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Coupons and coins what's the difference

I went to my local tesco store and went to the express till as I only had a couple of items, scanned them through, put them in the shopping bag. The voice asked me are you paying by cash or credit/debit card, as I only had a couple of items I pressed cash, looked down to see where I need to put my coins started to put them only to notice the balance was not going down. Funny I thought wants going on after looking again I was only putting my coins in "the coupons in" tube. I was totally embarrassed to say the least. Brain Fog it got me this time but it won't again I hope. I quickly gave the rest of the amount owed and got out of the shop as quickly (slowly) as my legs would carry me. Think I will leave it a couple of weeks before I go back in there hopefully they will have forgotten me by then .

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I never use the self service tills anymore, I always messed it up and had to call for assistance, defeated the object really. Lou xx


they baffle me! and are difficult to access and use on the shop scooters.


on a lighter note, my friend told me this:-

at many supermarket garages where you can pay by card, you put the card & pin number in, then can push a button to select exactly how much you want to spend e.g. push the £10 button twice.

her sister told hubby "put the card in the slot and tell it how much petrol you want" (having shown him last time)

he put the card & number in and smiled proudly. fixed the nozzle in place. faced the machine and said, clearly, "£20

please." :D :D :D


Oh dear! That must have been awful for you? I really hate those serve yourself tills, and the supermarkets make huge profits so they should put extra staff on? Bet you won't use them again in a hurry?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Agree used one in a well know newsagent and was rescued by a passerby who's first language was not English, but he did have a great smile and very sexy voice.

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wolf whistle!!


hehe - too young but nice ;-)


I dont use them any more, too confoosing.

Besides I can get myself into trouble at a normal checkout.

Hubby dropped me off at Aldi ,then went to walk the dog while I shopped. (I can cope better on my own, he just confooses me.) It was when I came to pay that I found that i had left my purse in my other bag.

I was left standing by the window feeling a right idiot , wishing he would hurry up so that when he had payed i could get out of there. :(

Sue xx


My Wife put my new socks in the fridge and the sausages in my sock drawer? We are only human and WE all make mistakes.


You are right we are all humans and we do make mistakes, I take it you have Fibro off cut ? If you have you may not have got to the stage where you forget things once you do you have to learn to see the funny side but a lot of people who are around you don't because they don't know that we suffer from Fibro and brain fog. I have learnt to just laugh it off because if we don't we would cry and I think a lot of us wouldn't stop once we have started xx


I have multiply conditions and all the trigger points for Fibro and GP's that are still in the 19th Century. I have had short term memory problems since 2008 to the point I thought I was getting dementia :(


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