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Does anyone else drag a leg

Hi as some of you might know I have cvfs and fibro and have had a bad flare this last 6 months to the point I can no longer drive...

I have a problem however with my right leg I have to have a knee replacement in my left leg so I guess I have put a lot of strain on my right one, However I seem to be dragging my left leg as if I have had a sroke. I tried to speak to my Dr about it and he said Oh lets deal with your fibro first, Its proberbly connected. Then the Physio said it was too complicated and now again on my own dealing with yet another problem. Untill I can lift my leg properly I am grounded ,and getting more frustrated by the minute.....Wish Dr could live in my shoes for a day then he might be more understanding.

My friend calls and says hi are you better today,and my daughter says if you are no better just go back to the Dr,if I say he doesnt help she just says well he would if you were really ill Mum,then wonders why I get upset. I try to make a joke of it as I waddle like a duck...( I say think Goose as in The Aristocats lol ) However you cant always laugh it off can you ? I just wonder when this will all settledown !!

Sorry to rant on but just have no one to talk to about this xx

Gentje hugs Every-one x x x


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My leg refuses to obey my brain a lot ,I fell up the stairs the other week because I carried on going and my leg didn't lol !

I got crutches last week from physio as I'm so stiff.I feel semi numb from the waist down so my legs really don't obey me.Because I can't grip well either (don't we love fibro!) I ended up with gutter crutches so people certainly can't miss me.!

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When I am tired my left leg drags .... but then I DID have a stroke 5 1/2 years ago.

Are there other doctors in your practice that you can go to? I can understand why they want to solve one problem at a time ... but we are the ones that have to live with multiple problems.

Afterall if our house had a leaking roof and a blocked drain you wouldn't do one and postpone the other - you would have to bite the bullet and get both things sorted out ... maybe a similar analogy would work with Dr?

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


A few years ago a physiotherapist asked me if I had an artificial leg, so I guess I must walk a little strangely. I damaged my right hip when I fell in my bathroom and I have short tendons and a very high instep thats worse in my right foot. I have to use my walking stick on the right side because I have a partially frozen left shoulder and often these days my right leg goes numb when I'm walking and I sometimes kick the walking stick out from under me as I'm not aware of what my foot is doing :(

I'm now getting a lot of pain in my right arm, my doctor thinks its tendon trouble but its making my mobility worse as I need my arm to walk!


Thaks guys My knee's replacement has had to be posponed because of my lack of strength in my upper body ...I am still waiting to see the physio over a month now since I had steroid injection in left leg.:-)

Thanks for the imput I do need to get it sorted .Hope everyone is not too bad today x x

Gentle hugs

Rainbowdancer x x


My wife has the same problem. She has had a stroke not bad but often gets a dragging left leg. The Drs seem to think that it could be a T I A but can't prove it. Her new go read an article that we gave him on fibro all he did was to put it in a drawer an said (I.'ll read it later. ) yeah right. The thought that fibro might be partly the cause of her leg prob. does put a new light on the dragging leg.

All the best guys.


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