Sleep programme last night!

Did anyone see it? I think sleeping, getting off to sleep and staying asleep is something we all suffer with! There was some very interesting research and the researcher himself suffered from insomnia so was happy to be a guinea pig. I might try the pre-biotics that helped him in particular, and also the kiwi fruits, lol. But having a bath with a window open? Forget it!

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  • Yes I saw it but couldnt get to sleep afterwards. Had one of the worse nights sleep in ages.

    You are right I think we all suffer with sleep problems.

    We just have to keep going. There were no real suggestions in that programme.

    David x

  • Sorry to hear about your own sleep problems, David. I may try the pre-biotic one as he suggested. But there was no addressing of Fibro, ME and thyroid problems, although he did touch on hormonal imbalances. Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight. I do use sleep aids (meds) myself sometimes.

    Moggy x

  • Yes I saw it...I'm addicted to Zopliclone sleeping tabs,they say for only a few weeks...

    I have been on sleeping tabs for the past 28 years...

    I suffer from Fibro,Emphysema,and the restless legs that comes with the Fibro...

    There's no way I would have my bath with a window open...

    Also no way I can sleep without the sleeper med...

  • Hi Scotfree - I take Zopiclone occasionally myself but I don't like the chemical taste it leaves through the next morning. I use other meds too, eg I find two halves of tranquillisers help or even a half. I try not to use them every day, maybe two or three times a week, so I don't get addicted. I try and rotate the things that help me sleep. I can't even have a bath with the window closed, lol! Not that there's a window anyway in my bathroom!

  • I was prescribed Zoplicone several years ago and suffered hallucinations and one night i got up at 2am and took my dog for a walk and ended up walking almost into town and sat on a bench for quite a long time before walking home,

  • Oh I've never heard that side effect before, Rainbow. That must have been quite frightening. I hope you've found something else to help you

  • Haven't watched as yet FoggyMoggy but it's recorded, so will catch up 😆

    My sleep problems seem to get worse & I'm thinking I feel like I have that sleep apnea or whatever it's called, the other night I was just about to fall into probably the only deep sleep of a couple of hrs. I actually get a night & i was brought back with a panic of not breathing, it was awful & i was then frighted to go to sleep. If it's not one thing it's another, enough to drive the sanest of people round the bend 😲 lol xx

  • Aw, sorry, Janet. That sounds awful. There's nothing worse than no sleep. I do take some meds sometimes. I rotate the things I take so as not to get addicted to one. I take tranx sometimes, zopiclone, Kirklands Sleep Aid (just a quarter of one) and often I need painkillers which help. The thing is they eventually help me sleep but I feel really groggy the next day.

    Moggy x

  • I had a similar experience, although I was dreaming about being dragged down in the ocean with submarines all around me (they scare me) and I couldn't breathe. Oddly, and this has never happened before, I was telling myself to wake up because I wasn't breathing. I woke up gasping for air! It was a tad frightening. I was telling my best friend about it and mentioned it wasn't normal like waking up to see people in your room. She gave me an odd look and said thats not normal. Does no one else wake up seeing people in their room!?

  • I've not seen people in my room (except once as a child) but I've heard doorbells, Rachel! But I used to get that horrid experience similar to what you're describing where I needed to breathe in otherwise I would die and would be fighting for in-breath and then wake up in time. Not nice x

  • Hi Janet have you asked your gp about sleep clinic assessment for sleep apnea? I was assessed about a year ago and was given a CPAP machine which I think if I wasn't claustrophobic may have worked. I only wore it a few times and got terrible panic attacks. They even tried different masks but I gave each a try and as I say think it would have helped if I didn't get claustraphobic. hugs Joolz.x

  • No hebden I haven't even thought about it before. I have just had a flare & it started with this, so i will see how it goes, if I get it again I will definitely ask GP what she thinks. It's funny because I also had a choking fit a few days ago which was also very scary. Oh good grief, I really don't think I could sleep with a mask on either lol, I'm not very claustrophobic, I just don't think I could sleep with something on my face, it would give me nightmares lol xx

  • I get choking fits regularly since before diagnosis. Sometimes out of the blue even when not eating or drinking. Frightening isn't it? Sometimes feel like Im blacking out. When Id tried several masks which I couldn't cope with they tried the nose tube (like oxygen tubes if you know what I mean) but I kept waking with it twisted around blowing air into my ear etc. hugs. Joolz.x

  • Hi I posted yesterday morning saying this programme was on but never saw it myself because of the one big issue that sleepless nights bring "memory problems" I forgot I had a night out with the girls to a live show at the local pavillion. They txt to find out when we were meeting and thats when I remembered 😳X

  • Lol, easy to forget! Well, hope you can catch up on iplayer :) x

  • Oh dear, isn't that always the way?

    You may be able to see on Catch up or perhaps scour the tv schedules as they often repeat these programmes.

    I never saw it myself as we had a visitor staying, so I am going to have to follow my own suggestions! LOL!


  • Yes. Fibre for dinner. Where do you get the present biotics for? Pre biotics

  • I don't know, smugcat, but I bet if you Google them they'd come up. I've not got round to doing it yet. But his were in sachets and looked none too appetising!

  • They are sold on amazon.

  • Yes, I looked on there but I think they were out of stock. I have bookmarked a few places that do them anyway.

  • One of them is watching you tube vids and general internet when you're meant to be sleeping. Oops.

  • Indeed!

  • Thanks my friend, I have it recorded but have not watched it yet :)

  • Hi FoggyMoggy

    Unfortunately the pre-biotic are not available at present they are still being tasted .Where only used in the programme with presenter as a Guinea pig .


  • Really? I have seen some pre-biotic sachets online but they say unavailable. However there are some available in tablet form. I Googled them last night

  • I to have see some on line but it was stated in the programme the sachets powders used are not available yet as still being tested.


  • Ah, I missed that bit

  • did anyone see the program the other night on channel 5 about the woman who was that disabled she needed her friend to help her get out of bed etc and the DWP told her she was fit for work.?

    I am worried about having to claim for ESA again and what if they fail me -I know i wont get the support from the GP i have now because so far the two appts i have had

    she did not do anything re recurrence or progression of symptoms/conditions.

  • hi Rainbow. It's best to start a new thread as it's a different subject. But yes, there are some shocking examples of very ill people being pronounced fit for work. As a long time campaigner on this matter I've known many personally online and heard about many more very tragic cases. All I can suggest is that you try and see a different GP in the practice if possible or maybe another primary health care worker. I can also highly recommend the Benefits&Work site if I'm allowed to on here. I'm a member so get their very comprehensive manuals but some groups like this may also offer them for free, so do PM the admins. I think there is a specialist adviser in this group. Also, do get your MP involved if necessary.

    They want people not to apply for what they are entitled to. It's all about cutting the budget and reducing the figures but then they have won. At the same time I really do understand the stress and anxiety it causes to already ill people.

    Moggy x

  • Hi Moggy

    yes i know i should have done.i will join the benefits and work site.thanks for suggesting is not as tho this is a first claim,i was told i would not have to go through this process ever again after my last one -which was won on appeal and i am sure was in 2005.

  • Hi Rainbow.

    There's a small subscription for the Benefits&Work site but I find it well worth it. If not, PM the admins and I'm sure they may have the manuals. If not, i have them myself.

    Yes you probably were told that in 2005 but it all changed after change of government in 2010 and the Welfare Reform Act a year or two later


    Best wishes

  • rainbow .....Didn't you say your ESA forms had to be returned by 4th April?


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