Ive been prescribed Amytripaline, first 1 at night, no good for first 4 nights, then it kind of worked for a week. Then back to normal, so 2 at night on Dr's orders... not much better really i did sleep untill 6am ish. But feel too groggy next day, no good if i'm working, I wouldnt be able to drive thats for sure...

Doc reccomends taking,1 gabapentin 300mg, 2 co-codamol 30/500, 1 or 2 Amitriptaline.. at bedtime... Well ive been doin it for over 2 weeks and i'm not getting tierd enough to go to bed even after all that. When i do go to bed between 1am and 4am, depends how bored i am. I'm restless, tossing and turning, I'm so fed up now its making me depressed... so i'm off back to doc's this week see what rubbish they tell me this time.

Has anyone tried anything different that works, ive tried all the usual things, hot milk, hot bath, sleeping on sofa which for some reason seems more comfy than my bed!!! Nothing works, now im at a stage were i dred bedtime, this in its self is a bad situation. I'm currently not working due to the exaustion of ME, My best sleep is between 5am and 10am. Yet i get up around 10am, 11am at the latest and by 1pm I'm falling asleep. I dont go to sleep because thats the last thing i need is to get into that sleeping pattern.

Really fed up now. any suggestions???????????????

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  • Yes please don't take this as bragging but I have had fibro for 23 years and in the last 18 months I get 7 hours sleep at night... This is due to me finally admitting to my GP that I had a problem before that I would spend 2 weeks not sleeping then 2 weeks of taking nytol and I would sleep. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED... In the end I went to my GP and admitted I hadn't slept properly for years and he immediately got me sorted... I now take dosulepin 75 mg an old cheap antidepressant . I was tried on amatriptaline first and it made me feel like a zombie during the day and awake at bedtime .. Anyway back to what gets me my sleep. Dosulepin 75mg at 10pm exactly with 0.5 mg of clonezapam , a muscle relaxant. I have to take them at 10pm or they don't work... No idea why but when taken then I am asleep by midnight. And wake up at 7am when my OH gets me out of bed ... Please see your GP, I am not saying what suits me will suit you but there will be a combination out there that suits you and I have felt so much more laid back and calm and happy no matter how much pain I get during the day knowing I am going to go to bed and sleep

    Good luck

    VG x


  • Hi , I now take nortriptyline , it helps xx


  • I was on amitriptalene for 10 years 25mgs 1 per night BUT ive decided to stop completely myself and go down the holistic route however I am trying NYTOL 1 x25mg tab at night for a few nights to see how i go on but then im switching to VALERIAN herbal sleep aid ive looked at my diet and im going to the GYM 3 x a week as well as meditation and yoga. You might all think as you read this WHAT!!!!!! is she doing all this for but ive put 2 stone on with medication and listlessness ive had enough im taking the bull by the horns and working hard to get me happier healthier through diet and low impact excercise, biking walking cardiovascular as well.I don't work im retired so by SEPT this year i should be alot healthier, also im going to train in REIKI as well. Ive IBS and restless legs syndrome as well and a foggy head BUT im adamant alot of these symptoms will be greatly reduced this year as with any chronic ailment you have to live with it but you also need to help yourself as well and to some degree i don't want Dr's making money off me if i can go down a more holistic healthier approach to life.

  • wow!!!

    go girl!

    brilliant approach, it was my intention but alas i'm too tired for exercise, i use a pilates machine for a few mins a day and i'm well in to juicing, organics ect

    only take meds when i've got TJM or neuralgia

    i really need to try harder to take regular walks



  • Can I just ask what a Pilates machine is, where do you get one. I have tried classes before but I can never complete even half of what they do.



  • I got the wrong one on the reply button. Can you please see below about the Pilates machine.







  • Well done Vectra,

    I so agree with you. Sslowly but surely we can get all these chemicals out of our bodies and go down the holistic healthier lifestyle route.

    I wish you were a neighbour so we could do this together as it is a bit difficult motivating myself.

    Wishing you success in beating this...

