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I popped into town today as i had to pay a bill and get a couple of cards and i was walking about and i thought my legs were going to give way from under me it was awful it really was i really had jelly legs a couple of times i had to hold onto something in a shop and then i had to drive home that was not good so now laying on the bed for couple of hours to feel better as dont want my daughter to know as she going away at 4.30 and she wouls only worry and it would spoil her weekend

i was in town and bought myself some little rings from new look there are 5 in the pack i have been looking at them for few weeks so treated myself only £6 got them home went to try them on and as i was undoing packet a stone was missin from one the actual on that was my favourite lol i will take them back sat and wont bother with another pack as the stones will prob all fall out lol

hope you all having good day it beautiful here in lowestoft but really really windy oh well may come back onhere later so will be off for now love diddle xxx

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Oh Diddle,

Sorry your feeling rough, hope you feel better soon. That's the trouble with this fibro, you can feel okayish and then in a matter of mins from out of nowhere you are floored,

Please take it easy and sunshine stays over the week-end.

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


hi i know why i feel rough i really have been going around like a headless chicken for a few weeks and now i have hit a brick wall it is my fault i still think i can do things that i used to and i cant but thankyou for your kindnesss love to you diddle xxx


hey diddle take it easy huni are you over doing things ? i know you probley are as us fellow buddies also do we give good advice but don't take it so well , NOW LISTEN HERE DIDDLE YOU TAKE IT EASY AND LISTEN TO YOUR BODY , now thats you being told now time for me to listen to my own advice too hehehe xx hope you feel better soon xx big gentle huggss xxx


hi yes ou are right i have done too much the last few weeks and now my body is saying you are not doing anymore so i am listening to you and you are right thankyou for the advice love diddle xx


xxxx good xxx


Oh dear poor diddle, I am so sorry you've had a rough day. I think you are so selfless, not ltelling your daughter how your'e feeling, but I am sending healing thoughts your way/ and hope that you can relax a bit and take care of yourself and you are listening to youer body which is good :-) well done you !! Take things easy over the weekend and if your'e not feeling any better by the Monday you really must go and see youre GP . gentle hugs and love from the doglets, muchly dottii xx


Hi diddle....have more relax and take your medicine here early on we have a beutiful warm weather.but around 3 onwards its start rain and clouds are dark..but we manage to go back home before thAT.and again thank you for some advice u posted in my profile dear.. and have a good


Dear diddle,

Sorry you are suffering at the moment. Fibromyalgia is so up and down. I am currently going through a bad spell myself. Well I say spell, it's lasted 6 weeks so far!lol. I can hardly walk and my legs feel like they will give way. My legs feel like jelly and my knees keep buckling. I do a lot of walking in my job and I am currently stuck behind a desk:-( I am looking at other jobs at the moment, just in case I don't get an improvement in my mobility. My legs are so weak I can't pick them up. I hope that you feel better soon diddle and do try to take it easy, I totally understand how you feel. Hugs xxxxxx


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