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Really need to get back on here more!

Hey all :-)

Really need to start getting back on here more and keep in touch with everyone!

So, update on me! Everything in my last few posts is the same and/or worse! On top of everything restless legs have taken over my sleeping pattern that i battled so hars to get back to normal! 3 hours sleep last night and think guna be same tonight! Tried everything to help but nothing works so back to the gp soon! Need to see him anyway about my jaw pain as it doesnt seem to be improving either.

Add on top of all the normal fibro this awful cold damp weather and my poor body doesnt stand a chance does it!

Hope all my fibro buddies are ok



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welcome back. hope you sleep tonight.




Hello Holly, great to see you back with us! Sorry to hear you're having a rough time, it's that time of year again isn't it. The cold weather doesn't agree with us.

Keep warm, take care and remember we are always here for you! (((hug))) xxx


Morning Holly long time no see welcome back. Hope you slept a little last night. It really is hot water bottle weather isnt it take care xgins


Nice to meet you as I have notmet you before. My fibro is chronic now so says my GP so I was hoping that means it is abad as it can get. But no, it can and does get worse but hey ho, tomorrow is another day xxxxx


Nice to meet you tooi. Your right, everytime we think it cant get worse another symptom appears pr previous ones get worse! X


Hi all, managed to get a longer sleep but was a very broken sleep which i struggle with more than no sleep! As those of you who have read previous post will know i have awful trouble with my sleep. The gp refused to give me sleeping tablets a few months ago which at the time i was annoyed about but then i managed to get my sleep patern right again so then i was glad the gp wouldnt give me them so now im not impressed that my sleep has gone AWOL again! Fingers crossed it wont take long to get back into a good patern again. Got a gp visit thursday as well to see if they can do anything about restless legs and to see if they will speed up my pain clinic refferal as its been months and not even a letter let alone an appointment!




That's good to hear Holly, so pleased for you! Hope you manage to get a good night's sleep tonight too! It won't take long to get into a pattern, keep up the good work! :)

Wishing you all the best for your GP appointment on Thursday, please let us know how you get on. (((hug))) xxx :)


Sleep sleep, my hubby for a sleep xxxxx(good luck with it)


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