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Morning all no sleep still

morning all . or is it ,still no sleep was awake again at 1 am ankle still hurts , fibro setting in good style today ,managed a little walk yesterday but shouldnt have gone from top to toe it hurt , went back to bed but dont think i sleep really felt worse than ever ,

still struggling with the dwp form but got letters what i needed from docter ,

mentioned sleep clinic to got a surprize yesterday ring up for a appointment to the nearest hospital to me , so will see if i got a brain or not , just somebody knock me out for a month plz ,im just exciting and not living ,

back to council monday should have had keys this week but no so another week to wait ,

to top it offf the flipping dog next door still barking all day when shes out , doesnt help with depression and mentle illness i suffer with ,

defantly going to ring social servies for help as i need a mobilty scooter and help with washing extra ,struggling even more now , ,allso after when i move i need a holiday going to ask for funding ,so me and my son can relax , will need it ,

enough rant for know

have a good day

tink xx

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Did you manage to get to your gps and explain about your lack of sleep and see if he could look at your meds I know I am one of the lucky ones on here but after 21 years I have the perfect combination and get 7 hours sleep usually every night .. I know its med induced but everything feels so much easier to face after sleep

VG x


have you reported the dog barking ? my son and his partner have the same problem , they now keep a diary , it goes on til midnight or later and its right below their 2 year old sons bedroom

i hope you get your move this week , a nice new start and a holiday sounds wonderful

i hope you manage to sleep well tonight xx


Hello Tinkerbell66

If you haven't done so already FibroAction can send out the Benefits & Work Guides for free if you email: info@fibroaction.org . They contain information on benefits, appeals and medicals.

Here's a link to the Benefits & Work site


I hope this is of help



Hi there tinkerbell,

it is a pain when your constantly having sleepless nights and think have another chat and keep going and getting on at them for your lack of sleep and if sleep clinic is where you end up going as no sleep meds are working then hopefully they will see and this will let them understand your fight for just some good sleep!

you have to try get sleep through the day as much as you can if you not getting on a night as you should not fight sleep even if it is when you dont need to go to sleep the most.

make sure you go on about your ankle too and try get some stronger pain meds to help.

Have you talked to neighbour mentioning the dog non stop barks in day when she not there.

I have this with my neighbour and i love her to bits as if she was my mum, but because she has retired and i was working a lot she got dogs in to keep her company, however because she is always with them and does not leave them much, they non stop bark between them whilst she is gone (it does not bother me i just turn my tv up and then again am out and about in car a lot) i too have a dog and she really annoys me because we have a field where ppl walk their dogs opposite and every time she just sees someone (which is a lot) she never shuts up and its awkward for me too i have to keep her in a lot. i was told to spray water on her everytime she barked by a trainer but it has little effect.

so neither of us complain at all for anything.

we all got some sort of animal on this street lol. but for you in your predicament and how you are the best way is just to say in passing if you can , just say, can tell when your out and when your in because your poochy always barks when your out hehehehe. maybe putting some tv on or music whilst the dog is alone may help as i leave music on low for my dog.

really hope you get some peaceful sleep soon ..i take sleeping meds as and when need but i tend to sleep in phases and being on meds and a glass of wine to end the night after a busy day with work etc this helps me personally, my mum horlicks helps her . everyone has different methods they use.

Nytol too is a popular sleeping pruduct and its herbal too, so maybe you can enquire and just check first it would be ok to use.

hugs caroline xxxx


thankyou for all replys . .ended up it bed in bed again for 2 hours dont no if i slept or not .docter wont give any knock out drops due to pain killer im on for ankle ,

i did mention to neiboughr only last week about dog all she said is knock on the wall ,and shout at it ,how canu when knackerd out , she admits she cant control it ,sat here no engery . iv tryed hot milk ,juice , slow music . herble heat pads , . getting tired out now .so back up to bed as shoulder and things hurting xx soft hugs , will let u know when appointment is , for sleep clinic , ,gentle hugs tink xx


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