    Hugs Ren Robin x

  • Hello Eversohappy,

    Can I provide you with this link to the FibroAction website for further information:


    Hope this helps



  • melotonin


  • not lincensed in the uk but if you know someone who lives or travels to the states is available there

    obs don't buy online x


  • Please check with your GP before trying supplements or buying or bringing in anything not licenced for the UK incase it isn't suitable for you I am not trying to be awkward but I have adverse reactions to so many things its made me very wary about trying things before as one herbal remedy i was about to try reacted to my meds ... so glad i checked with my GP first.

    VG x


  • Ive decided its a total fresh start across the board meds wise no side effects with the herbs BUT life style change has to happen too for it too work as well.xxx

  • hi,ask your doctor about phenergan tablets,they are none adictive, i find these work so worth a try x


  • I have been given these, how do you find them..x

  • hi,i find them ok ...i do have days when i cant wake up,but for normal times they are good....i have under active thyroid so tend to be sluggish xxx

  • I take dosulepin if I haven't slept well. Like VG says, it's old-fashioned and cheap, but one of the best!

    I rarely sleep more than five hours, but I'm OK on that as long as I've had my feet up for eight hours. I never lie there tossing and turning, I get up and make a drink, use the bathroom, read a book, listen to radio, do some writing - I've even been known to do the mending - my bedroom is a bit like a workshop! That's not advised, but it works for me.

    Moffy x


  • Wow thank you everone for your replies. Im def goin to ask the doc about the dulsipin, I called my gp's today but the systems were down !! again so i have to call for an apt tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to share your experiences. I appreciate any advise you have all given. Watch this space, i will let you know what they prescribe.... Thank you xxxx

  • Hi I just want to say ANYTHING which is an antidepressant ( dosulepin) is a NO NO but everyone has freedom of choice and need to find there own balance, i just need mine to be as chemical free as poss. GOOD-LUCK with your decision. xx

  • Hi Vectra, Thanks for your advise. I'm open to anything if it works, chemicals or not, the problem i have is i research everything.... indepth) and so far Ive not found anything or enough evidence to suggest anything herbal works for something like fibro and ME. If it's the placebo effect then maybe it may give some, short term relief...But something as bad as fibro/ME. I wish there were more trials, or more money available to spend on trails for herbal products.

    If it works for some people then thats great news, Ive tried herbal sleeping aids with no changes to report, Ive tried Primrose for PMT with no changes after 12 months, Ive tried herbal creams for itching due to side effect of Co-codamol and unfortunately no changes, so i have tried some products.

    If at all you have found any written evidence please let me know i'm always open to anything.

    Thank you for your advise. Maybe its time to re-look at maybe accupuncure or relaxation techniques rather than tablet form?


  • The most effective treatment for Fibro is often through a multidisciplinary approach, using medications, complementary and supportive therapies, and lifestyle adaptations. Using any one thing is unlikely to be enough if you have moderate or severe Fibro.


    So as well as discussing other medication options, it might be good to see what else you could try. Self-hypnosis can be useful for insomnia, for example. And the basics of sleep hygiene should not be forgotten (e.g. go to bed at the same, reasonable time each day and get up around the same time). Relaxation techniques or therapies, such as yoga or tai chi, are helpful for some people.

    Emma posted this link above on Sleep Medications, but here it is again:


    Clonazepam is used widely by a few specialists. Unlike many medications for sleep, it actually works to improve sleep quality, working on the lack of deep sleep that is a particular problem with Fibro.

    Ami can actually lead to more problems long term in some people. Because of this, research doesn't really support its use for Fibro long-term or at high doses.

  • Hi

    I have beeen reading all the replies and have come to the conclusion that perhaps the only solution is for you to see your GP and to talk to him about all these and he may have something he prefers but if it does not work go back and repeat it unlit you find the treatment that works for you without zombiefying you.

    When I first took amitriptolyne I would cut a 10mg table in half and take that on a Friday night and my weekend was a blur, I just could not do anything. after a few months I got used to it and now I can take 75mg with no effect (it does not make me sleep any more) so now I have 50mg with Clonazapanas a trial at the moment and hopefully with patience I will get a full nights (refreshing) sleep.

    Me I am on Amitriptolyne, Clonazipan,Gabapentin, Morphine as well as Paracetamol and they still do not keep the pain at bay so it wakes me after three hours or so hence writing in the middl of the night.

    Take care and Kindest regards


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