i am having prosap injections for 3 months and if these bring on the early menopause them they will do a hysterectomy im feeling so low at the moment and feel like family have just got bored of me moaning and dont seem to see how im struggling daily i cry most days i dint want sympathy just a little help and understanding having my second injection next week im dreading what i will do if these dont work im feeling so low at the moment i live with this awfull fear that they have missed something and that what ever i have wrong with me is slowy killing me i have had fibro for over 11 years and find i can mostly cope with this i just need an end to this daily struggle of living with chronic pain sorry to have waffled but needed to speak to someone thankyou for reading take care all joanne x

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Hello Joanne

I am sorry to hear how awful you are feeling. I too am in the almost exact same position as you at the moment.

I feel dangerously low and my depression has seriously kicked in. My GP is lovely, but I don't think she really gets just how much pain I'm in.

I try my hardest not to spend too much time in bed, but the last week or so I've reluctantly had to go back to bed, because I just can't cope with the pain.

Like you, I have thoughts of has my GP missed something. How is it possible to be in this amount of pain?

I'm sorry this is not an uplifting message and I so wish I could say something to help you. I just want you to know you're not alone.

Keep your chin up. I'm thinking of you

Lu xx


Hallo Lo

Sorry to hear that you seem to be going through the mill as well. These flares are awful and sometimes the only way is to go with the flow until they start to get a bit better. The more depressed we get the worse the pain. Thinking of you.x

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Thank you x


Hi Lu,

I'm so sorry you are struggling at the moment too, and I know how horrid it is for you {{{{{Lu}}}}}. I admire you for reaching out to Joanne even though you are so rough yourself.

I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes to you, special ones and hope very much that they may help even just a little bit 😃😃😘


Thank you so so much. Your message brought a tear to my eyes. I just felt I had to reply to Joanne because I identify with her so strongly. When you're in the stress, pain, depression cycle it's incredibly hard to pull yourself out of it. Add into the mix the loneliness and, as you say, it really is horrid.

Thank you again. I feel very touched by your kindness.

You haven't helped a little bit, you've helped a lot xx


Awww bless you, you always know where I am if you want a chat 😃😃😘


Thank you 😘


Hallo Joanne

I am so sorry to read your post as you are going through a really traumatic time and I and I am sure so many others can understand how lowering this is no wonder you are so depressed. My brother in law's partner had endometreosis and it caused no end of problems and as you say the treatment is not pleasant. I myself had to have a hysterectomy when I was just over 30 but felt so much better afterwards it was so wonderful for that pain I was in to be taken away.

Yes it is difficult for family I just have the OH and a few close friends and he is ill himself and I am sure some days he wishes that I was my old self and in my darker moments I think the same about him but underneath the undying love is still there as i am sure it is with your family. I often think they show impatience, etc as it is difficult for them to see and cope with you in so much pain and not really be able to help you relieve it and that feeling is very frightening. When my husband is struggling I feel so inadequate at times.

I know it is difficult to remain optimistic but it is only your second injection coming up so hopefully you will start to feel improvement soon. Stay in touch with us as we all care about your progress, let us know how you are doing. Big

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My dear Joanne, I do feel for you so much, I too suffer similarly. I saw my GP Wednesday and feel he doesn't understand FMS and how all these other conditions go with. The trouble is, I want answers that he just doesn't have.

Just want you to know that you're not on your own and we are all here and thinking of you. I have only just joined the site but already feel I am with people who really understand because they all suffer.

Much love xx


Hello Joanne, I'm so so sorry you are feeling so ghastly at the moment, but you have certainly found the right place to come and find the support and encouragement you so need at this time.

I think many of us fall foul of having the "fibromyalgia" label on our medical notes and thus having everything attributed to it. I am pleased though that you have at least got the endometriosis being treated, and I know also how easy it is when we feel so low to feel that there may be other things going on unnoticed. I can only say what my own experience has been and say try to deal with life just one day at a time and try not to look too far forward. If you do end up having a hysterectomy I think it could be a good thing, it certainly helped me, but I had it for a different reason and was just relieved to be rid of potential problems.

I understand too how hard it is to not have the understanding of your family, however and this is said with kindness, they probably feel lost as they are not able to do much to actually help you out of where you are at the moment. My family, well my only family left, my brother fails completely to understand fibro and all the things that go along with it. Luckily he lives over a hundred miles away, so it is only via the phone and the very odd occasion when we have to meet. To illustrate this strange phenomenon, he as I have said doesn't ever begin to understand or even want to understand the daily pain I'm in, however, I'm due to have a bunion removed in July and oh my word, his concern over that is amazing - "how will you cope" "make sure they do the right thing" blah blah blah....... and I feel like screaming at him and letting him know that the removal of a bunion is the very least of my problems and would he not like to know how my whole torso revolts every day ?........urm no !!

Could I suggest something that I know is helping some of us here and that is would you be able to take up doing some colouring ? Lots of us have found that by doing this it takes our minds off how we are feeling and the concentration needed to colour absorbs the mind completely. I may be wrong, it may not be something you feel you would like, but it's just a suggestion 😊

I'm sending you lots of positive healing vibes and hope very very much that by getting the support you need from us here goes some way to helping you 😀😀

Foggy x


Hi There, so sorry you are feel g so low at the moment, as you say it's a struggle to get through the day, sometimes it feels it's one thing after the other doesn't it, when I get really down about this which I have this past week had an awful flare up and been in bed most of the week, I try to think there's always someone worse off than me so difficult when you are feeling like ...... 😟. but it's true isn't it, I do hope you get through this bad patch and come through again smiling 😃. Do you do anything like knit or crochet or as said colouring, it does take your mind off the pain a bit, try not to give in, you will get through this


Hi joed

I am so very sorry to read of your suffering and your struggle and I genuinely and sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. Please afford yourself the love and respect that you deserve.

Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


firstly you are not alone, we are all here for you on this site. fibro/chronic pain is so awful, its no wonder it causes depression. are you taking antidepressant medication, its trial and error to find the right one. my thoughts are with you and everyone else feeling like this. gentle hugs dilly x


no not on antidepressents been on them so many times over the years im trying to hold my own at the moment


wishing you well x


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