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CANNOT SLEEP at night nor doze daytime

For several weeks now I have been having trouble falling asleep, after months of being ok and getting about 5 or 6 hrs.

i have bought some one a night Nytol tablets over the counter £5 for 16 pills.

They did nothing. The packet states clinically proven to help you sleep and wake refreshed.

They lied.

I tried to get an appt with my GP to give me some sleeping pills, to try and break the cycle, (and I won't take them regularly) but could not get to see him. Really weird system of appointments at my surgery. Was told he was not there on Wednesday but I've been seeing him on Wednesdays every time I go.

I usually put on a sleep meditation CD at night after i have read my book a while, but something has gone wrong with the CD and it won't play right, even tried bruning two more copies on my pc neither will play on my player, so I am buying a new one in the hope that will do the trick.

Does anyone know if there is a natural sleeping draft that really does get you off properly?

I'm getting desperate now.

Thanks for any help.Hugs from Plumcake x

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Sorry Plumcake but I have to say none of the over the counter tablets have really worked for me . I now take a low dose of Diazepam if I have trouble getting off to sleep , but obviously you'd need to see your GP for those ( and they don't like prescribing them anyway )

I tried all the normal stuff, warm bath , warm , milky drink etc , but sometimes sleep just won't come.

Do you find your brain keeps you awake ? With me, no matter how tired I am physically , my brain just sometimes refuses to switch off.

Gently hugs for you , I hope you can get something sorted soon.



Hi Helen and thanks for your reply.

I don't know why I can't get off, but before I go to bed I am already anxious about getting to sleep, and staying asleep, hence not relaxed enough I spose.

I have tried all sorts too, but I'm not keen to take sleepers on a regular basis.

I once took diazepam and from memory, ha ha, it worked a treat, but as you say docs are not keen to prescribe it. If you can get to see once that is. Just been down there again and have to march back down there at 8.30 am tomorrow to book on the day. Crazy system. Strange thing is I don't feel tired. And my pain levels are gone down to virtually zero lately. :)

They do say that sex is good for helping you sleep, but no chance of that. lol.

Thanks and hugs to you too. xxx


do you take amiltrityline ? thats what my doc perscribed for me ,and it does the trick ,but you have to go to doc for them aswell ,

have you tried some lavender pillow spray ,ive heard that can be quite good ,

hope you get some sleep soon xxxx


No Lynz I have had that in the past but it's an anti depressant, I've just found the pack i had a few left in.I was prescribed duloxetine for the anxiety and depression but found that kept me awake and made me sweat,even if taken morning time.

I rub lavender massage oil around my neck and shoulders at bedtime.

Thanks for your support xxx


i have the same prob , i cant drop off day or night .My gp dont give sleeping tablets .Have you tried lavendar oil xx


Yes I have Rosehip, but still no joy. sorry you are in the same boat. xxx


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