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two days and night without sleep

Its now been two days and night without sleep i'm tired and confused but every time i lie down i just get this sense of fear and have to get up again. what on earth's going on now? i know i usually suffer with sleep problems but this fear thing!!!

my mind is soo confused and i'm having to really concentrate while writing this as i'm having to correct nearly every word. this morning ended up putting sugar twice in my tea, boy did i have a sugar rush. was nice because it kind of got be back in gear for a while.

i think i need some domestic help to get this place back in order looks like a hurricane has just passed through lol.

if i don't sleep tonight i will have to see the doc, because i can feel my hands are beginning to shake. great thats all i need.

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its cos your tired the fear is 10 times worse. i got that before i was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea i then worried cos i knew i was stopping breathing and having no sleep made it so much worse.

i went to see my dr that is brilliant and know about fibro and said well begged for melatonin he agreed without hesitation told him i wouldnt take the piss out of it take it only when im desperate. he said no problem but if i wanted a repeat presciption to go to him as the other drs wouldnt prescibe it 9also alot of people with osa take it) and boy its good feel so human again when ive slept and can cope with the pain.

dont struggle too long youll only get worse speak to your gp



thank you Angied

i think your probably right its will have to see doc got a review next week.

i do feel now that i have to go to bed now its 2.26am and i'm soooooo tired will have to try. wish me luck love. xxxxx


Hi gio gio,

Tell your Dr how you feeling as it could be side effects could be just a phase.

Ask for Diabetis check too altho uou can get free in some pharmacies.

Cannot say much as do not know much as in if you on new meds or if it could be anxiety.

They will check you with blood pressure etc if ask if don't offer.

Fears are usually anxiety.

I hope you get somewhere and bit of help.

I am not sleeping with very wrestless throbbing legs aching so know what keeping up all night is and having to deal with wrk too.

As for your house a little at a time.

Have you got anyone to help??? Ask dont be afraid friends and family will help if know your not well!!

If your on Disabilities ? Then ask for something toward having the help.

Apparently my gran gets £50 a week for help but did not get it to clean.

Fingers crossed xxxx


Do what they tell you not to do, have a light and radio on or the TV on if its in your room. Have clean soft bedding. Treat yourself to a long relaxing shower or bath, than go to bed lie down in a sleep position supported by pillows and concentrate on the TV or radio (I find documentaries or talk better than music). You may not know that you have slept unless you notice that a different programme is now on!

If you wake and are in pain top up pain relief if you can or have another bath/shower and restart the proceedure. It works!!

I guess my fear is a fear of pain. When I sleep I always wake up in pain, sometimes bearable, sometimes I have to get up to ease it. Acknowledge that it is a genuine fear. Have a plan of action if you wake in a cold sweat or unsettled, I have found that these disappear given pain relief.


Hi taggle; thanks for your advice.

i always have the radio on, and its on a chat station., some times my head only has to touch the pillow and i'm gone and will sleep for days.

As for this fear thing maybe i should ' feel the fear and do it anyway '

Anyway really tired tonight so going to try and sleep. thanks love XXXXX


hi,ask your doc about phenergan tabs..they arent addictive and i find half a tablet works for me...worth a try hunny xxxx


Hope you got some sleep. As the others have said tell your Dr xx


yeah i manage to get a few hours kip but i still woke up really early glass or two of wine helped, don;t usually drink but just had to have something just to get to sleep. my ex says i should get a job doing security at


thank you all so much for your advice and concern. hope you all have a blessed weekend.


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