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medication - what works for you?

Hi all.

I have always resisted any kind of sleeping pills. My fear is that they will take the fibro fog, and turn it into something far worse, and then I won't be able to work. As I'm self-employed, that means I won't earn!

However, due to the stress I am currently under, I am averaging about 3 - 4 hours of restless sleep per night, and rapidly turning into a zombie anyway. So, on Monday, I have an appointment with my GP, and I'm going to talk to him about getting something to help me through this time.

So, I'd really like to go in, prepared with some ideas. And I know we're all different, and what works well for some people, isn't so good for others. And I can research some facts on the net. But facts are one thing, personal stories are something else. And I'd really like to hear what has helped other people, and just as importantly, what hasn't!

thanks in advance.


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I take dosulepin 75 mg at night and o.5mg clonezapam always take it at 10pm and by 11pm I am sleeping till about 7am, Christmas has thrown me out of sync a little not taking tablets at same time, so sleep is a little disrupted ATM. The hospital pain clinic put me on clonezapam my GP wants me off it as it can shorten your life by 6 months..... His words.... I told him I would happily live to 79 and a half with some quality of life than live to be 80 in constant pain..... He backed down.... If I can't sleep I can't cope as my medical records show in the past.



Thanks VG

The lack of sleep is increasing the level of pain, and both are combining to increase the fog! It's a vicious circle at the moment.


I find since iv been on pregabalin it helps me sleep quite well an helps with any pain,only problem with it is the 2 stone iv put on in a year! Start weight watchers on Monday so hope to get that sorted!...PB xx


I take Trazadone at night and sleep very well with it.


Thanks for the answers. Hopefully I'll find something that suits me


I have been taking 20mg Amitriptyline at night. Hasn't done anything for the pain but 8/10 times it helps with sleeping. before it, I hadn't slept more than 60-90 minutes at a time in over 30 years and was getting by most nights on approx 4 hours of constantly interupted sleep.

Have recently been put on 50mg Pregabalin (Lyrica) supposed to be 3 x times per day but it makes me dopey & silly, so just take it at bedtime, with this I have now cut down the Amitriptyiline to just 10mg.

Neither are doing anything for the pain, but it does help with getting some sleep

Good luck with your doctor - hope you have one who will listen.



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