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Time off work and its the end of the world

I am 31 and have fibro. I also have an neuro problem that affects my limbs and leaves me in pain,yet i have held down a full time job as a local authority social worker.

I rarely have time off work with it and do above an beyond my hours without any extra december i was signed off for a month and went back to work manager sat with me and went thru the case list others had covered and we discussed how i was going to use the two week phased return my GP had recommended. All this was fine with me umtil she started to talk about the need to have a stage one sickness meeting and set targets i have to work towards.she mentioned bringing a union rep to the meeting. I dont know how to explain to her what fibromyalgia IS and how it affects me and my life without sounding like im whinging about it.i dont want to loose my job and dont want to be sent to another team either.ive only just bought a house and im stressing abit...HELP ME PLEASE

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Hi sorry to hear of your rough time, the procedures for coming back to work have changed so much since i work and that was only 3 years ago but my partner has to go to a meeting and review if he is off for more than a week. Hopefully it's just procedure. I would get your union rep involved as that's what they are their for try not to worry as i'm sure they can't sack you or repremand you for being ill especially considering all you have done in the past. Take care xx


print off as muchinfo on fibro and how it affects people and take it with u saves trying to evplain it to them and they cant argue with it


That's a good idea, Linlit, and Cherry - it might be a good idea to see if you can get a report from your GP or your consultant to help your case.

They can't sack you for being ill, so don't worry. Just try your phase-back and see how you go. Take it from there, and try not to stress too much.

Hope things work out for you.

Plenty of info for you here if you click on the link:

Love Moffy x


Thankyou there anytjing on tjis site that i can print off and take in with me?


Hello Cherrypie, if you click on the link below it will take you to our main site at FibroAction, this section contains lots of info about Fibromyalgia, symptoms, treatment etc.

I hope you find this helpful.

There is a section here about Work and Fibro too -

This gives you advice about being off sick, returning to work, your rights, advice on dismissals, redundancy etc. You might find this helpful bearing in mind your current situation.

Also information here on Benefits and Fibro -

Take care Cherrypie and I wish you all the very best. Please keep us informed, we are always here for you.

(((hug))) xxx



Thanks Libs.i dont really have anyone who understands what fibro can do to your life so this sits is a god send


Hi cherrypie. I am also a social worker who has had time off work. I have always used these meetings as a tick box exercise, with my boss completing it in 5 minutes.

I would suggest, although you may not need it at the moment ask for an Occ Health Assx. Have this before any goal meeting and hopefully like with mine they put down in the report that fibromyalgia and your other condition meets the equalities act.

Do you work in C&F or LD. If so, get your line manager to speak to PD team. There will not be many social workers there who have not heard of it as we provide a lot of assistance. This will also show that you definitely cope well.

I have had meetings with my team leader and manager and they have been brilliant. I have had a desk assessment, with new chair and equipment and I also have it written in that on a bad pain day, I can work from home and work hours around rest periods. Last year I dropped my hours and my managers moved the areas around so I only deal within a 10 mile area. I work in a neighbouring district to home v. It has basically kept me in work. As you said you work more hours, no pay, like me, they should value and respect you.

Truly good social workers are hard to find, so you will hopefully find like me, managers that bend over backwards to help you continue.


Hi john,she has already referred me to occy health but ive gotta wait weeks gor that assessment to b picked up. ive got a special chair ect and although she gave me option of wfh on bad days,she also seems to frown upon it when i use it in the past.


Hi Cherrypie! I'm with u in your worry! I'm also a Social worker, full time, assess. team. I ve fibro, osteoarthritis (neck + back), along other mild ailments. I've been off work for 3 months in last May and now since November and I just started the job in jan 12.

My manager states he understands my pain but I m not to sure. they have referrrd me for 2 time and now seeking some kind of conference?? toscared evaluate my performance and possible redeployment.... I love my job and I want to work although somedays it is impossible. I m scared..... Each time i return to work everybody looks at me as if saying "here comes the lazy one"..... They said i could work from work but they always find an excuse or later on say work from work doesn't help team building...I m worried sick I don t know what will happen... I m also applying against no award DLA had medical at home lasr week.... I m really down. Is there any suggestions??

thanks for the opportunity to unload here


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