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Right leg extreme pain

Hi all hope your all as well as can be ,I was finally diagnosed with Fybromyalgia after 15 of back and forth to the doctors ...firstly oh it's muscular,then it's wear and tear physio will help .It didn't ..kept going back then pain all down my left leg sciatica pain killers given co codamol 30/500 ..then Naproxen ,tramadol.couldnt take it due to unpleasant toilet accidents. Work for NHS seen by physio said I'm not even touching that pain level they have you on on the wrong meds ...given gabapentine ...sent for MRI lower spine L4/L5 herniated disc trapped nerve S1 ...pain got worse x Ray O/A in left knee.......yearscaftervback to GP sent to physio didn't work given fluoxetine sent to Msc Consultant anther MRI ..Degenerative Disc disorder and spinal stenosis warning of cauda Equinac.Had Spinal Injections oh God made my pain ipeven worse ! Sent to Reumatologist as memory loss ,pain off Richter scale given amytriptaline ,diazipam ...anothebfull spina x ray more discs hernitared left C6/7..., T7/8 Osteo Arthritis in left knee worsened and both hips ...right after war and ✌️ peace

My right leg is now in agony not the electric shock like pain aak the time as much as heaviness and I can't stop crying oramorgh and Zomorgh too now.....question Is it because I use my walking stick on this side and is it because it's taking all the strain ...

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Hi Andreab60 we haven't spoken before, so it's nice to make your acquaintance. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain my friend, it sounds unbearable. Has your gp ever referred you to a pain clinic, if not, ask him or her to. They offer a more holistic approach, acupuncture, hydrotherapy etc. A lot of people find it's very useful.

I have degenerative nerve damage in my back & feet, so I know I get a lot of pain due to that, apart from the fibro & polymyalgia, so I can imagine how you feel, with so many problems with your back.

The physio is the best person to ask about your stick but I would say, sticks are great for putting weight on & keeping balance, like anything that's used a lot on different terrain, is eventually going to give you pain & they are more problem than their worth, saying all that I couldn't do without mine. I know they have to be the correct height and if it's not, it could cause your pain.

Luv Jan xx


Doubt your stick is making things worse. I only started having back problems after I developed oa in my knee. Once one thing is out of kilter, everything else suffers. Would use your stick if it helps. I've had both knees replaced, have prolapsed discs, spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, hips now causing pain. I admit I'm at a stage where I don't really attempt to walk much, its just too painful and tiring.


Hello sorry this has been going on so long for you. Have you ever considered a Chiropractor? I was in a terrible position with my back and walking last year to the point my husband was asking if I needed a wheelchair.

I have found a brilliant chiropractor that has got me walking pain free again.

I was worried at first in case he would make matters worse but he has been brilliant. It never hurts and always improves things. It also does not interfere with your meds.

Just a thought?


Yes that's a big possibility as I too get severe pain in my right side and used a walking stick and in the end had to discard as causing too much pain in my arm left side


Hi Andrea

Sorry you've had all this, I understand as I'm in a very similar state.

Right leg sciatica numbness etc, yrs later o/a left knee as its had to take the weight from the other side.

I've tried numerous things physio made it worse, actually burst the disc, acupuncture didn't do much, hydrotherapy. It's extremely difficult to even get to treatment let alone helping pain.

If you want to pm me you can


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